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Comic completed on August 30th 2022


whooo boy this was a tough one! Great job you three!


This threeway has to be one of the toughest to pull off with only a 5 page minimum. Grats on rockin and rollin it!


High madcap funny animal potential in this one; Hope you all are having a strong comic-week!

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A lot of hijinks in this one! I can really easily see all these crazy critters getting into some fun trouble together. I have to admit I don't think I was fully able to track the narrative here; our rabbit friend is on the run; the moths are on the hunt. Ray is also there? It has the feel of a story, but I don't really feel like I read one - the map page might have been better spent having the events unfold. What is here is a good bit of fun; I like your designs for your opponent's characters, and you make the style work well across the pages.

Your wordless storytelling continues to impress me greatly. It suits the nasty mischievousness of the characters, and adds a level of humor that I think would be lost with dialogue. Sorry to see the (otherwise great colors not make it all the way through, but the black and white pages still retain a high quality). Story-wise, I think my only real note would be that it I needed to stare at the page with Ray and Hare for a while to figure out what they were up to when the focus shifts to them (and I'm not fully sure I do understand?), though once they wrap themselves into the action it gets much easier to track, and stays very entertaining.

I'm a big fan of your art style, and I think it lends itself to bolstering the less conventional paneling choices you make, so I'd definitely like to see more of that experimentation. On the first page of the comic it doesn't feel like full advantage has been taken of your layout options, and it's static in a way that the dynamic pages that follow aren't. I have to applaud your judicious use of color throughout the comic. The splashes do a lot of work, and the colors help greatly with the readability (though bubble tails might still be helpful in some places).

A really nice comic with quite a dense story that does well to weave in all three characters in a fun and engaging way. There were a few design choices I questioned right off the bat, like the decision to completely forgo a simple speech bubble tail in favour of colour coordinating instead. The fact virtually every panel with spoken word in it has at least two characters talking makes me think that just having tails pointing to the characters would have been much more graceful.

There's some really cool action in this comic, especially the big tentacle arm shot. The panel of Harecut running that's been split into 3 feels arbitrary. Like I don't think the panel split is particularly effective and more attention should be given to speed lines (or at least making the cuts vertical not horizonal) would sell the idea of running very fast more effectively.

The ads and billboards scattered around the comic provide a lot of fun gags, though the big spot blacks often feel like they're cutting into the panels rather than providing a background for the characters to exist in, which can affect readability at times. I did like the pink shadows though, and the subtle texture you have within them. Maybe trying a similar texture on the blacks could help?

Some really nice expressions in this comic! I'm particularly fond of Elly and Pan right on page 1. The plot is a fun and unexpected way to tangle the three characters together, and the map page is a good way to bridge the gap and cut to the meat of the story, though it may be strengthened with a few panels of the characters actually engaged in the chase, rather than the more mood-focused ones you have. The Scene of Harecut trying to find a way to get out while the rest of the cast argues is a fun end to the comic, though could maybe be framed better with 3 long vertical panels each focused on showing one 'attempt' rather than the wider six you've chosen more focused on the minute movements.

Clyde Spotted.

This comics opens on a deliciously dense full colour page, which is a great first impression, and keeps on delivering. I'm a big fan of how bold and huge the immediate shift to utter chaos is in this comic. The composition on page 3 is actually genius! It's a shame the colour gives out on page four, but i won't fault you for it because the details are still densely packed and the lineart really well polished (also i didn't colour ANY of my comic so who am I to judge). The commitment to maintaining no dialogue pays off to create a very characterful and memorable comic with a 'saturday morning cartoon' vibe. Excellent work!

The limited color feels really stylish with the thick dark lines, but the colors feel splashed on at random and I think if it was color as shading or something more consistent it would look nicer. The characters all look good and I think your action looks nice and feels fast and cool. The backgrounds were a bit confusing to me, I wasn't really sure where the comic was taking place? But all the little signs in the background were fun. I found the color coded word bubbles kind of frustrating, it felt like it took a lot of work to figure out who was talking? Some of the dialogue felt a little stiff to me. Like "I mildly displeased him enough to temporarily stop destroying shit" feels awkward to me. I liked big monster Geepy fucking shit up, that was fun and exciting.

I really like your art in general, and there's a lot of really great expressions going on in this comic. Lots of super cool poses too! I think the map was a smart way to show a chase scene happening in a quick way.
I would have liked to see some more detail in the background but the simple ones still work pretty well. I liked Harecut fucking off via looney tunes bouncing on the scissors. The story pacing felt a little weird to me. I think you did a good job of getting everyone involved in a logical way, but the ending felt a little quick and arbitrary to me? But also Ray's face at the very end was funny.

I really like how you put so much into your backgrounds, just all sorts of weird gross things. There's like this chaotic grunginess to everything! Really nice cartoony expressions too. I think I see what you were going for with the creative paneling on page 3, but imo it would read clearer if the ship was on the right side? My eye was drawn towards the bright colors and kind of skipped the right side at first glance, and I think being 'after' the more colorful panels would flow more naturally if that makes sense? I was a little confused by Harecut getting her head chopped off, what caused that? The ship's wing? It also felt like a little bit of a stretch that Ray would just leave her like that, but the set up with the bandits helps with that. I like the end joke with Harecut being the new computer for the ship, and "WARNING HEAD IS ANGRY"! I think it's cool what you're doing with no dialogue, but also every time I've seen you do dialogue it's also been good so don't be afraid to do that if it will help the story!

Vortexz - Really interesting use of the splash of color this round! Also I am glad you used color coding with your word balloons too but I think it still got a bit confusing for me because I lose track with which character is saying what. Upon second look I guess you put the color of the character on themselves to correspond with their word balloon. I love that 1st panel of Geepy on page two and the last one with the slap. The way you draw the crease/wrinkling on Geepy's skin due to the impact of the slap was pretty good. I got a bit confused on where the group was exactly at first but those posters around them at least gave me a hint. I think an establishing shot would be nice. This is such a fun little gathering of unlikely characters having to deal with babysitting a giant unpredictable baby worm. Shenanigans ensue! Can't really go wrong with a classic!

Ledgem - Ayyye I love the crossover of having the Didi's cameo! It works really well. So neat to see more of your art, especially those first few fully colored pages. Even the non-colored ones are pretty easy to see though I think they could've benefited more with heavier line weights on some parts for better readability and more oomph esp without the colors. But I digress, The bug spaceship crashing was really awesome. Got me wondering how it would look fully colored. Gosh, what would happen to Harecut now?! Kinda wish Ray Nosha tried to interfere. But man...what a nail-biting ending!

Rags - Three characters is always a challenge but your set up here is excellent. The variety of line weights you used for your inks really gave your art a polished look. Also, all the characters look great in your style. My favorite panel has gotta be the "It's rabbit season one!" . Ah, the nostalgia of those classic Looney Tunes shows. Clever use of the top-down map to denote the chase. It is simple/time-saving but rather effective. A part of me wishes that the last page had bigger panels. It must be my monitor and eyesight but I had a hard time seeing how Harecut was making her escape at first! But overall I really enjoyed this! You gave us more content than the first round and I love that!

You guys all had a tough job having to use 3 characters in such a small comic, so first off great job doing that! I love how both you and Ledgem decided Ray and Harecut would just be like, chill friends who like superheroing sometimes. And Elly makes such a good villain! What a fun use of her crew with her Rita Replulsing Geepy and making him a big boy the heroes have to fight.

One thing I'll say, is I know setting is hard with such tight deadlines, but in the future it could help to have your backgrounds be a bit clearer. I can see that you added some detail and posters and such, but it isn't immediately clear where everyone is supposed to be. At first, I thought Ray and Harecut were like, locked in a cell on Elly's ship or something, it wasn't until the last page that I realized they were meant to be in a city. I had a bit of that issue last round with your comic too. I love that you're being ambitious and doing full backgrounds (They're so hard!), they just haven't read as super clear for me. I think studying how other comic artists establish their scenes and render the backgrounds (there's even some really good examples in this tourney!) would really help.

Ray is a fun character and I can't wait to see more from you!

I'm gonna say it in all of these, but you all had a big job displaying 3 characters in such a small comic, and I think you all did a great job! Your comic is a fun little romp. I love that second panel of Elly seeing the flyer, the use of the thicker lineweight on her hand and flyer really helped sell the angle. I like the idea of Elly just drafting poor sweet Ray into being her stooge for the wild goose (rabbit?) chase.

There were a couple parts where I was a little confused, I had to give page 2 panel 2 another once over before I realized that was Harecut running past Ray, I think maybe a clearer silhouette or something could have helped? Or maybe a different angle with her actually pushing him out of the way? The shading on her also felt out of place just because there isn't any other indication of light on the page.

It's funny that you used your own character as the mcguffin for this comic and she doesn't say anything, it lets you display your opponents more and I think you did a good job of that! I especially like the bit with Harecut using her scissors to climb up on a building and get away from her pursuers, I think that series of panels was paced well and was funny. I think it might have been a little bit more effective if say, the last panel had Elly and Ray talking in the foreground, and Harecut yoinking her scissors in the background, just to help it seem more like a scene they're all in, but that's just an idea.

I like your style and can't wait to see where you take Harecut next!

Elly is such a delightful evil, character. It's a bummer you didn't get to finish what you had, but that's these short deadlines for you! I love the way you display your opponents characters' powers, and that little hop Elly does to pop Harecut's head off was really funny. You all had a tough job with 3 characters in such a tight time and I think you did really well!

Also I just have to say the layout of page 3 is genius, I love it. A really fun bit you could only do in a comic. Maybe the effect could be even better if you had like, a NYOOM sound effect where the font was getting bigger as the page went down, but that's just an idea. I thought it was hilarious that last panel is the door that Ray is looking out, so clever!

VORTEXZ- Interesting use of color for this one- as an accent and via the word bubbles. It leaves me wondering how lost we'd be as readers if it hadn't of been implemented at all. Word bubble tails are such a small thing, but would make the use of color be a non issue. Three way battles are understandably tough as it is, so I think being mindful of dialogue placement and the composition of your panel elements.

I dig the unexpected hivemind you had with your fellow artists with how Harecut is just the chill bun of this outfit. The use of generous black is always welcome, but the environment elements and our big bad bug this time around I feel got kind of lost in the sauce.

If there's one thing I wanna doff my hat off to you over, its the three part panels on page 2 where Harecut is dashing over. Using those three separate panels to denote subtle 'cuts' to her bod was veeery clever.

CROWRAGS- In which we find out Harecuts a gardener- who knew? XD Your inks are definitely a fav this round. They're thick, bold and do a great job showcasing your stylized looks to your opponents.

If I could make a note- zero in on a font. I don't think you need more than one. The typeface you used for the black narration boxes was not only a great font size, but a nice snug fit that matched your inks. The font you used for Elly was just too big and it seemed like you were struggling with fitting it into your word bubbles in a way that was compositionally sound.

words aside, this dastardly duo on the hunt for this wayward bunny was a fun little ride.

LEDGEM- The UTTER chaos of Elly's laboratory is so nuts. The sheer amount of knick knacks and details you had to pack in there to properly get across a lived in feel was great. I especially love the torn teddy and Grubtube on screen. It was a great panel to pore over and afford us peeks into Elly's personality and preferences without outright having to tell us.

I can't tell you how much I enjoy how rich your backgrounds and environments are. I find myself leaning in to see what funny gag you've snuck onto a building, or peek in at a poster taped to the window. My fav for this round has to be the duck and roll bistro. Also the design of that spacecraft? Out of this world. It's so chaotic, I think anyone would recognize it as belonging to Elly Cure.

It's a shame you couldn't get the rest of this colored, but it didn't affect my enjoyment of how this explosively ends, nor my vote. Really great stuff, and this is only round two. You are definitely coming in fists flying. Keep it up!