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Comic completed on January 27th 2023

Apologies if the style looks all over the place. I waited too long to finish this comic because of things that came up along the way.

Anyhow, this intro is not meant to reveal a lot of stuff. Raven has a long and rich history that it will be near impossible to summarize it in one comic. I do hope that this intro at least piques people's interest about her story. I hope to reveal more about her in future comics/interactions she will have.

Those who are familiar with Raven might recognize a few 'easter eggs'/hints here. Those who are reading about Raven for the first time can still enjoy the story as it is without any prior knowledge.

Content Warning: Violence, blood and gore.


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Excellent intro! Very compelling and immediately establishes raven as the vampiric girlboss ready to slit throats and start fights. I like the way you've got some little easter eggs in there even if I might not get them, the ring symbol especially is something I'm looking forward to seeing an explanation for, if that's part of your plan.

The colours here are just stunning and despite your description I think the whole product comes off as very cohesive with some great moments. I like that you didn't shy away from the monstrous transformation for Raven's "feeding" and it was particularly effective with your colour choices.

Excited to see more of Raven!!!

Simple and sweet yet dark and exciting! Made me more excited to see even more content from Raven herself. The vampiric concept is loyal to the common tropes but also made to be unique as well, from what I could tell. And the artworks? Oh, let's just say I'm blown away by how incredibly done you've somehow managed to do all that in a damn comic?! Painted style, colored, and special effects, all in that funky little comic... You really outdid yourself, Riv! I don't think I have much of anything to criticize you on, aside from me hoping to see a bit more pages from you in the future somehow, so we see more context on who and how Raven is, perhaps? Since the lore seems to be much heavier and deeper from what I'm aware of, so yeah.


This comic knocks it out of the park in the area where an intro comic most needs to - it gets me VERY interested in who Raven is and exactly what she'll get up to in this great big Ocuverse. Tossed about on the waves of whatever events brought her here, but ruthless and unhesitating in moving forward in a new environment. I can't claim knowledge of her lore beyond what's on the site atm, but the little visual tidbits that smack of easter eggs (the portal, the raven's eyes, the little mark inside the ring) are appropriately intriguing. The flow of the intro is pretty even - not much to critique except that having the panel of Raven's more feral face right in the middle of the page alongside the face of the person who found her didn't quite work for me. It's a great panel, and having it in the middle there feels like it robs it of a bit of impact for anyone not expecting Raven to go beast on this guy. The art is overall fantastic - the slight style differences are (At least to my eye) not an issue at all with the flow, and not even that noticeable from page to page. Your color and lighting work is incredibly strong, and I esp enjoyed how well you capture motion when Raven attacks the person who found her.

Sparkle Magic Didi™

YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO what a good intro for Raven! I've read a few of your comics before, but I'm certainly no Raven scholar, and I think this is a great way to introduce her and get us interested. Your art is LOVELY to look at, I wish I could do painterly that well, wow. The use of the fire as lighting (and her magic where it is) is gorgeous! You also made me think that juice box was going to be someone important because of how interesting they were, so I was surprised when he got gobbled. (I love the way you used your brush strokes to add movement to that panel, btw.) And then the lead in to her next adventures in the last panel! I can't wait to see her future hunts!

The only thing I could maybe critique is I think the first page is a little vague on what's happening. I'm pretty sure that first panel is a portal Raven is arriving through? *I loved* looking at it, and her bio says she makes portals, but it just wasn't super clear.



This is a very, VERY visually stunning comic. The palette is beautiful and rich, the backgrounds are gorgeous and I've always loved the way you draw characters. If I had to point out a small detail: I feel as though the characters' expressions could be pushed further. Without the dialogue, it'd be a little hard to tell what the characters are feeling (but this may just be me).

Writing-wise, I think this did a decent job at establishing Raven's character. I can't wait to see more Raven comics in the future :)


This was such a pretty comic. You have such a great sense of atmosphere when you do your colors. The over all color palette used in this Intro comic was GORGEOUS. i like how intense and dynamic you got with this too, Pg 4's intensity was spot on. You're overall sense of dramatic lighting is really fun fantastical too.

The only thing that really sticks out to me as I'm going through the pages again is maybe a bit more blocking/Rendering on some of the forms to help with clarity, like the Trees in panel two on page one, as they kind of all blur a little into each other a bit and can look like one large tree.

This was a lovely intro Comic, and it has me excited to see 1)How Raven got Here 2) What does she have planned for this place?

Awesome job and I look forward to more!!


Oh man what a terrifyingly amazing intro comic. Your artwork is absolutely killer (no pun intended). The way that you did the blood spraying out after Raven chomps into that guy is stellar, youre really able to make your medium work for you, it's something I really gotta look at more in the future you do it so effortlessly here it would be great to study. I know Raven is from somewhere else and I figure they get teleported here through a portal of some sort, but it did leave a little more wanting from me, just like seeing what happened before a little more you know, a way to show off how Raven is moving on and what was their old live, if that makes sense. But like what you did wasn't bad, you just have a really cool character and I would love to see more of her. And that dragon, I dont know what the deal is with the dragon but god damn did you make that look super cool, the purple you used really brought out the magic in the comic. Really great job on this