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Comic completed on August 15th 2022

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This was such a fun match! Great job both of you!


This has been a fun experience to fight in the first tournament of Oculama. Drakk, its been an honor going up against you and your comic was amazing! I loved the characterization of Slightly Interesting Man. We both put up a valiant effort into each of our comics and I hope that you are satisfied with the high effort comic I have made for you.

I hope that is the beginning of a wonderful community that will comic each other to the fullest and inspire future comic artists to join in. Cheers to Drakk and Oculama!

Best Regards

  • Squingy



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There's a lot of good character work in this one; Venus is wonderfully loud, and the contrast with interesting man is almost bugs-bunny esque. There's a lot of heart here too, and getting a pleasantly uplifting/semi-sweet ending out of mostly comedic buildup is a nice feat. A minor note would be that using Scar for such a brief flashback is probably less effective for a reader who doesn't have the background lowdown on the character, but it still works, probably. I really enjoyed how you gave SI Man his own artistic style, in a fashion, but still made it work with the style of the rest of the comic. Great, great stuff overall.

This is a terrific economy of pages and storytelling; a funny and complete-feeling story that does an admirable dive into both characters for being effectively only one page long. I do wonder if the second page is even needed; I don't think it detracts from what you did make, but I do feel I was taken out of my enjoyment of the comic just a little to puzzle out if there was an additional joke at the end. Overall a really funny set of visual gags that made me smile and made me laugh. Great work in your round one!

I'm going to be completely honest here, I like this comic but it's really hard for me to rate. Honestly the banner and the story summary are a perfect lead in to the singular sight gag of Venus being bisected by a television screen. However, after that I... don't really know what the rest is about? I definitely give you kudos for going for a single page comic here, and I'm really interested to see your further work around this character. At this point I am kind of throwing up my hands and outing myself as "not in on the joke" but regardless I hope to see more "slightly interesting" comics.

Honestly love your lines so much. The line weights are really on point and make it very clear in every panel what the focus is. It would have been nice to see some more tones to really compliment the lines but it wasn't a serious issue. The "conflict" is established really well and executed in a why that really shows, or in slightly interesting man's case, doesn't show what they're motivations are. The idea of Venus trying to rouse any type of reaction out of someone who is perpetually expressionless is one of those ideas that I wouldn't have thought of but seems so obvious in retrospect. I am especially impressed you were able to fit in a character building emotional moment at the end that perfectly capped everything off.

I liked how colorful your art is. I thought Venus looked cute in the minimalist style. You gave her a lot of very fun expressions. This might be me misreading the joke but this kind of felt meanspirited to me? Like I get that you were going for a jokey shitpost kind of style but I feel like you maybe went a little too far? I also kind of feel like making fun of the tired "remember the 90s" bits is itself an overplayed joke. The last panel and expression was cool. I thought the tail getting cut off joke was fun.

Really good art here! I like the sense of motion and energy you have. You went really hard on the poses for Venus and it shows! Your backgrounds are simple but effective I think, the stadium looks cool.
Some of the extreme closeups on SIM were a little hard to parse because his design is so simple? Like the second panel on page four for example. You spend a lot of time on just rocking out and I feel like you could squeeze a joke or two in there instead maybe? I really like comics that aren't just a physical fight and I feel like you used Venus's shtick in a fun way with the concert. The ending was very cute and a nice way to tie in SIM's thing with Venus's backstory.

Pure comedy dude. Your writing just hits the mark on this, everything Venus says is pure gold, the biggest shame is that this isn't voice acted and we don't get to hear the fear and terror in their voice. Only to follow it all up with "G-Ghost", it's genius you've got such a knack for comedy. Which also makes this so impressive and hard to fully judge cause everything you did here was so intentional. It's like could you add more polish to the comic and like make everything at the same level of detail as that final panel? yes, but that would ruin the charm of this comic. It captures such a brilliant shitpost and if you start removing that you fuck with the entire comic. Like I can't imagine the "G-Ghost" panel being as funny as it is if it was like regular hyper polished anime boy (scratch that you might actually be able to pull that off) but you get the feeling. the only real gripe about it is that there's like 2 bubbles at the start that are harder to read but you can still read them fine, and I know it's part of that shitpostery so like I don't think i would even fix it. Great Job as always man

Alright first off WOW what a heavy hitter right out the gate. I am so lost for words as to how you handled slightly interesting man, I know these characters and how hard it is to write for or against them and I don't think i've ever seen one of Squingy's opponents use them as well as you did. I kept waiting for that final punch line I wanted to know what slightly interesting man was going to do I was waiting for the joke and you just hit me like a fucking TRUCK with the emotions. I know nothing about the character that was with Venus but in two panels you made me care and showed how much they mean to them and wow it hit. I aint got anything bad to say about this honestly. it's probably my favourite comic in the inaugural right now, I love the jokes throughout, I love how chill Slightly Interesting Man is and how you made them just pure vibes, and I LOVE the ending. Amazing work, phenomenal.

You took me to the Nostalgia train and I liked that. lol, it's funny to think that the only thing that was holding Slightly Interesting Man in place was that (magical?) couch. Though I think if he did fall through, he should be falling through the floor and not the balcony XD. I hope both him and Venus come out okay after this =O I sure wish this comic had more and showed us more interaction between the two characters but I am glad you got to give us a fun comic. Slightly Interesting Man is such a creative concept and I am very curious about how you and other people write him from here on out.

Wow! You have such a gorgeous style. Though I would've loved to see some colors or more shading , I think you did such a GREAT job. Your lines are so crisp and clean without having them look stiff. The various ways you played with dynamic angles are very impressive. Venus and Slightly Interesting Man are two very different characters in more ways than one but you managed to pull off a fun, cool and, in the end, heartwarming interaction between the two that stayed perfectly true to their characters.

I love that panel on page 5 when he offered the ladybug. That was super touching and I audibly said 'awwww' when I saw that!

Solid one page gag! I really enjoyed that you managed to make such a funny page.The tv cutting off her body was a very good visual gag and the conversation afterwards gave me a real chuckle. The ghost punchline with the abrubt final panel was also well times. Overall, this was a fun little comic! I am curious as to how much milage you will get out of the characters gimmick. Artwise, I feel you could have put a little more into it. You had opted for a single page, so you had a lot of time to fix up stray lines, color bleed and the like. Solid comic overall.

That was strangely wholesome and heartfelt by the end. Not what I had expected but very fun. Partwise your art is always a delight. ITs crisp, it has great economy of action and movement. You put time into environments, you have good expressions. It's just very good stuff. Writing wise, this was solid. Using the 'idle' nature of your opponent to contrast the brash and outwardness of your own character worked well. I think the flip at the end to more wholesome introspection was a bit sudden and I would have liked to been given a little more lead in for it to work better. But all i nall it was well written and a fun ride. Well done!

USER27- I cannot believe you managed such a good gag with what is technically only one page. Them's some skills. It's hilarious you went utterly ham on Venus' whole dates 80' schtick with the rabbit ears television, and even the classic 80's pattern Dixie cup, lol! Great stuff.

I think if I had any notes, it'd be that with a week to dedicate to a page, I'd refine your inks and also tweak your word bubbles and dialogue. The format of your words seem to free float in their word bubbles- touching edges, or not centered to the dialogue bubble.

All in all though I'd say my fav bit is your expression game. I especially love poor SIM's face as they toss themselves out the window. What an end!

DRAKK- Your inks are per usual really great. Love your establishing shot of this outdoor concert being overlooked by a grassy knoll. Even little things like the jean stitching in Venus denim skirt are levels of extra that're really nice.

I think you used your opponent to your advantage in your comic. Slightly Interesting man is such an odd concept, but you made that oddness work for you with their less than impressed reactions to a killer show. Not to mention the dynamic angles with the guitar neck and killer first note? Very nice.

I didn't expect the hijinks that ensued to culminate into such a peaceful and philosophical exchange of bugs, but here we are. It was really sweet to see that little flashback. Way to tug at the heartstrings.

For a single page this joke is and art is really great but the problem still comes back to a single page. The joke of the second page is really cute if not a bit cheeky, I honestly really enjoy the Ring joke with her coming out of the TV and him turning it off. I just really wish that there was a little more of really intresting man doing his own brand of interesting but over all this is probably one of the most adorable comics on the site and got a good chuckle out of me for a page.

Honestly this is one of the most impressive comics Ive seen so far that Ive read on the site when I think about the match up. I boggles my mind how smooth this comic is and just feels so well fitted with the interactions or I guess the lack of interactions between these two really put a smile on my face. I dont think you could have written a better comic against such a strange match up and Im honestly really glad for sites like these that allow for such odd mash up of ideas and characters to get fun comics like this!

This comic is sweet venus & hella guy

Though I think you could have gone way harder on the sweet bro & hella Jeff aesthetic or leaned towards going "full meme". This kinda of falls flat in the middle.

I don't understand page two.

The perspective on the last panel was cool I guess.

Why does does venus get cut in twain by the television shutting off but is incorporeal when guy tries to pick her up? Cartoon logic sure, but this is a bit contradictory.

Overall, I do not find this comic particularly funny despite it trying to be so.

Cool bug.

This comic is a cute little story.

Aesthetically this is some top notch lineart. I genuinely believe most of these panels fit right in witch published manga, the lines are just so crisp. You even contrast the styles with having Guy's lines be simple and a little wobbly to Venus' smooth definition. You can feel the intensity when venus plays the loud notes. I love it.

The story is simple but works for the short comic format. A simple tale about differing interests with Venus remembering how to enjoy the mundane quiet parts of life with a sweet flashback.

Overall, I like the art a lot. The story isn't standout amazing but it is very solid and got a smile out of me.

wow what a great comic contained in just 1 page! loved the humor and great representation of Venus you did and your character SiG is great and even his response to Venus screeching on his floor feels very in character. I wish there was a bit more of these two interacting but I think thats a personal want and again what you put out in the comic( still cant get over how amazing you did on just a single pager) is more than adequate but less interaction leave me sad that we didnt get a better look into SiG past just his reaction to trying to touch a ghost. Stellar work here!

You continue to improve every comic Drakk! I'm always impressed with how creative you are with Venus and how she embodies this free spirited,fun loving rocker character but still has so much hidden depth to her when her past with her daughter is used. Your artstyle is always pretty clean so I was surprised with how well you polished your comic in just 7 days either. Your portrayal of SiG here as a mellow smell the flowers character was great in contrast to Venus' much more outgoing loud personality and made for a great story closer. my only critique is no ghost yo yo(kidding this was great)

Genuinely hilarious comic with a lot of things to enjoy, its length perfectly complimenting the irreverent style of humor and the short and punchy delivery. You prolly dont see a lot in it, but the strength of art is what can be conveyed to tell a story, and this is a funny fucking story to tell.

The first panels with the setup of the annoying nostalgia bait channel along with the cutest lil Venus' ive ever seen! Enjoyable ass comics that I would show to my fucking friends and guess what asshole they would LAUGH. the way the difference in quality changes between panels only ever enhances the comedy, while giving you something pretty to look at!

I, fucking, LOVE the characterization in this comic, the way i would have NEVER thought the characters would gel- i have been proven wrong 100 percent!! This was such an enjoyable comic, cute and wholesome all the same, its always enjoyable seeing you flex your dramatic chops and i cannot wait to see more from Venus' story!

This actually made me really wanna see more of both characters which is really impressive, thinking of how other characters would react to S-I-M's sheer ambivalent presence, commendable work! Fantastic portrayals all round, and the expressions are on point as always! keep this shit UP, youre always improving :3 probably some of my favorite work of yours

Maybe it's the rest of us that are sideways? These characters seem perfect to cross paths, and you've managed to tell a neat little vignette in one page. The humor lands and I love how this immediately descends into chaos. Love it.

I know the looseness of the linework is part of the joke, but there are few spots where some stronger smooth lines would help. Especially when it comes to Venus, she's a character that begs to pop from the page, so some more contrast would accomplish that. A bit more time spent on that building exterior would look nice as well - bring in some color!

Another contender for one of my favorites this round. As with your opponent, I think you play the two characters off each other in a sensible and satisfying way. I've also been a big fan of your clean linework and really dynamic paneling and composition -- this one is no exception. Venus is bringing the poses and facial expressions! The ending manages to tug at the heart strings with a surprisingly earnest gesture by the Slightly Interesting Man.

I think you nailed this one. My one nitpick? An 'Intersting' typo on page 1. Otherwise, this is some fantastic work. Great job!