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Comic completed on September 19th 2022


Sorry to disappoint, but I won't have anything. Been over-scheduled at work, while also preparing to move. But I would like to share what my comic would have been:

Eve out in the woods looking for the elusive Big Foot. Sees a giant shadowy figure and confronts it, only to find a muddy, naked, and bloody Merle. "Sorry, I thought you were Big Foot for a moment" Eve says. "There is no Big Foot," Merle replies. "Not anymore." Merle then lifts up the severed head of Big Foot, causing Eve to vomit profusely out of horror and disgust.


OMG this is such a fun matchup I can't wait to see!


Hardbody and hardboiled investigator take on the case...for throwing these hands!


Ultimate muscle vs ultimate encyclopedia haver, a battle for the ages!!! the war between jock and nerd ends here

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VERY funny. You came up with a really cool concept for this comic that makes great use of your characters and of Merle, and the ups and downs are the perfect setup for the powder gag at the end. I think it could have been made a little clearer exactly what the danger of the curse on bigfoot was. I feel like there were stakes at play that I didn't fully appreciate as-is. Maybe also give some more context for Merle being okay with the interruption as well; perhaps show the audience getting really excited about the twist? Overall great stuff!

This was a lot of fun! Each round you've been working at has been better than the last, both in story content and in art quality. You're really stepping up. This grayscale look you went with for this comic is a solid look for something under a tight deadline like this. You're also improving your posing in this comic. A lot less stiffness and a lot more natural shapes to your figures. Evelyn in general I think you have moving very well in particular. Your fight choreography also gets to shine a little more in this comic compared to last round and I think you did it all very well.

One of the general weaknesses I'm noticing with your figures currently is hands. It's inconsistent in the quality regarding them and I definitely think you're in need of some studies to properly boost them up. Another spot that I noticed during the actual battle with Bigfoot vs. Merle is how you handled some of your speed lines. When Bigfoot is throwing the punch, far too many lines are being utilized there and it doesn't give it as much impact to the punch being thrown as you would want and becomes more of a 'hairy line'. This, again, isn't a universal issue, it's because that last page's movement is very good. The Purifying Horn was handled perfectly. This is entirely something that takes practice to get right, so keep an eye on it and definitely give it more attention in the future when you get the chance.

On the whole, I'm a little sad you had to win with an unfortunate default, but I am quite happy to see more Evelyn moving on to the semi-finals. Great work!

Your art is really clean and pleasant to look at! I like how we get to go to a bunch of different places in the comic. The arena shots on page 2 are especially cool. I feel like the bright, saturated red is a little bit of an eyestrain compared to the muted greys of the rest of the comic? There are a few panels where we're really close to the characters and it feels a little awkward to me? Especially during the fight, it feels like zooming out could have sold the impacts a little better in a few places. I really like Evelyn and Wendy's relationship, they play off each other in a really fun way. The whole concept of a bigfoot boxing match is a really fun idea for the match! I also really liked the joke on the last page with Merle going from scary to wholesome, that felt like a really good read on her character.

I was honestly pretty curious to see how this match up would work out, and I can happily say you did not disappoint. I really like the boxing match angle you took, and you're pacing with this story was spot on, you made good use of your 5 pages. I feel like your artwork was consistent throughout the entirety of the battle, the color usage for magic was clear and the ending was funny and satisfying. Really solid tourney entry dude, I don't have any really constructive or more informative feedback to add on at the time of this review.

What a fun and silly idea for a comic, I love it. And definitely a fun way to use Evelyn's background to involve her in a fight with Merle! You have a cool variety of camera angles and dynamic poses to keep the comic visually interesting and make the action work, it's cool to see! And something I'm trying to work on myself. Your backgrounds for the most part are simple, but effective, I never felt lost as to where everybody was. I do wish Merle had a little bit more to do, since she was just kind of there to fight and didn't get much time to shine beyond that, but I like the way you drew her, and the gag at the end with Evelyn's prize was funny! I'm excited to see more of Evelyn and Wendy!! ♥

Ah! The chaotic duo returns! Art looks really nice and polished this round and everything flowed beautifully! Wendy's mischievous streak reared its ugly head again and I couldn't be happier. Merle ultimately paying them in merch is such a great punchline to this tale. Hey at least Evelyn won't be hungry for awhile! Even though you got a fantastical story elements and characters, Evelyn and Wendy's adventures feel more like a slice of life comic and I really like that. Also thanks for finally showing us Big Foot's true appearance and not like he was filmed using a potato (though that would've been hilarious lol)

This is quite a interesting setup that I would have never expected! Merle vs Bigfoot himself in a boxing match is quite an event and the comic flows very nicely through out. I like how Evelyn and Wendy support the opposite fighters to prevent the match from being too one sided. I guess if I had to suggest any improvements, it would be to work on some of the expressions a little more? Like on the end of page 3, Evelyn doesn't seem all that shocked that Wendy bet on Bigfoot. And when Bigfoot collapses at the end, he doesn't seem to be in pain or anything.

SPIRAL JOE- I had no idea how you were going to pair up clear brawn against brains, but adding a third element as a champion was a clever idea. You can't go wrong with wrasslin! The magical cheatery had to be my favorite bit- even more so that you made them the only colored elements in your comic. That really made them pop and get that spell crafty effect across. Fight choreography isn't easy, so I think you handled it with some magical panache! Your inks and clean an your grayscales are neat- I really have no complaints as to your quality. And seeing more of your dynamic duo's actual dynamic is fun! I cant wait to see what you have in store for us next round