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Comic completed on August 15th 2022


Owl, that was such a fun read!


Bustin in spoons blazin! Or is it emanatas radiating? Guess we'll see!

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This was a really fun comic to read. It's impressive the number of cameos of other OC's you were able to squeeze into just five pages of comic, and how well you were able to characterize them with a single panel or so. I really liked the hatching done for the flashback sequence, which really helped Skyheel's story look like a genuine pirate's tale, and the way he beat Argus was quick and Hilarious. My only real piece of criticism is that Skyhook appears a bit too late in his own comic, meaning I was a bit confused as to whose character belonged to who. But honestly, even that itself was a good choice, by properly setting up and giving equal attention your opponent. Great Work!

This was so pleasantly fun! It was clear reading you really enjoyed your opponents character with the way Emanata was featured. The sneaky little macro shot of the 'studio' in Emanata's hand was so unexpected. It really set the tone as to the hijinks that we would expect. Fourth wall breaks! Interviews! Cameos! We love to see it.

It was great to see Emanata actually playing off the characters they were interviewing and having their own thoughts about what was being said. It's so easy to fall into the trap of a host being wooden or little more than a walking mic, so it was great that wasn't the case.

The campfire scene totally gave me World's End vibes from the Sandman of unlikely characters from all walks of life telling campfire stories. To see a show host barge into that formula to shake things up was fun!

As for notes, your execution color wise could do with some tightening. It's great that its there, and I personally dig the work of reflective light from the campfire, but but it does look a tad messy. That may be because of the time crunch, which is understandable, though it may behoove you to look into methods that capitalize on less time and still showcase your inks to their best extent.

Speaking of styles- the style change on page 5 was such a great surprise! I didn't need to have anything explained to know we were going into Skyheels trip down the tall tale memory lane. The little touches, down to the torn paper you were drawing the comic on really drove home the effect I think you were going for. What an epic! I want to see more of Skyheels stories, and their hilarious embellishments (Did they lose an eye? Will we find out?? lol)

Safe to say you bottled the essence of your opponent VERY convincingly; the setup for this meeting makes great use of the diverse cast of this OCT, and the wide sampling keeps the story moving at a brisk enough pace that the few pages focusing on Skyheel feel like a proper adventure. Re: skyheel, I do feel like the one thing that threw me about this comic was how different their face looked in different parts of the comic. I was never unsure of who I was looking at, but there was enough variance that it was a touch distracting. Your ending here is phenomenally funny; always a treat to see a 4th-wall breaker get pranked~~~

What an incredible start to your comic! An Eric Andre setup with not one, but two fakeouts immediately after one another! Emanata’s interactions with a bunch of Oculama contestants is great to read through, and her dialogue with each of them is fantastic. I’m very fond of your use of colour throughout, and the immediate change of style once Skyheel begins telling his story works wonderfully! I’d love for you to keep experimenting with colour like this in future comics! Your lines start to slip a little on the last page, but I assume that’s just an issue of time restraints. A brilliantly creative comic here!

What manic, fun energy you put into these pages! This was very fun from the very start to the end, and the jokes and little references landed very solidly. 4th wall breaking humor is hard, and you pulled it of admirably. Artwise, I like the colors a lot and I like the expressiveness of the characters. You manages to catch the essence of a lot of different charachters. What I would work on color wise, is to give your background some more love, and find a blending brush that works for you. It will save you time and let you make some of the rougher backgrounds feel more cohesive. Overall a really fun comic and I loved the ending. That pun/punchline landed PERFECTLY.

I enjoyed this comic a lot! And such a clever way of using Emanata's true nature to showcase various Oculama characters. I also had a lot of fun seeing them interact in a 'meta' way like this. I don't think I stopped smiling as I read this comic throughout. Overall a very solid comic that just needs some more polish next time but understandably the time limit is a factor here considering all the wonderful content you were able to put in. I love Captain Skyheel. He's got a big personality in such a tiny package. I cannot wait to see more of him and his adventures. Thanks for including Raven in your comic!

I really loved your scene-shift to the old illustrative style. I would love to see you try to do more with that in the future with more time to spend on it, because there's definitely gold to mine from that. The story was very fun and got a chuckle out of me. Page 2 has some excellent quality to it and I really love the gutter-space you're utilizing there. Very free-form but absolutely readable panels which is super great. I can definitely see the points where you were pressed for time a bit, but I hope that in the next round you slow down a bit! Your brush has a lot of character but only if you can use it carefully. This was a good first round, I'm excited to see what you do next time! Solid work!

Oh I really like the setup for this comic! was super funny and I enjoyed the shift in artistic styles throughout the pages. I also really like argus as a character with her 4th wall breaking and how you represented your opponent's character! also I think the shift in style for the captain's story was really well done and nice pay off to show him distracting her was great! the use of cameo's was also pretty cool but I do think I didnt learn much about the captain til the end so felt a little lacking in that department but I think again you made up for it in the page panels later.

Wouldn't be an OCT without a 4th-wall breaking television host! Lot's of really fun interactions here. Chaotic, tons of energy, story within the story, so much going on. Packed full of cameos as well! There are tons of clever little touches here like the intro set held in our host's palm, the giant microphone, etc. Great work.

There are a few areas where I think some more polish would take this to the next level. The loose linework and hatching works great in some areas (especially the Scrawscourge story) but it's a bit inconsistent. Especially by the last page, it looks like you might have been pressed for time! I'd also love to see the colors done a bit tidier - nothing wrong with letting them bleed across lines when it's intentional, but we start to lose legibility in some panels.