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Oculama Rules of Conduct

  1. You must be 13 years of age or older to register for and participate in Oculama.
  2. Only one account is allowed per person.
  3. Do not attempt to impersonate any members, especially staff.
  4. Oculama aims to be a safe place for all users to enjoy making, reading and discussing  comics. Hateful or discriminatory content and behavior is prohibited site-wide and will be removed. We want to focus on a community that is dedicated towards the proliferation and growth of comics as a medium. 
  5. Content You are not allowed to upload, post, or otherwise transmit any material that is obscene, unlawful, threatening abusive or harmful towards other members, illegal or otherwise objectionable. If you are unsure whether your content is appropriate for submission, please check with an Oculama staff member.
    • Offsite linking Links to your social media that may contain 18+ content is allowed only if the site has proper 18+ filters and is applied properly.
    • We will not take action or moderate your account based on offsite behaviors. (Please note 'onsite' pertains to the Oculama website and its official community resources such as Discord and social media accounts).
  6. Keep it PG-13 Keep in mind that some members may be as young as 13. Sexually explicit content in any medium is not permitted, even if cropped or censored. What is deemed explicit will be reviewed and determined by staff based on our policies
  7. Copyright Oculama is, unless otherwise stated, the owner of all copyright and data rights in the Service and its contents. Members who have posted works in Oculama are the owners of their respective works. You may not use, trace or submit content you did not personally create without the express, written consent of Oculama or the appropriate owner of copyright in such works.
    • By registering an account on this website, your work may be featured on our social media (artists credits will be provided) with the express purpose of promoting the site and our communities efforts
  8. Monitoring/Reporting. Oculama has the right, but not the obligation, to monitor any and all activity on Oculama. This includes the investigation of reports from Members and Monitoring of improper conduct. Staff may remove any Member Submission or terminate any Member account and/or ban any Member at any time for any action in violation of our policies.
  9. Password. When you register as a Member for Oculama you will be asked to provide a password. Please keep your password secure! You will be responsible for all activities that occur within your account- this also includes safeguarding the confidentiality of your account and password and for restricting access to your computer, and you agree to accept responsibility for all activities that occur under your account or password.
  10. Comments and Critiques Your Oculama critique submissions may only contain materials that are relevant to the media you are reviewing. For tips on how to use this feature, please see Nacthe’s ‘How to Critique’ page .Attempts to circumvent or use spam within the critique field can result in the suspension of your commenting privileges, up to a ban of your account
  11. No AI (Artificial Intelligence) art or NFTs. All art submitted to this server and the Oculama website needs to be your own efforts! Any reports or content of this type will be removed. 
  12. By registering an account on Oculama you are agreeing to the above rules and to abide by them. Failure to follow the rules above may result in administrative action on your Oculama account. In some cases, the ban will be temporary, with repeat offenders or extreme cases receiving a permanent ban.