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Comic completed on September 19th 2022

At Least 3 Whole Goblins

Realized the ad on page 1 is a little hard to read at this resolution. Lesson learned for the future, heres an imgur link that might make it easier


I need it stated for the record that I love how gay both of these comics are




Both of these comics are going to be hilarious and I am DELIGHTED to get to read them


Fleet of feet and pious in pluck- who's gonna take the whole enchilada?

At Least 3 Whole Goblins

Please don't kill me this time haha :)


Can a man be so fast as to outrun his sins?


3 whole goblins, we meet again on the battlefield..............................

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Funny as hell, there's not much more to say there. The misunderstanding jokes and innuendos all land, the reaction faces are hilarious. Practically every panel here is setting up a joke or paying one off, and it works well, really funny. It's a shame about the ericslist posting on page 1 being so hard to read, as all the words in the body are hilarious and are important setups for the jokes in the comic, in the future i'd definitely recommend previewing the page earlier to see if everything's legible before uploading. Other than that though, this was great, it's cool to see a 2 pager this deep into a tournament be so effective.

There's a tough call to make here regarding grayscale versus colored, as the colors to look nice and do accentuate certain panels, but by virtue of them being colored they insinuate that the panel is more important. On page 2, for instance, it makes sense that the big establishing shot is colored and the others are grayscale, however later on, it's odd that the two top panels on page 4 are colored but the rest aren't, as although they're important story beats they're no more important than the following panels. this is something to think about when blending two coloring styles, personally I'd always opt for one and only switch it up very deliberately. Even with that, everything here does look good, so no points taken away there. The story is definitely a bit heavier than before, with the internalized homophobia angle, but I think it's fair to say that looking back you were building towards this. If you win, I think it would be prudent to stay at this tone in the future to complete this arc, rather than go back to silly for the next comic.

Yowza! that was a LOT! It says a lot in credit to your prowess as a comic artist that you can fit so much story into five pages, and have it go so many places, from pre-disaster to post-cataclysm to stakeout to blackmail to despair. The use of color is pretty solid throughout, though the shift to black and white in the club doesn't quite feel like it lines up with an appropriate emotional note. Also, maybe a bit more grounding for how Luke and his cult took over as the "caretakers" for this newly devastated world? It's not critical, certainly, and I think the storytelling here is marvelous regardless :)

Now this is some really slick storytelling in just two pages. You've executed an impeccable low-stakes comedy of errors, and all I can critique re: the writing is that I wish I could see how the conversation unfolds. As it stands, I think the story cutting off pre-talk still works really well, and your art does a great job at conveying the subtle stepford horror of Luke & co. Fleet, for his part, really does go through all the stages of joy and grief here, and his face journey could almost be a comic unto itself. Great work and great comic!

Setting lore! Direct continuation! Another comic utilizing the oculuma worldbuilding real well! I love it.

Those poor magic speaking peeps though. Much as I like the art of great mother lux her religion sure stinks huh. I really hope our evil good boy sets them free! They're cute and I love the concept of speaking in magic.

I don't think he's gonna tho...

I just realized re-reading it for this review the implications. I didn't notice at first just how messed up they are, intentionally destroying that world to dive in immediately to "fix" them. probably cause the magic talking! AAAH!

Haircut decapitation even in doll form!

The tie-in with the bug queen... The tournament lore is culminating into something grand! As is the lux lore; what's all this magic vine sickness? Intrigue!

All of these comics are so much fun to read and I am really excited to see where these plot threads go.

Aesthetically, the colour's being on specific panels continues to be be cool for emphasis and everyone's got great expressions and body language. The magic words are depicted really neat!

Overall I am hype to see more. Great work!

Poor guy, trapped in a cult meeting. Can't even leave, not only would that be awkward it might even mean danger! I mean, you never know with cultists...

This was a brief bun funny comic.

Aesthetically we got some great expressions and fun poses, particularly that final panel one!

Overall, it's cute! I believe I heard there were things that came up in life that led to this comic being smaller in scope than it might have originally been, but even so I still think this was quite solid for a two pager! Short comics are real tough to make and this one works just fine.

I really enjoy a lot of the set up you are doing with Luke peters, Overall I feel like this was a really fine comic. You're visual gags are great and I got a good giggle out of the gamecam bit. Made me wanna go dig out my old one. The only thing that sticks out to me is I would have liked to see more consistency through out the comic with the coloring. Certain things being left uncolored are understandable with the time constraints, I like the that with what you did color, was setting up key points or background, or highlighting the language or use of magic. Look forward to the next comic!

I enjoy the line work, and I enjoy you're writing with Fleet. He is a delightfully snarky speedster and you've got some good Gags in here. I understand that Life and Time limits are a big factor in drawing times of a week, so I can understand why it's only two pages. But I would have really loved to see fleet get out/work with this situation using all 5 pages. It feels like the story was cut mid comic. I still think you submitted some strong work with the pages you did have and I am eager to read more Fleet Morrison comics!

Honestly out of all the characters so far I'm most interested where Luke is going storywise! The way you've slowly built up the otherworldliness of the Church of Lux and now what is happening to Luke specifically, I really want to know what's next. Positioning it from Fleet's perspective was great and really helped emphasize the uncomfortably colonial vibe of the churches "conversion". The reveal that Luke was going against the churches teachings was also a very interesting character turn and doubling down with the last panel reveal was an excellent capstone. Really want to know what it means for Luke going forward!

Short and sweet! Despite being only two pages you were able to do a great setup and gag with Fleet trying to put the moves on a bible study group. I know you were having some issues with the deadlines but I would have loved to see the rest of the comic! Fleet interacting with these stuck up Lux acolytes could have really lead to some fun and possibly heartfelt moments. The thing that really stuck out for me was how well you did the borderline rictus grins on the Luxites, in fact the expressions throughout are absolutely top notch!

Ooooh suddenly serious Brother Luke! It's interesting seeing a more dramatic take from you, but still full of all the fun references and sight gags I'm used to (Didi delivers!) I think you struck a good balance, I liked the humor you did inject into it, but it still felt like the drama was impactful. It's a bummer you couldn't do full color (the aug time limit strikes again!), but where you did use it was very effective! I like the way you had these refugees from world collapse as a plot device for Fleet to be all for. Also I said it in the comments, I'll say it again, love that you both went gay this round, we stan. The fact that Luke is into magical creatures is so funny to me. I am SO excited to see whatever Luke was puking up in the bathroom, I can't wait ♥

Who among us HASN'T misread an Ericslist ad and shown up to a cult instead of an orgy? Just me? It's a very funny premise, I said it before and I'll say it again, love all the gay gayness coming off this battle, it really speaks to me. It's a bummer you couldn't finish the story, but the fact that you're doing another OCT on top of this really makes it more impressive what you did get done. The two pages you made feel complete and it does feel kind of like a decent ending! I just wish we got more of it because I like it. I love the psychotic smile you have drawn on Luke (I'm a sucker for dead behind the eyes smiles ♥) and your writing is funny as ever, the "Haha, I do not understand." line made me chuckle. Thrilled to discover Fleet is into dudes, praying we get to see Fleet hook up with more dudes in the future! ♥

Oh I really like the setup and conflicts you have between the characters here! Both of these guys trying to do the "right" thing, thinking they know what's best for others. I also liked the panel with the cameos of other characters. Now I know because of the short time you guys have to work on these comics, you can't be expected to fully color and shade every single page. But I feel that it would be better if the comic was all black and white rather than some color and some black and white. But maybe that's just me preferring consistency. You still did a very good job!

I really enjoyed this short but swweet comic! You packed a lot of humor in two pages from just a simple misunderstanding. Overall, while it works fine as just two pages, I think the comic just would have benefited from being a bit longer. Because I could tell from the first few panels where this was going to go, so it would have been nice to see a conclusion to this. How would Fleet get out of this? Maybe he takes advantage of the boys' naivety or maybe some other twist? But I'm just saying this because what you've shown was already so good it made me want more!

An extremely different story from what I was expecting relating to Luke but I absolutely adore it. Comedic characters thrust into situations that suddenly make it real for them is really awesome. I am super excited to see what you do with this in the next round. I desperately want to fight Luke in the future, because you have really won me over with both his character and your storytelling. The weakest part of this particular comic is the unfinished color-work, but taking that out of account, it looks good otherwise. I'm anxiously awaiting your next round's comic. Great work!

This was a lot of fun, even for two pages. A solid usage of the gag (I sure would use Ericslist if it was available) for a good punch-line in a comedy of errors. Your artwork is once again, super looking and you've been doing great. Your posing this comic is extremely naturalistic and looks beautiful. Really awesome art on your end and you did it perfectly. I know you've stepped out of this tournament but I've absolutely adored everything you've done this whole time. You've done really great. I really do hope to see more of you soon. Great work!

Pepper - Holy smokes... I did not expect to see this to go the dark route so quickly and I am into it! At the beginning of this tourney I thought Luke Peters was more of a gag/light-hearted character. It's nice to see you exploring the dark side of the cult and show us this inevitable spiral to something a lot more sinister. Having Fleet witness it through his eyes and as the reader's counterpart in your comic was a clever move. Some inconsistencies in art here and there (from just pure inks, colored, grayscale in some panels) but everything was portrayed clearly that it did not distract me from absorbing the story. Love the cameos in page 3! I really can't wait to see more of what's going to happen. That ending is such a cliffhanger!

AtLeast3WholeGoblins - OMG this comic was hilarious. It's only two pages but the pacing and delivery were perfect. Your art looks immaculate as usual and everyone's expressions , even though weren't too over the top, were also well done. I just noticed some inconsistencies with proportions in certain panels (ie Fleet's head looked a touch too big in some panels namely in page 2 panel 1 and panel 6). Great use of spot blacks here to to give the comic a more finished look. I've read a few mix-up story scenarios/gags before but that did not make your comic any less entertaining. I really enjoyed this!

PEPPER- First of all- the creation of a whole alien species? A magical dialect? Making symbols FOR that magical dialect and culture? Not to mention designing the alien look of them under this deadline? rindokulous! Also while this still had gags, we got a real turning point in Luke's character. I literally gasped once we rolled into Disrobe and Wizard Hat. and the mysterious nature of what he upchucks? What a cliffhanger. what's are you up to? what do you have planned? Is this your ingenious way to have people mashing that vote for more? Whatever the case may be I'm here for it.

3 GOBBOS- Really dig your two panel composition starting out. It was a nice ping pong of events in the same space that left your narrative fun and light as we went back and forth. It made for a nice punchline with poor Fleets "OH NOO" face. Bible meet- the horror Blame it on straight Andy! Also those spotblacks definitely came in where they needed to be. It fleshed out your panel compositions beautifully. Honestly, I have no notes. You know what you're doing and you make comics with a great look and style all your own. Its great to see Fleet rushing his way through this tournament. I wanna see where he rushes us off to next.