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Sophi Ap.

Current Status: Active
Created: 01/19/2024

Eye Color
A hypnotic dazzling gold. works on most people without strong wills
big enough not to be tread on Hisssss. 5'5 Hisssssss
Favorite Food
the warm blood of her enemies as she bites down on their jugular. The tears and anguished screams of the protags love interest dying. Eggs of any kind as long as she can swallow them whole. Bubble gum flavored ice cream.
A whole ass mecha she can temporarily yank from her home universe or wherever it slithers off to? big holo light sword and alot of guns. big shoes the perfect size for face stomping. augmentable gloves big enough to fuck around and find out with.
Greatest Weakness
100% in love with evil and is naturally attracted too random acts of evil. undetected carefully laid grand machinations make her swoon . letting someone use their ultimat/technique weapon. strong enough talk-no-jutsu from the heroes hurts her brain.









A mecha pilot pulled from her universe into junction during a great battle between the HISSHISS army and the defenders of the RAH planetary defense fleet. A fragment of a hive mind like family now stranded and on her own; Shes trying to find a purpose. Having cross paths with the Extraordinary Gin Pennington The Gentleman Thief! having met this funny little alien with big villain vibes, shes decided to do what comes most naturally to her Henchery!

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