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Queen of Hurts

Current Status: Dead
Created: 12/23/2022

Kill Count
A fuck ton
Weapon of Choice
Cheshire Grin, a modified plasma riffle
Crimes Commited
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Characters Killed









In accordance with intergalactic law, we are required to inform you that the Queen of Hurts has entered into your air space.

She is an incredibly dangerous person and should be avoided at all costs. Not much is known about her as no one who has ever gotten close to her as lived long enough to inform the authorities. If you come across her leave the area immediately. She has no regard for the lives of those around her or her target. If in some way you have been selected as her target, there is a zero percent chance of survival. We are sorry to inform you, but you will be killed at her hand.

Do not engage in combat. She will not relent, there will be safe haven. It will only end with one of you dead.

If you somehow manage to discover any information about her please contact your local Nine Wizard. Any information helps.

Revealed as Xerxes Herald of White, along with her rabbit Alice the two can leave the known universe and traverse into the world of the paint and move throughout it.

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