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Comic completed on June 5th 2024


Normally I would zone out when there's a huge amount of text in a comic but this was not only engaging but also contained a lot of information I wouldn't think to research for myself (I learned some new stuff!). Despite being written in more of a biopic format, you still kept the elements of the story - with beginning, climax (I don't think this is the word for it but my heart sank at the part when the sloth seemed to have given up) and a satisfying resolution. You took the readers on this very personal journey of yours and I think that's a very brave thing to do. You did not use any crazy compositions or over the top gestures (which I think worked perfectly for this type of comic) but I love the expressiveness of your characters nonetheless and how the dialogue matched them perfectly.

Going back to that venn diagram, something stuck with me. We don't have to be all in the same subset. I think these little things that people have in common sprinkled with our own differences makes life more interesting. It allows us to grow and expand our horizons so to speak. So, what I am trying to say is that even though you've come to the conclusion that there's only a small amount of people who share your traits when it comes to finding romantic partners, it does not mean that you there are only very little amount of people who are compatible with you.

Thank you for sharing this with us. This was absolutely heartfelt, raw and authentic. What a rare gem of a comic!


EDGE? You think you know me??


Artist comics! artists comics!
Excited for this one :D

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What a beautiful comic: it's creative, it's vulnerable and it's so thoughtful about everything it wants to say. The formatting and refusal to cut corners for simplicity keep you firmly engrossed in the truth of the matter. Rather than feeling like a thrilling little fiction or lecture, it is a heart laid bare. To give a numerical score to a comic almost feels to diminish it, but it gives the potential for a round of firm applause. Fascinating and rough in the right places, it's a lovely little thing to see.

Also! The sloth is cute. There's a lot of subtle expression and emotion laid bare just by the little gestures.


What a lovely and vulnerable comic, seeing an auto-bio comic of sorts on the site is really cool to see. Putting yourself out there and expressing your personal journey is really difficult to do. I appreciated the pacing, how you set the stage and I think your use of a simple,evenly spaced 6 panel layout was effective. The information you provided on the Aro-Ace spectrum was informative, well researched, and I think you used it effectively in how it related to your own personal experience and how you relate and see yourself within those contexts.

Any critiques I have at this point would mostly be nit-picky, I think this was a very lovely comic, thank you so much for sharing!!!


Biggest impression on my first read-through of this is that your composition variance and pacing are doing a terrific job keeping this comic engaging, especially considering the panel layout remains the same page-to-page. You've got a terrific sense for tailoring the illustrations to the caption contents such that they serve as good visual reinforcements to whatever anecdote you are conveying, or point about sexuality that you are explaining. There's a few parts of page 4 where I think the illustrations might benefit from some explicit labeling to help the reader more easily parse the flags shown (panel 1 does a good job of this, while panels 2 and 6 could use a the labeling). Overall this is a notably clear, heartfelt, and memorable explanation both of your own story and the sexuality concepts relevant to your experience. Strong work!


It never ceases to fascinate me how utterly honest and open people tend to get when it comes to the format of autobio comics. I dunno, I think it just lends itself to something of a confessional and your story is no exception. This feels simultaneously stream of consciousness, but also feeling and thoughts you had to write out and organize. I've also told you this already, but as someone who knows you, the sloth as a representation for this entire story- the concern over being slow, having a lane that feels unique to you and wondering if anyone else wants or can share it is not only a real fear, but cleverly put down in comic form. Glad to have this as one of the first artist comics on the site :D


Truthfully, it is fairly difficult to judge a comic like this. It's more of a blog post than anything else, so to call it something that's indicative of your abilities as a writer or as an artist isn't exactly fair. Often you'll see works like this on Twitter, Tumblr, etc. and sometimes the art may be simpler or it may be crafted with more flourish. The real thing is what therapeutic value it carries for the creator and for those people who lack the means to express themselves cleanly and clearly, because very often a struggled experience isn't unique. However, when we created Oculama, our goal was to have a multitude of comics, even the kind that I personally wouldn't create. I think there's value in having both that variety of style, but more than that, the variety of viewpoints and opinions. This is a good comic. It gets its message across cleanly and the art style is simplistic to help attract people. The sloth metaphor is not lost on me and I think it's very effective. On the whole, very good comic.