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Comic completed on October 26th 2023


Wolke, First off! Hot Damn! Good job on completing the 24hour comic challenge! That is not an easy feat and you really stepped up to bat! I liked with this one you did some experimentation with more open paneling while still keeping a coherent reading flow. You’re work was also pretty consistent through out, which is really hard to do with this challenge. Well done friend!

Also the overall backstory was fun and interesting to read! What a curious Egg God.

I really enjoyed this comic and I’m so glad you used the challenge to show us Temptations backstory. Thank you for making this and can’t wait for more!

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First of all, congratulations on making this 24-hour comic! That is such a feat in itself. I can barely make a half-decent single-page thumbnail in one sitting/night so you can just imagine how impressive this is for me. I love how Temptation's origins are so dark and nefarious. It's so deceptively cute, my first impression of Temptation was that it was a wholesome sentient egg. I couldn't be more wrong lol. I am curious if Temptation's appearance would evolve as time goes by and if yes, what would be the catalyst for it? I noticed several typos but let's be honest, I am not really going to knock you for that one lol. The monkey-paw nature of Temptation's abilities is such a great way to spice up its encounters with other characters in the future as well. I hope you got your well-deserved rest after this!


A twenty four hour comic in twenty four hours is no mean feat! As someone who took at crack at it this year as well, I can tell you managing and fulfilling the challenge as you did is pretty impressive. I'd love to hear your thought process, work output and general takeaway after doing this.
That said its neat to see the origin story of our little resident hedonist egg. Not gonna lie, the design and general vibe I get from them is so wholesome and chill-Who knew such a charming little guy had such morbidly dark beginnings? It was great the challenge inspired you to give us this extensive backstory and some compelling questions on temptation to boot.


I think before any critiques can come into play with regards to this, it's important to state that this is a 24 hour comic and isn't something that can accurately gauge your talents. The mere fact you accomplished this means you succeeded. That in itself is impressive and has this get high marks from me. As for the art, the story, it's all good. Graded on the curve of being done in 24 hours, it's good. I think the biggest advice I can give regarding this, would be to consider working with less "precise" tools in the future for this challenge and perhaps consider something like brush pens or something that can cover a lot of space in a lot of time. Something to help fill things out quicker. Other than that, great job.