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Comic completed on August 15th 2022


I love bad ass women! And this match has it on both sides. Much love <3


Love the banner art, and the flavor text for both comics here in this comic landing. Talk about intrigued!

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Wow! You have a really deft hand at filling your action panels with energy; and there's some really nicely composed pages here. The splash panel for Balmung in particular is really, really memorable. I do have trouble following the action, however. The art and the writing give me enough for a general gist of the events happening in the comic, but I found myself guessing at what was happening more often than not. There also seemed to be a bit of inconsistency in introducing characters, as some of them got title cards, and others didn't. I think the mood of the comic overall, however, is solid, and you've made something really interesting here :)

This is one of the most interesting story set-ups in the inaugural so far, imho, and I'm really into the different beasties on display here. I almost with there was a bit more info on each, like maybe a brief descriptor whenever one is summoned? The slime doesn't immediately read as an animal, imo, even though it's use here is very cool. My big question (which is not really a criticism of this comic) is where is Wendy? I think in a vacuum her absence is not an issue, but having read the bio I am a bit curious. Strong comic overall, and definitely an endorsement for Evelyn as a character to follow.

XENO- What an opening page. SO MUCH detail! I only wish we'd gotten a better look considering the dialogue. If I'd seen this pane lon its own my first impression wouldn't of been that the city is abandoned because from this far off vantage, I can't tell. It might also save on labor to just show an empty street or avenue.

Your monster designs are pretty cool. I love the segmented eyes lining the spine of the beast Evelyn rolls in on. What an entrance! Also Balmung looks so badass. It's no wonder poor Mehira cracked under pressure.

You have an interesting technique with the smudge tool. It's my guess it's meant to be a blending method, but page to page it kind of gives the elements in your panels a blurry effect which may not be your intention. Your stark black and whites seem strong enough to stand on their own. I'd give it a try with just straight on flat grayscale for shading. See how that does for ya.

SPIRAL- OK, its official, I kinda love Evelyn. Despite the fantastical nature of her job and encounters ,she's so deadpan and practical- down to laundering her soiled clothing after some cryptid battling. This is the kind of reality and fantasy mixing I really enjoy seeing and you handle it beautifully.

The miscommunication and teamwork between both women was really fun to watch. It's so easy to write these moments where one character is the know it all and the opponent is the bumbling idiot, but its great to see that Iraja was portrayed as a capable and powerful knight when it counted while Evelyn was the well read nerd who knew how to take the big bad down.

Great comic. I am definitely iinterested in seeing more of Ms. Hill.

I love all the creepy monster designs in this! You really went hard on making a bunch of cool creatures. There's a ton of cool action happening, and the whole comic feels really fast and wooshy. Some of your dialogue is hard to read, it would be helpful to do a pass for spelling and grammar and make sure you're not missing apostrophes and commas. There's a few panels where there's a lot of detail and everything is shaded in a similar tone, and that makes it kind of hard to see what's going on. Mehira is really cute and I like how you portrayed her as scared but trying very hard to be brave! You did a really good job of giving everyone cool moments and things to do.

The snake monster is so creative and works as such a good setpiece! Evelyn jumping into its mouth was very fun and I love the expression on its face when its throat starts bulging. The forest background is also really charming. I really like how clean your lines are. I also really liked the slime bursting out of the panel boarders from out of the book. I thought the ending was cute and fun. I really like how you use Evelyn's cryptozoology knowledge to solve problems creatively. The sequence with Mehira getting tricked by the monster was a great setup for having a fight with important stakes.

This is super cool! Tons of detail in the backgrounds and characters. The action is weighty and impactful. The characters all get some time to shine! I can tell a lot of effort was put into this, nice work.

Unfortunately there are a few too many visual 'glitches' for me to look past. Anti-aliasing is inconsistent throughout, and your usage of the smear tool is a bit excessive and further exacerbates that problem. The smear tool can be powerful, but if you're not careful it can make things look muddy, which is sadly the case here. It also appears you needed to scale some artwork up and down, which from raster introduces blurriness and artifacts. Especially on a big splash like the bottom of page 1 it's a mark against what should be a super awesome panel!

Last one, just take another polish pass on your text and dialog. I spotted more than a few typos, enough to be distracting and confusing.

Very fun and super cute. Fantastic stuff! You have a distinctive style that always stood out to me in W4R - clean, expressive, and fun. Glad to see it again here. I think this comic has it all, with characters driving the plot in ways the make sense for them, some awesome action, and a chuckle-worthy ending. Lots of little jokes woven throughout, and the dialog and interactions all feel natural.

I'd point out your posing is a bit static in places, especially center of page 2. Also think paring down some of the background details in certain panels. E.g. as much as I love our vegan tree-hugging bug friendo, their presence did take away from the action happening with our main characters on page 4.

Really dig that bird's eye view first panel to establish the setting. The details you put in are really nice. Careful about getting lost into too much details though! I couldn't make up what was going on in some of the panels. I good way to check this is to zoom out your work and see if it is readable. BTW, Sexy spot blacks and really cool posing in the last panel where you introduced Evelyn on page one! Really loved the composition on that one. I do like seeing Evelyn and Iraja team up and Mehira is so adorable. A good way to remind us that she's still a child and is susceptible to fears and mistakes. Evelyn and her mom Iraja would make perfect mentors!

I really enjoyed this comic. That giant bug was so adorable and I got a bit of a chuckle when it was hugging the tree. Everything is clearly illustrated and your inks are so neat and clean. The fight scene was pretty cool. Evelyn and Iraja make a formidable team. It's great to see these two femme fatales team up while dealing with the growing pains of watching a child. Very relatable! I love how you marry the fantastical with the practical everyday chores at the end. Sometimes all kids need are the simplest things hehe. That last panel was so cool. I really want to see this trio hang out more!

This was a fun read, but I found that it was more then a little hard to follow at times. I think with your black and white, you should focus more on solid black fields, then the more sketchy approach you have taken to filling in spaces in quite a few places. Also, do not use the blur tool for effects. It looks smudged and out of place. There are brushes and techniques that can do a much better job for the kind of shockwave effects you are going for. I really like the ambition and the way you structure of your comic, you have an eye for dramatic angles and good shots. The story itself was quite fun, with some solid moments for each charachter and a lot of drama for only 5 pages. Keep it up!

Super solid comic. The writings fun, and its action packed and it showcases both charachters quite a bit and the art has a very crisp, easy to follow style. Liked the action as it flowed really well, with fast cuts that didnt lose the reader. I think the main thing I would critique is the paneling. The fact that the side panels dont have proper boxes but bleed outside the page draws my attention away a bit. Also while your art and your narrative structure and pacing is good, your could try to cram less small panels and get more creative with them.