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Comic completed on August 8th 2022


Goddamn the colors in your work never cease to amaze, real eye candy! Luckily we got that apple to cronch.


Bad Apple is my new favorite character, and this comic is my new favorite literary work.


This is hysterical. I love Bad Apple's expressions. And the intestinal word balloons.


the hell kind of outfit are you running here


An Apple a day, no to be honest just stay away!


So happy you added this character and this comic! I demand he fights Selby one day!


Rotten to the core squad rides again (guest starring Selby even!)!

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You already know what I love about this. Outside of the pretty inspired character design of Bad Apple, this fruits world and entourage just make for ridiculous hilarity. Nothing says bad apple like conspiring with a bad dog to bully a bull shark. The anime nods with the SHINGG on the slapping hand, and the trailing 'nooo' as we hit slappity paydirt are the deets I'm here for.

I think the only thing I'd nitpick over is letting your page and panels breathe. You got some great rancid expressions from Bad apple I wish I'd see more of a focus on and given their spot to shine. And the bulk of the action is side scrolly. Different angles and dramatic vantages for that slap especially I think would've helped. Panel wise, you got pretty small here, but the comic is a couple yearlies old, and you've come a long way since this, so my crits may be moot at this point.
I want a rematch and I want these two to be frenemies. F'real gurl.


I don't know how or why but I can never lose my place reading these comics. Its like the characters just intuit meaning and intent even though I can't hear their voice. This is the basic requirement for comedy and you never fail at it even if the joke was a little long this time around. Once I dared myself to do a small experiment, what if the panels around your comic were neatly shaped and how that would contrast with the chaotic art style. Unfortunately I don't have the visual results on me but it might be nice to attempt a clipping layer just to see how you can contain these vignettes of chaos and unbridled humor. Im so excited to see Bad APple back, the first actual goon I rooted for when I found Void !


I am HOWLING. OMG, funniest comic I've read yet. GUN thanks for this. Such a great addition to the site and I love that you gave us more context of what we did not see from Selby's intro. Bad Apple lives up to his name, setting up that poor Crunchulon. I read Selby's intro again and I even appreciate it more. Your art style, vibrant colors and spot on comedic timing is just...amazing! I had to read about Bad Apple's profile after this and this crew is such a riot. I really want to see more of them. I hope you keep making comics GUN, you've got a talent to brighten someone's day and make us smile :)



I love the energy in your comics. You're ink and water colors are always a delight, bold blacks and vivid colors. It's nice getting more context for Selby, the Evian and all of their shenanigans. You're cartoony action is really great and I can't wait to see you push that further with future bad apple comics. same goes for your use of onomatopoeia/Sound effects in the comic. That's always been very very fun.

I am also a big softy and Just feel bad for Crunchulon so much. Poor slapped up baby. Bad Apple, why ya always gotta be so mean?