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Edward Matrix

Current Status: Active
Created: 06/21/2024









Edward himself is a rather calm and collected individual. Very little fazes him these days due in part to his age. If anything, threats to his life and safety are met with a chuckle, as he's seen almost everything. He is also noted as being a cold but somewhat caring individual, with your safety as his highest priorities. As it comes with the territory of being a detective, he is very intelligent, quick-witted and resourceful. He doesn't show that many emotions, as he's learned to keep a straight face when faced with tough choices and high stakes.

That isn't to say Ed doesn't feel any emotions, far from it. While he normally has the patience of a saint when it comes to dealing with people who are uncooperative, he does have some sore spots and other ways to set him off, although it is rare to see him become enraged, much less afraid. One is anything to do with his family, especially his older brother: He doesn't have the best of history with them, and he leaves it at that. Another is catching a criminal, only for them to brag about their crimes as if they aren't going to face consequences. Taunts are not as likely to actually get a facial or expressive reaction from Ed, but he's not about to stop a squad-mate from shooting at the criminal, or in a tight situation he'll take matters into his own hands to make sure the most people get out of the dangerous situation unharmed.

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