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Iraja Abbera(Ordnance)/ Mehira Abbera

Current Status: Active
Created: 07/28/2022

162(iraja) / 9(mehira)
spirit weapons
Greatsword( can extend in length blade beams/shield can reflect and cause explosions/bow super charge arrow that can snap in half to two blades/dual blades explode into fragments that home in on target/chain sword can manifest giant snake
big gauntlets( punch hard and rocket punch) throwing knive ( exploding knives can create copy images))
Mehira, Wive, spicy foods, meditation
brussel sprouts,zombies, those who harm the weak

A mother/daughter duo serving as protector of the junctions from cataclysmic events such as. invasion by outer gods, planet killer meteors, ghost armies, demonic hell gate openings, etc. She dimension hops with her daughter in tow from crisis to crisis, person to person helping maintain balance as best she can. She tries to understand most conflicts now rather than damn any particular side choosing to try to bring compromise.

Iraja was born to a father blacksmith and a folk hero mother, she was orphaned at a young age after her family died in an attack from a warlord named Gilgard. She was taken in by a lost order of knights raised along with a beloved childhood friend. Through many battles and wars, Love,loss blood and tears she spent most of her years fighting to do good. Ages passed and now she travels with her daughter Mehira on world hoping quest to train her to take up her role and accept her legacy as Iraja feels herself near the end of her years. ing Iraja Aberra- is a lighting bruiser able to summon an almost endless Ordnance of weapons composed of fragments of ancestors and warriors of the lost order of knights Iraja (hence the nickname).

Mehira Aberra the young daughter of Iraja curious about all things. Very dedicated to being in her words "a heroine of justice! Her to Punish evil! With her her trusty valiant Stead Baaah! she always runs into big trouble with courage and heart twice as big.








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