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Comic completed on May 2nd 2024

bunBun mcCarrots

I love Pennington and Soph's little duo, and I love this comic! It makes me wish there was a resurrection tourney for all these great fallen OCs. You've written them all very well and I loved the vignettes at the end while the setting is explained. Great job!


Alright, here we go!

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AYOOOOOOOOOO this is so dope yall!!! This was pretty damn crazy. One of the hardest parts about oculama in general is just the lack of setting that we have, espcially around the black diamond, but damn this bar is perfect as a location, I really love this. God this makes me want to make comics with my black diamond characters cause of this. Insane that yall went out of your way and drew everyone who has died, actually insane yall. Although queen of hurts wouldve def been one of the queens of hell along with the rest of em i mean she is a queen. Lol. Amazing job 10/10


This was so cool and sweet! A real love letter to the DBDs, and the people that make them... And winding cool and interesting lore into it too, in classic fashion. I love seeing this, and the commitment you have to introducibg and respecting lore-- it comes through every round. You guys are a fun team to watch!! Artwise, Its really nice seeing something that you've been able to completely polish off, it brings a satisfying sense of wholeness to things. Similarly, i think you hit a really nice narrative balance here too-- there was a lot that could have been said, but it felt like it left room for the art to do the talking too, especially in the later pages. A really fun, sweet, contained comic! The stuff I love to see. I think this is the type if thing that comic communities thrive on--- awesome stuff! (Forgive the ramble, i am reviewing while on the train to work haha)