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Comic completed on March 24th 2024


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Pinata I am so blown away with this story! First of all, I did not expect this to be a small horror one-shot, I love how things are fitting with the Ink-like Aesthetic. Regarding the plot and flow of your comic, I love how the grim eerie atmosphere just kept twisting the story further even more messed up. It's a true coenesque comic, and I think you represent it really well! The characters are simple but striking. Before the flashback goes, I can already tell that there is something wrong about Wendy, yet I haven't figure out that the doctor was areplicant as well. My critiques for this comic, even if it's a nitpick (because it's a great comic already) is i think the unecessary use of profanity the characters. Also, my question will this tale has some relevancy in the main Oculama universe or is it just a standalone entry? In my opinion, this is a 9.4/10 small masterpice that should be immortalized.


The art, the depth of this story and everything about it is incredible for a one week comic. The fact that this was done in 24 hours is just astounding. It speaks volume of the immense talents and skills I've come to know from you. If I am going to really push for something to nitpick on, maybe slapping in a more sepia tone overlay than gray would've given the comic a more 'finished' look, for lack of better term. I really wish this was submitted as an actual Oculama character though. I want to see more of the Capgras. Their story telling potential is boundless.


You'll probably hear this is every review you get on this piece, but the storytelling here is beautifully layered. You've pulled off making this tale feel like part of a bigger world, given the story a handful of fun turns.

The twist with the doctor's identity is really well executed; you work the misdirect of him being a victim, to being replaced by whatever is in "wendy", to him being his own thing entirely in a really entertaining fashion. I have the smallest bit of confusion over why the doctor, being what he is, acts as if he thinks Wendy is just confused when they are ostensibly alone together at the start of the comic, but since it serves the rest of the comic so well I can't fully fault the choice.

Kudos also on the overall polish of this comic, not just for a 24-hour venture, but just generally speaking. The art and the storytelling, minus a few vague points, feels like a fully done and revised piece. I don't know if you plan to push this story into any sequels, but I'm really into this pairing and future adventures they could have.