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Comic completed on August 15th 2022


I love how similar your ending is! Did you talk about this prior? XD


SFX and action- all part of a complete comicky breakfast!

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DOODLE- Nice solid inks and a really exciting explosion of action once we get these two characters in a tussle. I especially like your sound effects for E'evill's gun. You can't go wrong with the ol' Dakka dakka's. XD

I'm surprised there was no preamble, establishing shot or build up to this tale. We just sort of get dropped in. It leaves me to wonder if the story would've been better served dispensing with this opening and just getting to the action. I don't think either option is wrong or right, but its definitely something to consider storytelling wise.

I'm sorry to see time got the better of you and we have some pencilled pages among the inks, but even those seem pretty clear! I'm still able to get a gist of the action ad exchange going on and you so helpfully included fully rendered speech bubbles. Good on ya!


I can't get over E'evill's gun just being a literal GUN XD That's so funny XD Also, I'm curious as to why your word bubbles background is a shade or two greyer than your white comic 'paper'? Am I just seeing things and its the same color? I'm not sure I dig that this tale culminates in a tall tale being told to the next generation. Nice ominous last panel with E'evill looming in the BG.

Your linework is so fine and delicate that your word bubbles really stand out with their thick outline. They're part of your art and composition, so they should compliment it, rather than stick out. I'd suggest tweaking them so they're as thin as your line work. Just matching it up so they look like they belong on the same page. I'd also recommend trying out some different comic fonts than the typeface you've chosen. There are some great resources you can check out over at or

After getting such lovely eyefuls of your coloring work in progress for this comic in the discord channels, I'm sorry to see this battle is colored. :< Nature of the time crunch, which is definitely understandable. I know the coloring methods you were experimenting with were new to you, but if there's any time to experiment, it'd definitely be here! :) I certainly hope you show of some of your attempts in future comics.

One of the things about reading so many matchup comics is that you inevitably get a bit of a fight fatigue, so I think it says a lot that this fight feels fresh, it feels well-plotted, and it gets me wanting to see you do more fight comics that sink their teeth into the respective powers of each combatant the way this one does. The sketch pages do make it a little harder to follow, but the flow of the fight is still largely trackable. My only comment on the polished pages is that the foreground and background might need a bit more work to differentiate them visually, as one tends to clutter the other (as the trees do). Nice work overall, and good job letting each character shine a bit!

Whoa! That's a spooky ending...and I gotta say, I'm into it. It lends this piece a real memorable punctuation that sets it apart from just another brawl. As for the brawl, you do some very creative things with each characters' powers, but I was sometimes at a loss to parse what was going on in the action because the different elements were difficult to tell apart. It might be worth experimenting with line weights or maybe even some color to keep all the neat parts at play visually distinct. Beyond that, your anatomy and perspective lend dynamism to the fight, your designs are beautiful, and this comic is an overall success!

This is some good work Doodle. Even if you didnt fully finish your linework on some of the pages the pages you did finish are incredibly crisp. that GUN gun has some really impressive sharpness that I was a big fan of. On the pages you didnt get to finish it's still very readable, of course wouldve been better to have completed the pages but it is what is, doesnt really hurt the comic too much as a hole because they are readable just not as clean. I think it would be real cool to see more black spotting from you, just to add more variation and make some of the panels pop even more, i believe with how crisp your linework is it would look really good and push the comics up higher. All in all great job, you had some really nice action and movement and I enjoyed it a lot.

Wow this is an action packed comic, you really went for a big fight right off the bat and i commend you for it. really good action you have a great understanding of it and it shows in this comic. I do wish though that the lines weren't as sketchy, and were more solid, some of your big cool panels would be even cooler cause at times having a bunch of that looser line work kinda got lost for me. But at the same time I did think it worked well at the end with E'Evil in the tree and old rook, it's just finding a nice balance and where it works and where your action would benefit from some stronger line work. I also really loved the ending, i don't think anyone else has just time skipped that far ahead and it is menacing, you really love to see it. this is really something that would like to see again. how would E'Evil fare against this old Rook? Great job!

Ever since I saw Rook's entry, I couldn't wait to see him in action. I am glad you delivered us an action-packed comics to showcase this. It's a shame that the pages weren't finished but life happens and I am very happy with what you submitted. I also highly recommend spot blacks to give an inked comic a more finished look and maybe some line width variations if you can afford it! I love the angle you did in the first panel and how Rook's tail framed that lower left side of the composition. The fight scenes looked pretty solid too from what I can tell!

Even though this is mostly sketch, I can just imagine how great this comic would've looked if finished. I love those impressive details that you put in those big panels and it's very interesting how you and Doodle both gave your comics a similar ending! I think you can also benefit from using a proper comic font next time. Right now, there's too much space between the text that it covers a lot of the art. Ugh, I fear for Rook and his grandkid in that last panel. Great job on portraying E'Evil as this terrifying adversary to whoever has the misfortune of crossing their path!

A very tidy, compact, and fast-paced fight! You seem to have a good intuition for choreography and composition. Your linework is clean and readable, and even for the unfinished pages I was able to follow the action through to the end.

I'd consider a couple things here if you were to go back and finish this comic. One is to bring in some more value - consider filling in some of your hatch shaded areas with black for some stronger contrast and visual anchors. I also your sketches have more organic smoothness to their movement than they do in the final inks - think about how you can bring in some of that looseness to your lines! And one last point: the conclusion came a bit too abruptly, so another 'beat' after the trees swallow up our villain could help the moment land.

The timeskip! Lot's of turns to this story to fit into five pages. Our 'villain' of the story is satisfyingly villainous, and you do get a good feel of what the stakes are for our resident raccoon. And a little teaser for a potential future conflict is a nice add. Good effort here with some really cool ideas!

You have a lot of great posing, action, and composition here that I think is undersold by how it's all rendered. Some of this might be brush choice - it looks like you have some pressure sensitive opacity going, which leads to much of this looking grey and washed out. A pure black brush with some size sensitivity may serve you better here. I'd also work on committing strong, singular lines to the page rather than bunches of quick strokes. Both of these will help your artwork pop and provide readable contrast.

This may be a software limitation for you as well, but see what you can do with your text and bubbles. Try to reduce the line height and stroke weight, respectively, to make them less obtrusive.

I enjoyed your sense of action, you have some good foundations in posing and movement, and it helped carry the fight of the comic. I think the comic it would serve you well to forego the lines i nthe background in almost every panel. They detract from your charachters and draw the eye in a way that I find distracting more then anything. For the pages that are finsihed, I think you have a pretty good grasp of perspective, you have good articulation and good sense of how to draw expressive charachters. I hope to see more of Rook in the future!

I quite liked your narrative take. Its certeinly a ambitious and fun ending you got there, painting E'eevill as a long term, big picture villain. I love the classics a lot when it comes to villains, so a generational terror will always be near to my heart. Comics are difficult, and you went rather ambitious with this one in the way you approached the action. I'd say that artwise, I think what I would like to see, is more focus on clarity, you dont need supercrisp lineart, but you should work on cleaning up stray lines, and identifying the ones who make out the primary shapes for each panel and strengthen them. There were time were I found it hard to see what was going.