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Comic completed on January 18th 2023


This looks SUPER SLICK. Can't wait to see Blackjack in action!

Salt Peanuts

Absolutely loving this! Adore that synthwave aesthetic







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Love this 80's synth vibe that you chose for this character. Nostalgia is such a powerful tool and you hit me right where it counts haha. Love the vibrant colors so much in this one and even though everything is saturated and lit up, they all go well together. The lighting also reminds me of the Tron movies.

I'd never associate the concept of death with this type of character and aesthetic and I am very excited to see what you got in store for us for the Black Diamond Tourney. This is such a nice treat to give us an introduction to this character and even though the comic is short and sweet, it is an excellent set up for the things to come. Good luck!!


Embrace 80s/90s nostalgia. You've captured this synthwave/ vaporwave aesthetic and style so well. Also big kudos for not being afraid of bold colors. I think it's not only executed to great effect here, but the environment and elements you make simply out of light make for fun interactions for ye olde B-Dawg. I'm curious as to how you constructed your grid elements like the background mountains- is that 3D, or freehand madness?
In any case I'm stoked as to what this pup is barreling towards and how their mystery proprietor is- I got a feelin as to what and can't wait! :D :D