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Comic completed on July 17th 2023


This is going to be such a gorgeous comic, I can feel it in my icy cold veins!


Excited! Can't wait to read it!


Peachy Clean

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Congrats on the first Pichi-comic; really excited to read it!! Up front, great job with keeping the story clear on first read-through. You're able to get Pichi's current situation across with a nice amount of clarity, while still leaving enough of a mystery to it to keep me interested in future adventures. I think there's room to cut down on the number of words you use to really streamline things (Pichi's small bit of spoken dialogue to herself, particularly, seems almost entirely unnecessary), but you have an overall comfortable economy of information partitioning going on here.

Art-wise, things are pretty crisp, though I would personally suggest toning down the glare a bit - it does help set a mood, but I feel the intensity may be greater than the value you're getting out of it. It might work for other folks though, so take that with a pinch of salt. A *bit* more variance in line-weight between foreground and background elements might help too :) With that out of the way, I REALLY like your sense of framing panel to panel, and I get a nice sense of the big and small details of Pichi's living space and neighborhood. Overall really nice first entry for Pichi, and a charming introduction into the Junction world!


The Itty Bitty Teleportin' Space Kitty is finally here!
This is probably one of the best looking comics on this site yet.
Good lines, good color, even the paneling is kept interesting throughout which keeps this relatively simple and comfy story entertaining to read through the whole comic. It does leave me with alot of questions. Who are these other cats in the vision, how'd Pichi get here, what kind of tea she like? But I figure that's the point of an intro comic, to get you into Pichi's world and leave you wanting more.
Real solid comic here and I can't wait to see more of Pichi in the future, battles and otherwise :3c

This comic has such an amazing teaser, I loved it! Kind of ominous with the cryptic warning and all. Like something is about to happen. I also love how hard you worked on this comic for so long. The shading and highlighting looked to be very much worth it! And I also loved that you gave Junction a more futuristic spin!

I don’t know how else to criticize this, but I kind of want you to work on facial expressions a little bit more, maybe?

Everything else looks great to me and I really hope you would work more on comics like this in the future! It’s fun to read.


I know you've been working on this intro comic for a while and it was well worth the wait. While there is some absence of huge events happening, you effectively gave us a foreshadowing of possible things to come. Seems that Pichi's (unknown) history is going to haunt her sooner or later and I am looking forward to seeing how that affects her rather quiet and mundane (in a good way) life.

Your art is gorgeous and it takes a lot of confidence to make everything look crisp and clean in such a high resolution. I think maybe a smaller page size might be worth trying the first time. I tried zooming out my browser and I can still see very nice details and I get to take in the overall scenes in each panel better while the text is still readable. I love how vibrant the colors are and Pichi just looks lovely overall. The thick outlines do complement your art style!

Overall, amazing job and I am so happy that we finally get to meet Pichi!


This was an charming and lovingly done introduction comic. Beautifully rendered from start to finish.
The pacing was really nice through out the whole comic and your layout was easy to follow, I appreciated the transition for the flash/back dream sequence. The Nice Fade to black, lack of paneling and open composition that really gave a strong feeling to the "minds eye" feel of the scene, then the Stark abrupt introduction of the Sigil that forces pichi out of the vision and back into the current reality. I enjoyed that part very much and thought it was done well.

Overall, very nice introduction, makes me curious to see what happened to Pichi and what will happen with their time in junction! Well done!


Welcome to Pichi and glad to see their first comic landing onto the Oculama stage for all to see :D
You can tell alotta TLC went into this comic and your wealth of time really worked to your advantage. I am in love with the cityscape shots- especially the one with the warehouse at the forefront. Too often people have too much fun drawing their own characters they skimp on the backgrounds, but you really managed to give yours personality and character that 'fits' in line with Pichi.
Your artwork is really good, but there is a flatness to your coloring that lacks texture and depth. I feel you're relying on alotta directionless bloom that harkens back to early 2000's comics which I think is less retro and serves to make your comic look dated.
Still all in all I am intrigued to see what more we can learn about our new resident alien feline.


This was a nice comic! I know you were working at this for a while and I think you've done a solid job. I like the rendering style you were going for although there's a few things that are standing out for me artistically. The bloom light is far too pronounced and I think it's drawing my focus a little too hard. Furthermore, this feels like it's comprised of too many close-ups. I think you should implement more medium or farther shots, because while we do get an establishing shot outside of the building, the living room itself isn't established much which I think would have done you more favors in showing off Pichi's environment and maybe even give more clues into their character. The story is a good kick-off point for her and I'm certainly curious to see where you intend to take them. I really am excited to see more from you and I hope we see it soon!


I remember seeing this comic being drawn live and it's great to finally see it in all its glory here! The lineart and coloring is impeccable, and as it currently stands it's a very straightforward introduction to Pichi's start in Oculama. If I only had one critique, it would be the current size of your pages: I'm using a 1080p screen and it felt like everything was zoomed in more than it should: I had to scroll in order to get the full layout of the page itself. Other than that, it seems like a solid start, and I wanna see what adventures Pichi can get into.


I loved a very well polished intro comic and this certainly fits the bill! the vibrant colors and warm lighting give of a great and comfy feeling to the brief moment into Pichi's morning. The dream sequence is very intriguing and I hope a foreshadowing of more comics to come about her adventure/time in junction! But I wanna add a little more gushing over the art as a whole just love the card and time you put into Pichi's motions and the level of detail on the environment around her. a super great job I cannot stress enough of how pretty this comic is lol