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Comic completed on August 30th 2022


One of the best matches of the round, to be sure. Goblins, your figure work, character acting, and depiction of Fleet's speed is really well done here, and H's gruesome demise was fun.

Sloof, your whole comic is just really charming, and I love your sense of humor. The setup and payoff of the Gnome engineer was great. My only note would be to flip the panel where Fleet explodes, so the action reads left to right. As it is, I was momentarily confused by the explosion happening and then the "swoosh" trail going off to the right, it made me think Fleet had escaped the blast, and I had to reread that sequence.

I'll say it again, I love how people are writing Heinous H. He's such a strong character, and people seem to be clicking with him really well. Great work, both.

At Least 3 Whole Goblins

God I was very tempted to also call mine 'Fast Food' LMAO


Oh BOY; you both knocked the ball into the stratosphere first round; I can't wait to get a table at this dinner and a show matchup ;)


My awesome action detectors are pointing to this matchup.


Super hype for this match!

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This one got gruesome! I'm really tickled by the clever problem solving our speedster does to get the gnomes out of this Jam, even if he might not be pleased with the results. The hill backgrounds are good, but I would have liked to see a bit more of the environment on the first page and parts of the third page; just something to ground the comic a bit. The action illustrations remain some of the inaugural's best, in my opinion, and I'm a fan of how you depicted your opponent, esp the facial expressions throughout this round two piece.

Now THAT'S how you do a brick joke. I love the cast of snacks you've pulled out of the bag for this comic, and there's something delightfully looney tunes about this whole setup. Our resident speed demon getting done in not by a simple wacky trick we all should have seen coming is perfect. I would have liked to see more of the ending from the big-guy's perspective; that he leaves the snacks to go off on their own seems a tad out-of-character, but that's more of an after-the fact observation. Love the expressions in this one, especially on page 2!

3 WHOLE GOBS- Can't get over that ending. I was laughing as much as I was covering my mouth to hide my grimace. That's some grim humor and I dig it. If I had a note of crit, it'd be to give your payoff panels more real estate. I know this page restriction makes for a challenge in pacing so you gotta fit what you can on page, but things like the guts or Fleets 'holy crap' face would've really popped if they'd been given more space on the page to make an impact.

Man, both of these comics ended with such a good gag which really evened out the playing field as to wo to vote for. What a way to make this one tough!

SLOOF- The way you showcased your opponent in your side was great. The zig zag paneling you utilized to frame Fleets movements was SUCH a clever idea. I love when folks push the design of their page composition and paneling and this was a nice nod to your opponent in a creative way. This is such a departure of what I'm used to seeing you do by way of character and its kinda fun to see this almost saturday morning newspaper cartoon character just do his thing as he lumbers along. Way to infuse a big time classic fantasy influence into this tourney!

The last comic and this one prove that you've got a gift for setting up hilarious, dry jokes - the contrast of Fleet toying around with someone who is far more psycho than be expected is great. Also love the dialogue as well, it's snappy and naturalistic. Art wise, it's still quite clean and the key poses are very good - I can tell you had less time to work on the art this round, but in the future, even on a tight deadline, it would be beneficial to add another plane of grayscale color into this comic to add some depth.

Totally silly and gonzo, and the end gag had me laughing. The premise of playing Fleet's heroics off of Henry's insatiable villainy is very darkly funny, and is explored well in this comic. Art wise, you have a very thin line style, albeit with some noticeable line weight variation. Even so, considering looking into using grayscale or screentones to give your comics more depth, the large swaths of white give the comic a totalizing effect,, which can lead to people reading the dialogue bubbles rather than looking at the art. Final note: your handwriting is really good lol ,it's nice to see hand drawn dialogue thats this clean.

Much like your character this comics wastes no time in getting started and wrapping up, yet even in three pages it packs a really delightful and well paced story. Both characters are a lot of fun in this (as well as the gnome side-characters) and that Heinous's death is delightfully grody (special shoutout to the heart pull sequence, the comedic timing in that part is sold super well).

It was a bit of an odd decision to have all the characters on a great big hill looking DOWN at Heinous. The end result is a character so strongly defined by being large and in charge looks like a total shrimp. I would have liked to see more comps that stress the girth of this lad, as even the short sequence where Fleet runs down to face him 'head on' tends is mostly restricted to panels showing one of the two characters. I understand the intent of having a kind of defence fortification, but it's not fully sold enough for me to think it warrants the loss of that size difference as a visual tool.

I'm a really big fan of the expressions especially in this comic, lots of really fun stuff to pick apart and appreciate. The use of borderless panels here and there is very tastefully used and enhances the page comp a lot. Using some slanted panels for the more extreme action is something I also would have liked to see, but what you've done is more than acceptable. Great job on a very funnee comic!

This comic was a real joy to read. I really have to appreciate how such a simple plot also manages to perfectly showcase the main appeal of the characters in such a direct way by literally pitting Fleet's speed against Heinous H's appetite. That may sound obvious, but how many other comics have done that?

The side characters are all really inventive and fun, while also not taking any energy away from the main act. My personal favourite page is 3, which uses dynamic panel shapes and layering to an absolutely fantastic degree in service of the story. If anything, I'll say the other pages all maybe suffer from being TOO dense. There's a few instances here and there where a more ambitious panel composition could pull the narrative weight of two or three of your smaller, more focused panels, which in turn would help the pages feel less claustrophobic. The gags are all really good in this comic, particularly some of the expressions you sprinkle in, and the 'world's worst statue' cutaway is the funniest moment for me, so this comics definitely ends strong. All in all, really excellent work!

We stan a traumatic moment! Your comic was short and sweet, but still felt like a complete story. The gnomes are adorable, and I love the sort of looney tunes trickster vibe Fleet has here. And Henry is a big unflappable hungry monster as he should be. The way Fleet (unwittingly) tricks him into just ripping himself open was a surprise and brutal and funny! Hopefully Fleet finds a therapist that can keep up with him.

Your backgrounds are simple, but effective! A good use of your time on these short deadlines. I think you could benefit from varying your lineart a bit more, but that's a just nitpicking, your art is clear and you have a lot of fun faces and poses! I like both that first pose Fleet is striking on page 2, and that 3rd panel really feels kinetic! I love the way you did the breaking of the sound barrier, a really cool touch.

Henry's murder spree continues! I love that you both set your comics in these idyllic gnome hills, I found that funny. Your comic really ended with a bang! (I'll see myself out) I love the setup and punchline of that gnome promising a weapon of unspeakable power, just for that to be dynamite. Your writing is great and really funny. I love the way you write the accents, it's not distracting, but you know exactly how those characters are saying what they're saying, it's super well done! Our saviour is nowt but gristle and meatballs is just a hilarious line.

Your art is super clear and perfect for the tone you're setting, your expressions are so good! That gnome screaming for his life, and then being blasted by the wind from being saved by Fleet, so funny. I like the bottom part of page 3, Fleet's working hard and Henry really has a diverse pallet! Really good work all around, nice job!

AL3WG - Oh geeze, this story was so different from your last one. Super unexpected but just as entertaining! Again, very neat and clean style. Even without colors it looks very polished. Also really loving that font that you used, it's as if it was made for your art style (what's it called?). Poor Fleet, he looks so traumatized by what he did. I was gonna say I hope Henry was okay but I don't know how he can come back from that. But I have a sinking feeling he will! (I sure hope he does somehow. Also for Fleet's sake! )

Sloof - the title 'Fast Food' was perfect. Four pages but you're able to squeeze in a lot of content. You're really good at hinting at things that will play a huge part at the end. The rabbit's foot in your first round and now this little knight guy from the first page with that explosive ( :ahem: excuse my pun) climax. I dig that a lot. Poor Fleet, he was so fast they couldn't even remember what he looked like in order to honor him! All of Henry's opponents met such gruesome ends, it really speaks volumes to how terrifying he is. I wouldn't want to cross this guy!

Wow this is such a hard matchup to chose between. You both did absolutely phenomenal on this. This was such a wild ride from the very start, I was all on board how cute it was, all the little GNs everywhere the little gnomes in their cute little outfits and then MY GOD I did not expect that at all. This is really great character work on all parts, everyone here has their little moment to shine and seeing you get all of that great characterization and show everyone off in such a short comic really speaks greatly on how good this comic is. Great work 3Gobs this was a really amazing comic.

Fucking amazing comic here Sloof, you both absolutely knocked these comics out of the park. There's so many great jokes in here I am honestly surprised you managed to fit so many into so little pages. The payoff of Henry granting mercy to the weapons smith was such a nice little detail, I do wonder how the weapon smith was able to build such a powerful bomb in 5 minutes while inside the sack but thats just the joy of this comic. There's nothing bad I can say about either of these, you both did amazing I had such a joy reading them. Amazing how both comics had me going "Ha MEAT HAHAHAHA" just like Henry. Amazing work

Oh my god, these are the most adorable gnomes I've ever seen. Your action looks really great and really snappy, as befits Fleet. The sonic boom sound effect is awesome! I feel like Fleet's spittake on the last page reads a little weird? It might be a little smoother if the calm expression was on the left so it came "first". The backgrounds here feel a little empty. Lots of great jokes all around, and holy shit that ending was extremely good and creative. I like Fleet's nice but smug personality, and I think you really captured Henry's particular brand of dumb. The fastball spear was a cool attack as well!

Lots of great expressions here, especially the poor traumatized gnome at the start. Lots of fun action and I love all the weird little guys you've included here. I also like the little effects on the word balloons, like making them wavy when Henry is nervous. Hate how detailed that foot is!!!! I think varying up the camera angles would be helpful? Henry is a huge guy that preys on little creatures, so a threatening low angle shot would be cool to see. Some more background would also be cool to see. Absolutely packed with good jokes! I think the set up and pay off for the ending was nice too. Loved the interactions between Fleet and Henry.