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Gin Pennington, Gentleman Thief

Current Status: Active
Created: 01/5/2024

Eye Color
Favorite Food
A gentleman never tells ;)
Greatest Weakness
Need to showboat









No one's heists are more daring, and no one's escapades more celebrated among society at all levels, than those of the gentleman thief Gin Pennington. Artwork, precious gems, money - no riches are safe from this dapper penguin's easy charms and brilliant schemes.

Over the course of his decades-spanning career, Gin has mastered a number of skills to execute his heists. A master at lockpicking, forgery, seduction, acrobatics, infiltration, disguise, and transportation, among other skills, Gin knows that the best thieves never stop learning. One habit Gin has struggled with over his career is a need to be flashy and showboat when it comes to his thievery. It helps to build his reputation, but may one day be his undoing.

Gin lives by strict code of chivalry and respect for friends and foes alike. His ire is saved only for those who hoard personal wealth at the expense of others. Though he lives comfortably, Gin disperses the most of the gains from his heists to those in need.

Now, Gin has his eyes set on the greatest prize of all: the double black diamond. A treasure so mythic in nature, few can even claim to have ever set eyes on it.

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