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Comic completed on August 15th 2022


Voted and Reviewed! Wow, this was such an unexpected match-up!

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WONDERFULLY creepy. Your use of stark blacks and whites, and your nightmare designs do a lot of work here in making Quacky's peril palpable. The juxtaposition of the horror imagery and the sober sans-serif font make what happens a chilling intrusion of the eldritch onto the mundane world. The comic does feel a bit like Quacky and Meggy have something horrible happen to them for no reason, though. I think this is not inherently an issue, but the way the lack of any cause and effect is executed here leaves the overall story lacking some narrative substance. That said, the last panel does a lot of work in getting the reader to want to see the next chapter.

I really liked how cute you drew Quacky and Meggy! It makes the horrors inflicted upon them so much worse! The scene of them struggling to get home was really endearing. The surrealist imagery is really good. Leg egg hand mouth awful, I love it.
I feel like there's a few places you could have used a more extreme camera angle to really sell some of the scenes, like the hand mouth moving in to consume Quacky could be scarier if we were looking up into it from Quacky's perspective? Void Heart using its hallucinations to scare people into helping it spread is really good story material and I'm excited to see more of that in future rounds! Also what a sad ending! I like it when people aren't scared to let evil characters be evil.

Very Strong start! I was really curious how this was gonna play out and I was not disappointed. I think my favorite page is number 4, I really like that inversion and you gave a really good feeling of Dread. Poor Quacky! I think varying your line width a bit would be really helpful. I think it's most noticeable in page one though, just to help with the depth and break up some of the visual elements between the foreground and the background. But I think this is a solid entry and I'm excited to see what the void-heart does next!

Oh wowowow.... poor Quacky! Void Heart is terrifying let us get that out of the way lol. Was it real or just a nightmare? But judging by that last page, it was clear there was something. Love the chunky inks you got here. It enhances the cuteness of Quacky while the stark blacks really tell me that there is something ominous coming. If there's any point of improvement that I may add, it's just a better comic font (we got a few suggestions in the discord if you want to ask/look around. 'Back Issues' font is one of the good ones that are free) and speech bubbles for next time.

A part of me is like, please don't let Quacky near Void Heart again but I am left here wondering why did Void Heart show Quacky the 'door'? I now want to see more!

JOJO- I really didn't know what to expect with this character or your art, but once I opened the comic reader, I was so pleasantly surprised. Your inks are really nice! They have this grit that works really well with your sewer setting. Not to mention you drew a fully adorable Quacky. It's so pathetically cute their home is a cardboard box. oh no homeless duck!

And then we just swan dive into some legit creepitude. Love the changeover where your panels go black and your inks are white. The reversal is explanation enough we've delved someplace other. The stylization of the eyes on page 4 is great too. This poor damn duck. Void heart you went mortal kombat rules- OVERKILL

A very interesting plot for this comic! I certainly wasn’t expecting the vision of Meggy to sprout limbs! Limbs with teeth, even! Your texturing on the ground is impressive, and so is the large eye wall in page 4. Void Heart needing someone to let it into a reality is a very neat concept that you executed well. For future comics, try breaking up your speech bubbles a little more to make them more readable. For example in page 4 you could break Quacky’s dialogue into two or three speech bubbles to make it have a better flow. Your comic makes a fascinating introduction for Void Heart and I’m interested to see where you take it.

Well that was cosmically horrific and sad. I like it. You used your panels efficiently to tell as much as they could. From the poor duck’s living situation, the egg’s CRAZY transformation from Void-Heart, and the horror of the void’s eyeball infested darkness. The ending panel really hit the most, such a horrifying conclusion. The instant cut to that scene really made the impact really work. Really loved how in Page 4, the colors were inverted to show how dark and desolate the void really was. It was really creative.

My only gripe with it is the art as it's a bit crude here and there, the backgrounds in page 1 blends in with the duck a bit too much. My suggestion is making the brush/line width smaller than the make focus (the duck). That way it isn’t as distracting from the main focus, you can also make it more gray as seen in storyboards.

Regardless of my opinions on the art, your storytelling more than makes up for it. I can't wait to see what you do in the next round!

this is such a cool horror comic, I don't know why i didn't expect it to go horror but I am glad I wasnt expecting it. Meggy eating Quacky was so unexpected and such a great moment. and that Big eye panel with the void heart being the iris is soo good. This is a comic where i wish there wasnt a 5 page max cause I just wanted to see more of it. Really small nitpick, honestly its not too big of a deal breaker for me. but when Quacky has their dialogue in the void area I wish you had done it like you did void hearts dialogue, not the same hand lettered style but like white text, with a white outline on the bubble. to me it takes a bit away from being completely surrounded by darkness, cause there's a big white word bubble that takes up a portion of the page, and inversing it would remove more of the white from the scene. Really good job, and just like a little thing, i loved how you changed the colour of the gutters, it's very small things like that that make a good difference cause I didnt even notice it on the first read through but in my opinion it makes things easier, so great job.

I was very happy with the horror elements of this. You did quite well, bathing the duck and the reader in sudden dread as they are plunged into the unknown. The use of whitelineart in a black void can be tricky to pull of but you did it really well! In terms of art, my biggest tip is to vary your linewidth a little more, since at times the duck is lost to the background since the share the same linewidth. Writing-wise I was pleasantly surprised with the twists and turns of this and I think you set up a lot of little hooks about void-heart that I really hope you explore in the future. Good job.

You know I didnt know where you could have taken this comic and I am extremely impressed by the out come here I honestly have a hard time imagining what to even do with both of these characters but the fact that you were able to make not only a comic but an impressive and somewhat dark story out of this one is so fun. I know some people may have issue in severely hurting a characters but I just feel that lends to more the fact that your character feels like a force of nature rather than a character themselves over all great work cant wait to see more!

Starts of cute, ends up horrifying. The egg with legg! A nice and tidy story that hints at some larger goings ons. Void Heart is suitably creepy, definitely makes the skin crawl. Makes you wonder what Quacky did to deserve this. The transition from lots of white space at the start to inky blackness towards the end really sells the mood swing.

My main note: try playing around with your text some more. I think you can get those bubbles a bit more compact and leave more breathing room for your art by reducing line height and playing around with kerning a bit. Otherwise, good job!