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Comic completed on August 15th 2022


Voted! I loved both comics. Cro, gorgeous comic! That last page got me WHOA! And Wolke, you made me want a hot chocolate during a summer of all things. What a great story from both sides. Well done you two.


Cro, I ADORE your shading, especially with how it makes all your dynamic poses pop. That final splash page is gorgeous!


The unbreakable friendship of an egg and a cat. It's a timeless tale.


super nice, calm comic, wolke! sorry i didn't give tempy all that much screentime, op gave me one week 😔

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I appreciate how quickly the comic starts here. It might have been nice to get a bit more explanation on what Kynsii's mission is but the ambiguity of the setup doesn't actually distract from the main conflict. Additionally, it was cool to see the "Temptation" part of your opponents character on full display including the attempt at a "karmic punishment" with the little egg kick. The colours here are great and really distinguish everything in a really readable manner. Flow wise I will say that I was a little confused on the first reading when the generator was stabbed on page 4 but I understand that with the format limits it can be tough to fit in extra panels to explain all the movements. Ultimately loved the conclusion and the little exchange between the characters, hope to see more of your stuff!

Having followed your work from W4R I am honestly surprised you would go for a wordless comic because the dialogue of your comics is always so strong. That being said, with the way you've structured things here I think dialogue would be pretty extraneous and disrupt the vibe you've crafted. In a sea of fights and violence it's very refreshing to see a chill hangout between two characters. The mountain setting plays really well into a "peacefully above it all" feeling that eases you through the flow of the comic. The image of Temptation shivering in the egg pile was also just really funny to me for some reason. It definitely wouldn't fit in this comic but I'm really excited to see you lean into the temptations because they open up so many interesting storylines for this character!

I really dug your background for this comic and the colors were a lot of fun for each shot, I especially like the coloring and lighting framed around the core of this base that he is trying to destroy, but honestly I wish you went more ham with your oponet or that they had any stakes or relevance in the plot at all it feels very empty for the most part. I think the part the exemplifies this is just the wall of words Kynsii says at temptation. over all good art but I felt it could use a little more personal involvement in the world.

I really enjoy how this was a comic of very few words that felt natural for both characters but Im not sure I got a good sense of either one. I get that a dialogless comic is the only think Tempy can do but I guess I didnt expect something as warm and sweet when reading how he is addicted to the grift and enjoys trying to tempt people with their wants. Overall though it was really cute and wholesome but left me wondering about temp's nature as a character but I enjoyed what was here as a little cute comic.

Gorgeous art! The colors! The action! Very polished, especially considering we only had a week. The last page with the huge explosion was especially good. One of the prettiest comics I've read this round. Your story felt a little confusing to me. I wasn't sure why Kynsii wanted to destroy the core, and it felt odd that they didn't question the curry way out there on the strut? A little setup with Temptation setting up the trap maybe? I liked Kynsii's insults, they were fun! Your sound effects were really cool. I thought the white flag bit was funny, especially with Kynsii using it to paraglide away.

It feels like you put a ton of effort into making this comic look good. There was a lot of good framing going on too, I especially liked the panel of the nest where the sticks are spilling out of the panel. In my opinion the photo backgrounds clashed with your art style a little? They felt weirdly smooth compared to how textured the rest of your comic was. Your story was simple but very cute and clearly told. I'm always really impressed when artists manage to do comics with no dialogue! You also managed to convey a lot of emotions, which is impressive given that Temptation doesn't have a mouth or much of a face. Poor little egg guy.

Wow...just wow. I thoroughly enjoyed this comic. The setup, the encounter, the ending. Such a visual feast for the eyes! Gorgeous colors and environments. As a point of improvement to an already amazing art chops you got, I would suggest making the environment also sharp/hard-edged (or just parts of it especially the foreground elements for more depth and cohesiveness). This is more like a suggestion though I know that this could very well be a style choice on your part which also looks great. The paneling on page 3 was so damn effective. You really brought the action in that scene to the forefront with those paneling choices.

The way you depicted Temptation was so adorable on page 4. I love how Kynsii was giving Temptation an earful whilst Temptation acted like a petulant child. And that last page?!?! Whoa! Talk about an EXIT!

This is such a wholesome and cute comic! That poor little Tempy egg shivering in the cold. Cold comfort is indeed a perfect title for this. I had to wonder though, is this comic done mainly traditionally? Either way, I really love that about it. Something about the traditional media/look really gets me and I say that as a mainly digital artist myself. I have to wonder what happened to the other (non sentient) eggs though. Did Kynsii eat/take them? The hot chocolate on the last page looks delicious. It is summer and hot af here and you're still making me want one haha.

Solid comic throughout. I appreciate the way you set up angles and your style has come such a long way. Your stylized but you still have a good sense of proportion and movement in a lot of your shots. The way you balance your more shaded, painterly backgrounds with the foreground and charachters works well, often styles such as your own can be muddled and hard to read. But yours is clean and crisp. Great work. The dialogue had me very interested in your character who seem quite righteous and set in his beliefs. And clearly unapologetic about the fact that he blew that place up. I am looking forward to seeing more of them.

A very cute comic! I liked the way you handled the pacing of it, it flows rather naturally with jumps in time that aren't jarring and sets up passage of time quite well! Artwise, you are on your way to establishing a style, but I have to warn against substituting backgrounds for photos like you did with the sky. IT makes the nonphotographic stuff stick out and seem dissonant with your more hand drawn stuff. If you want to use photorefs like the sky, you are better off using thme as overlay and blend them with handdrawn stuff and texture. Something to consider for the future!

First of all, I absolutely adore your shading style on the characters and especially the backgrounds in Page 1 and 2 and how the lighting applies to Kynsii, the machinery has a nice depth and detail to it while the tundra outside feels like it hits just the perfect balance of being distant but readable. Giving it a really close look, the shadows on Kynsii and cloth objects on Page 3 and 5 are superb, really strong forms from the outlines and the explosion casts distinct ship debris in all directions nicely. I think some improvements to shading could be made by using faster transitions between shadows and dense rim lighting to make some shapes clearer. Some small details like the bowl and pole Kysnii walks on come to mind, but given the weather, the outer hull on Page 2 should be cast in more shadows due to the cloudy sky; while diffuse light from the snow would reduce it's shadows, the scale of the machine could be made more impressive by adding shadows near it's bottom. Additionally, the energy core reads as it being a solid blue tube that has been given a single crack by Temptation due to Kynsii's reaction to the curry off screen appearing to refer to the core, a slight change in dialog and/or different painting on the core could make that clearer. There's some great panel layouts here, Page 1 has a good flow to it and Page 2 seems to follow the Z format, making it's reading real crisp; and the encounter of walking up to the curry and Temptation's reaction to being trounced is so good.

The texture of the paper, pencils, and paint you're using here perfectly compliments both of your characters, adding a pleasant texture to everything without having a digital uniformity and making effective use of the white page (like with the eggs). The real life background images clash due to their high level of relative resolution, even though they appear to have their resolution reduced in the banner, they could instead be given a paper texture overlay filter in post to make them fit in more, making the difference clearer as a stylistic choice; this would also help mask the messy borders that can happen when your art and photos spill over into each other. One thing I noticed is the parallels the camera angles have, a small touch that makes the no-dialog style work even better. I also appreciate the extra effort put into the big important shots, two that stood out are Temptation holding out the mug and especially the shading and texture on Kynsii's fur in the final panel. I wonder how Temptation ended up in a birds nest, because the implication it was hoping to be heated by a bird is pretty funny when it can already summon stuff.

This is some gorgeous color work! The rendered backgrounds are really impressive, as is your ability to appropriately color the characters to match the atypical lighting conditions. It's an intriguing action plot line to set us up that gets derailed by a pertinent character detail - great stuff. The action is energetic and reads well, albeit perhaps over too soon. And the monologue panel got a good chuckle out of me.

I would've liked a bit more setup to your adversary! What's he doing there? Why is he attacking our hero? Maybe something to explore in the future, but some context here would help.

Great job overall!

Tree Gang Rise Up. This is really cute. Plays into your opponents character in a great way. I've always enjoyed how much you're able to extract from the hand-drawn and digital blend. This is some really clean linework and vibrant colors. Perfectly easy to follow along with the story.

I realize your color palette is likely limited, but I would love to see some more variation. You get a great amount of texture, but as the lighting changes we don't see any reactivity. Especially right beside the fire, maybe there's a way to bring in some warmer tones.

A fun read, this is a close matchup!