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Comic completed on September 19th 2022

Elly Cure visits a planet plagued with perpetual winter in search of an ingredient for her latest concoction. Her Intel turns out to be a little old, however, and she finds herself amidst a war between endless roves of killer robots and the last bastion of civilization remaining on the planet.



eyyy, ledgem, i love all the detail here and the extent to which you've tried to stick to my lore and at the same time push beyond it! absolutely kino!!


I'm so thrilled to see how these two interact ♥


Terrestrial and alien sci fi tech finally collide, lets gooo

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Terrific work on the lighting and action as always; you inject this little greenhouse kerfuffle with a pretty epic level of explosiveness. Really great capture on everyone's personalities here as well; I can tell a lot of care went into how you wrote everyone here. Some of the dialogue does feel a bit redundant with the action; not a deal-breaker, but trimming down will help the action shine through a bit more. Kynsii also feels like they need a bit more...personality? Right now there doesn't seem to be a lot of depth there beyond disapproval. Great stuff overall, and good job!

This was a TRIP; I loved seeing the designs for the bots that Kynsii fights; they fit the slapstick / terror vibe of the comic. The winter apocalypse landscape and the interior of the winter base feel fittingly expansive and bleak as well. I have a minor gripe in that Kynsii feels a bit like a background character, close to getting lost in the chaos of things. I think their role suits the flow and style of the story though, so it's a small thing. The ending is pretty fun too, and comes just enough out of left field to hit terrifically.

Really great use of color! I love your super detailed environments, and when you're able to add in color it really helps all those background details shine. Really good expressions and a lot of cool fun action. I would have liked to see a little more focus on Kynsii? You did give him a cool moment, but he kind of ends up being in the background for a lot of the comic. However, I did like how you paid a lot of attention to the Kynsii world lore and added in his supporting characters. Overall the comic was super funny, with a ton of great background jokes. I thought the ending was really weird and creative!

Beautiful art as expected from you! Lots of fun action that uses the environment in a good way. I think page 3 with the mirrored Kynsii action and Elly science panels is my favorite. Minor quibble but the panel with the electricity felt a little distracting- It felt like you were setting up a thing where Kynsii was going to have to dodge the fence? I like how you mixed the Elly Cure Crew into your lore in a cohesive way! 'Crash 2' was a good joke, and I like the use of physical comedy, just having people crashing into each other. I liked how you wrote Elly and Pan and their antagonistic relationship.

Ledgem - wow , you really brought your A game this round. This is such a gorgeous comic with lots of interesting things that catch the eye in every panel. Normally I'd crit something about composition and such since at first glance there's too much going BUT you know what, I actually like it. I dont know, there's something about your style that makes the busy looking panels actually a plus. Those little easter eggs that you put in with Venus and everything else is such a treat to see. It's like I am playing I SPY haha. The lack of dialogue also complements the fact that your style is mostly visual but at the same time rich in narrative. I always look forward to what potions Elly and her gang are going to use in their next episode and I say this one has got to be my fave so far. De-evolutioned Kynsii is TOO adorable. I didn't see Venus' though (I think) and I am guessing she escaped or just didn't get affected cos she's dead lol.

Cro - Another gorgeous comic!! Elly looks so pretty in your style and I thought Kynsii using his tail to springboard him upwards was such a cool move. I love how you managed to capture Elly and Pan's dynamic here as well. Kynsii saying "That's not a tomato plant" made me chuckle more than it should have XD. A part of me was hoping that Elly's potion did more than disintegrate (?) the plant just to keep up with the theme of Elly's concoctions backfiring on everyone with spectacular and unpredictable results lol. Your SFX look so well done too. I love the extra TLC with painting some textures/colors on them. I think it goes really well with your style! Great job overall!

I am a big fan of Silent/Speechless comics, and you've done wonderful work using that style in your comics, especially in this one. You were very clear with key points, and I appreciate the visual gags, and the Venus cameo was a nice touch. The art in this was fun and wacky as always. Only real note I can think of it it would be fun to see you play with the color palette more. I think a few more bold color pops and some more extremes in your value would really help lead the eye a bit more in your compositions. Example, the final page with the smoke I think could have used a darker background color and maybe more muted tones on the characters would have made the gas pop forward more and give it a more dramatic feel. I can't to see more shenanigans from them.

You're backgrounds are always very nice I like how you use the intensity of color nicely to highlight key moments. I also really enjoyed the paneling of pages 3 and 4, with the angled panels making the eyes dart from panel to panel showing just how quick these moments are passing. the panels being slightly off balance with each other also helped add to the feeling of chaos. I think you executed that really well here. Overall solid work dude, I think this turned out swell.At this time of this review, I don't think I have any constructive feedback to give.

Honestly I think this is the best of the comics you've done so far! Fast setup with plenty of moments for all the characters to shine. I really like the way you interpreted Elly and Pan's designs as more insect-like. Additionally, I think it was really smart to establish that the three already have a bit of a rapport with Kynsii acting as the validated cautious one, Elly as the eccentric scientist and Pan as the put upon lab assistant. I also think your style shines with this one, using outlines on the characters and things to be focused on while leaving the background lineless you really clue the reader into what they should be looking at.

Once again a great silent story! You're really able to get across everything you need with great wide shots and expressive characters. Loved the map > map reveal gag and then the subsequent rush for the entrance. Would have liked a bit more interaction between Kynsii and the Elly but the setup of the robot assault does a good job of giving all the characters something to do. The "evolution" potion working backwards was also a nice touch and I liked the way you used the wide shot to setup the dry storage for the ending. Really great job all around!

Your comics are so funny. I love the expressions you give your characters, from Elly's complete and utter delight at anything mischievous to everyone's horror at whatever it is that Elly has done. I don't think I fully processed that you don't put any dialogue in your comics until just now, which makes it even more impressive how well you can tell jokes! I still feel like I know the characters' personality well enough that I can picture how they'd talk despite never seeing it. I think you could probably work on practicing some perspective and such to make your backgrounds make a bit more sense (I didn't immediately clock that was their ship they're walking from in the first panel, it doesn't feel that... far away if that makes sense?), but I still love all the details you put in! That panel on page 4 showing the battle is great, with the weird little farm, Venus still playing in the cafeteria, and the battle going on, all with Elly running directly at the thing she wants, is so good. Like I said, the perspective is off and some things look bigger or smaller than they should (Venus looks huge compared to where she is, for instance), but I still loved looking at it all. And Pan Sea just sighing and grabbing masks for her and Geepy as Elly runs for the locker was just, hilarious. Great work all around, I love Elly and her crew more and more with each comic! ♥

What a fun comic! I think it's funny that Kynsii is such a serious person and keeps getting paired up with these kooks, I love it. He makes a good straight man to the wilder characters that keep finding their way to the dome. Your coloring style really shines here, the greenhouse looks gorgeous! Even though you spent the whole comic in one setting, it didn't feel stale or boring. Your painting is lovely, with some fun pops of color for emphasis or action! I really liked it. I think the only part I had to read over again was page 4, it wasn't super clear to me at first that Kynsii had caught himself with his tail, and then was swinging him and Pan back into the room. I got they were making their way back in pretty clearly, it was just that bit I had to look over again. But really, all around great work! I'm excited to see what shenanigans Kynsii has to put up with next ♥

Another great comic. This silent comic format you've been rocking is really great and it continues to please. You keep doing great expressions here and I absolutely adore it. You have a couple panels that are a little weird for anatomy purposes. The head tilt back on page 5 is a little bit funky for example. I would say you're in need of a little more work for your construction, but your draftsmanship for panel composition is really good and you do an excellent job overall with your storytelling, which is good with a silent format. Overall, this is another great comic and you should be pleased. Great work!

A very good comic. I like this little base you've had Kynsii situated at for the tournament, it's nice to have a unique setting to play with and I think fleshing it out and making his world a little more grounded like that definitely works well for your stories here. The art in general is looking good and you're doing some fun posing and action here as well. Your backgrounds are looking good, but they're also looking a little bare. This is one of the general hurdles to overcome with painting backgrounds like this, which is a matter of texture and aiming for some definition. However, in all the time I've seen you make comics, you've undeniably improved here and these last few are definitely a new high for your art. Great work!

Wow I really like your way of creating comics with no speech bubbles that are still easy to follow and tell a clear story! I feel like because of the lack of text, I find myself focusing more on the little details in each panel rather than reading some dialog and moving on to the next speech bubble. In fact, these panels are packed with so many details that I can read this comic multiple times and still find new things in them! I don't really have too much criticisms about this comic. It was overall well paced and well drawn!

Oooh this is a very visually appealing comic indeed! I really like the way you color and shade each panel and drew the detailed greenhouse background with all the plants. No easy task for sure! The way you composed your panels give them a lot of movement when needed, especially the 3rd and 4th pages. And I also like how you captured the personalities of all three characters very well with Elly's mad scientist antics, Pan's more serious nature, and Kynsii being all action-focused. You both did a very good job and it's hard to decide which I liked better!

LEDGEM- You continue to amaze fleshing out such a complete story without a lick of dialogue. Everything comes across visually, emotively and that in of itself is a pretty impressive feat. Elly's crew continues to flesh itself out and kind of endear us to their quirks and weirditude. It also helps that even though there are no words, you as an artist seem to be listening to and absorbing feedback because it shows in your subsequent comics. To think you started out with panels that had a fancy color fill. Now your backgrounds are rich and detailed. I find myself poring over the little bits and bobs you've added and chuckling at the gags you managed to fit in just as an amusing aside. Your comics are just FUN and that's great. It doesn't need to be deeper or more complicated than that.

CRO- Your coloring and rendering panel to panel continues to impress and this comic is no exception. I'd say you've hit your stride, but this caliber of quality has been holding fast since the beginning of the tournament which is kind of incredible. I love the way your characters and important elements pop granted the distinction of lineart while your backgrounds maintain this soft painterly feel. I also dig your stylistic take on Elly and crew! Definitely make them look more buggy. Your SFX are creative, unique and you've taken feedback regarding your word bubble placement as they seem better set here. It's clear as we hone in on the end of this tournament, everything people have picked up on, improved upon and are working hard towards is showing. I seriously cant wait for the finale. Best of luck!