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Comic completed on August 15th 2022


Aaaand voted! I enjoyed both of your comics and it's great to see different ways these characters were depicted in each of your versions.


I'm ready for some impishly magical shenanigans!

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i love how intentionally messy your style here is! that said, it often toes a little too far into looking unfinished rather than just chaotic, what with your wibbly-wobbly hard-edged circle tool coloring, and I assume that's not what you're going for. you line a lot of nice details in the background, but when you devote a little color to them, the faint lines kind of get lost between the colors, but without color they lack some real presence to stand on their own and properly fill negative space... it's a conundrum. besides that though, you wrangle the dynamism of this comic like a pro! panels like pg3pn9 and pg2pn5 (wait, that's intended to be the fourth panel, isn't it? because the portal's just closed? i don't really think that works...) are a joy to look at. you give characters a real vivacity with how you draw and pose them. the writing's fun and interesting enough here, though often hard to interpret only because you leave out the speech bubble trails a lot when they feel necessary. still, a very enjoyable romp!

funny comic! The reinterpretation of hufta as a desk jockey who has to be reminded of her ability to use extreme force is fun, but it does come at the cost of her original concept, which i don't think is any less ripe for comedy. your watercolor tool here adds a nice texture, but i think part of the benefits of watercolor is you can use it to imply shading and edges, and you hardly do that here outside of a couple of more abstract backgrounds, or at least you don't lean into it very much, so it leaves the whole thing as disappointingly flat, maybe more flat than if there were no color at all. still, there's absolutely some fun dialogue here, it's a good read!

OK BUT THAT COVERS LEGIT. Woooow, dig the use of Hufta's many knives as a gilded frame for Oculama's eye. Okay, composition! Super stellar!

What a fun little foray into finding your opponent. Just meandering into an insurance building hanging out in hell and jumping in a hole. Don't worry about it, just hop right in XD Hilarious Hufta totally drags them for using it then instructs their 11 o'clock to use the same hole. That's a level of corporate evil that [chefs kiss].

I love that based on the setting the disparate elements you've snuck in make sense like the Oculama eye and the knife wielding peepy. Great little nods for folks in the know! If I had any notes, it'd be to give your environments the same personality you give your characters. I love the upside down depiction of where we find nine Wizard. The pieces of the realm on hunks of free floating terrain is great The purgatory insurance sign would really pop if you'd freehanded that. Added a drab corporate logo or perhaps weathered the building. How long has it been there? Is it pristine or ancient? Also I gotta know if that 'when in doubt knife it out!' sign was a motivational poster? XD I would've loved to have seen Hufta thinking about what to do then having a turn take where she just looks to the poster wall for guidance.

Still all in all, this a was a nice silly encounter that really put your opponent in the spotlight. I'd personally like to see more of Raincoat taking center stage if you make it to the next round. Great work!

It's neat to see this angle of the pair of these characters joining forces as opposed to being at odds with one another. The way they loom and overlook the neon monsters on page 5 atop their building is a great pose. Lovely action too- opening with a chase scene really set a great pace.

Your coloring method is a great start for blocking shapes and dimension from aspect to aspect, but it could do with some sharpening. Something as simple as carving out the edges with an eraser for a crisper line could even help you dispense with your inks given the right application. Definitely something to experiment with if you have the inclination to tinker about.

Brilliantly written! I loved your comedy in this comic, and Hufta getting appointments to come in through the hole is a hilarious piece of characterisation! Hufta’s reaction to Raincoat’s code violations is fantastic, you’ve really got that type of panel down to a fine art. You have an excellent wide shot of the outside of Purgatory Insurance - improved all the more by your watercolour style. Is that a Peepy I spot in the distance? Overall a great collection of small jokes alongside your main plot. In the future I think it would help to increase the size of your text bubbles slightly, as the edges of your bubbles sometimes creep very near your dialogue, making text slightly more difficult to read.

I love the ghastly look of the spirits pursuing Hufta and Raincoat in this comic! Your shading and loose lines really help keep action flowing and dynamic. Your use of colour is always different in each panel which really helps keep the attention of the reader as they’re going through your comic. You also have some splendid panelwork going on, really helping to guide the eye down the line of action for each page. I’d like to see your backgrounds be a bit more defined, maybe by using thicker or darker lines - they can all be parsed, but require a bit of effort to do so in some panels.

Peepy + Amogus!?!

I enjoyed this quite a lot. All sort of little background details to spot, and the main plot here is amusing. Lots of punchlines woven throughout, sold by characters that are lively and feel like they belong in exactly this kind of scenario. That is truly an insurance agency one step short of hell.

I would've liked another page or two of set up. I had to go back and read both character profiles to understand 'why' any of this was happening. That's not necessarily a problem on its own, but if you have the free page count to do it then I think it would go a long way here.

Nice work here. Lot's of action packed in with great representation for both characters. The story ties into a larger universe without being alienating, so we can still follow what's happening and why. And a sweet ending to cap it off!

Another linework polish pass would take this to the next level. There's tons of interesting action and posing that I feel is undersold by faint sketch lines and loose coloring. If you were brushing up against time constraints, then I'd definitely ditch the cover page next time in favor of getting in some crisp, bold linework, at least for our main characters.

Ninja - first off that description made me laugh. Don't worry I will make sure Eric doesn't kill you because I, of course, would love to see more comic from you. That cover was amazing btw. The Oculama logo and the way the knives were arranged as if the handles were woven together was very creative and impressive. Your style meshes well with the watercolor texture you used for all your pages. It really gave your comic a cohesive look. Most people skimp on bg details (I am guilty of this) but you don't and I thoroughly enjoyed that in your comic. "At least we aren't Hell" was such a good catchphrase. Who wouldn't feel better after reading that lol.

PS- I feel like Hufta and Jamison should team up after this haha

It's always a delight to see people depict the Junction in their comics cos there are so many fun ways to interpret it. Major props for being able to color all your pages in one week! I did notice that your line quality had suffered as a result of this. Another point of criticism are the balloon tails were noticeably absent in page 4 and this confused me quite a bit on who was saying which line. Just something to watch out for next time :)

Putting us right into the action was a good choice IMO and I like the way you did exposition with your dialogue during the chase. It did not feel forced and seemed natural. I like Hufta and Nine Wizard's chemistry as allies and I think you showed that really well! And I don't know why, but I really love that line 'If they blindly follow, then we will lead'.

Ninja this comic was a short but fun wacky story. First of all, the cover art as always was a BANGER. I loved the use of the Oculama logo being this huge foreboding center piece. Then you hit us with the “funny man go down funny hole” joke. In all seriousness it was funny to just have Rain Coat jump down. And then the absurdity of Hufta throwing 6 Billion (F̵e̵e̵t̵) knives at him.

I would have to say the quick exchange between the two characters was nice, it left a lot to be desired. It was a good introduction to their dynamic, I was left wanting more interaction and bouncing dialogue between them. Because I could see so many funny cat and mouse situations forming from this little relationship you gave them here. Perhaps that is too much to ask for just a single comic.

Basically, I loved the jokes but I wish the comic was a bit longer. Can’t wait to see what you do in the future. :)))

The actions in this comic did not disappoint. Some notable examples I enjoyed were the first 3 panels in page 1, the last panel in page 3, and all of page 5! The colors were vibrant and harmonious. Really diggin the hand-made gradients you did. Loved the expressions you gave to Hafta and the ghouls in this comic. I’m always a sucker for angry expressions in characters. Pacing was done well in this comic too.

Page 4 does not have any text bubble tails so I can’t really tell who’s talking at a glance. While the comic feels a bit rushed with the visuals, I can see the potential to stylize that messy lineart and color to achieve something interesting. Whether it was time-constraints or something else, something about it is charamsitic to me.

Something that bothers me is the color of the ghouls in this comic as they feel too saturated for my liking. Also it wasn’t too clear to be that the little worm thing in page 6 ate the ghoul, it lacked clarity in the lineart and composition. I recommend having the worm in the foreground next time to emphasize its presence. Or have a clearer line of action.

Other than that, this was an amazing action-packed and well paced comic!

I'm a fan of the difference in tone both comics from this match-up have from each other. I liked seeing both Hufta and Raincoat's professions get a little more definition through this small encounter. That paired with their quick movements through different parts of Junction make this a pleasant read through. One small gripe I have is that during certain times some of the speech bubbles don't have a tail indicating exactly who is speaking and that makes it a little confusing at times. Though, this isn't too huge of a problem for readability as context quickly lets you figure out who is the one speaking. Also, I liked how you used Raincoat's different abilities in this.

The way you colored this really brings the comic together, visuals-wise, and I've become a fan of the way you color in general. I also like the Maybe this is more a personal preference, but perhaps there could have been a bit more tension before Raincoat made his escape. Despite that I enjoyed this comic and the gags in it. The initial hole joke is funny on its own, but the "Yes, tell them to use the hole again." bit at the end of the comic really made it for me. Also, a few of the smaller visual gags in the background really caught me off guard on a second read through, really put me at a Loss for words. Also, I think the time spent on the cover was worth it because it's really pretty.

First of all, I thought this comic was pretty darn funny. It got a good laugh out of me by the end so very well done there. Art wise, I like that you took the time to draw the backdrop beyond the window, it lends the environment space and a sense of size. You have a strong style already, and when your confident your art have a lot of personality. This is evident in the colors as well, I like they way you color, it has texture to it. Especially things in the foreground and characters. It does mean that when you don't put as much into the backdrops, they stand out as a little flat. I would also just sit down and look into ways that light falls surfaces and try to apply more shadow and highlight to your background.

I like the flow of this comic, It reads well writing wise and I do enjoy your facial expressions quite a bit. I think the thing I would make priority art wise, is to keep your coloring within the lines and look into your color values. A lot of it bleeds into each other, making the story harder to read. Regardless of this however, I still could follow along well which speaks to the strength of your pacing and paneling. I cant wait to see more from you and see how you refine the style as you make more comics.

A lot of the comics here feel longer than the actual page count, but I have to give you full props here considering that, minus the cover page, you've told yours in just three. The humor here is deftly woven in. The punchline at the end is a gut-buster and feels well-earned by the setup. I think if I had to critique anything, it's that I'm not sure exactly what Qutil was meant to be accomplishing with the knives; was it just venting?

I am also really into this art; is it all digital? Either way, your coloring is a real treat, and all the visual elements are crisp and parse nicely.

Your skill with color shines through brightly in this comic, and the bold color choices go a long way in making the panels pop! I do have trouble following the action in places from the start, admittedly. On first read I didn't realize a knife had been thrown at Qutil's pursuer, and the switch from left to right to right to left was a bit tricky to follow. There's similar issues with clarity of action throughout, and it may be worth a re-look at thumbnails or sketches to make sure what each panel is meant to convey will come through once you color. Parsing aside, I dig the chase that you send Qutil and the wizard on, and I like the fire-forged friendship angle :)

OMG first of all, that cover! That's such a cool and stylish way to start the comic. Plus, super impressive you made a whole, full color comic on top of it! The way you used Hufta's knives is so rad! I love your coloring style and the texture throughout, I think it really compliments your linework. Your comic was silly and fun and I loved it. You had a really solid introduction for both characters, and your writing was snappy! I loved all the jokes from the background details to the hole. I think one nitpick I could make is that maybe your word bubbles could give the speech a tiny bit more breathing room? A couple of them felt a little cramped. But seriously, great work, I loved this and can't wait to see more!

Holy moly, both of you did full color AND a cover? That's so impressive! Especially with the deadlines, great job! I think this is a fun introduction for both Hufta and Raincoat. Even though some of your pages are still pretty rough, your panels are still clear and easy to read. Your action scenes and posing are all really strong and it looks like it was fun to draw! That last panel on page 3 is really cool, what great composition. There were a couple panels where I had a hard time telling right away who was talking, but your writing was clear enough I got it pretty quickly. I love how Hufta starts out the comic talking about unpaid debts and ends the comic paying hers off, it was a nice bookend. Really great job!

This comic was great and super funny! I loved both the characters here but I think there was a little less representation of of your own character but was still funny and I really liked "when in doubt knife it out" such a good slogan that no wrong can be done living by lol. The water color coloring works really great and brought a lot to the comedy of some of the panels and you had a great banter but a little of the two interacting would have been great I think. But you kept me laughing the whole comic so strong finish overall!

You did a great job on this comic and Managed a 3 part arc which is amazingly well done makes it tough on voting on this one since one went with comedy and one went with a more serious story. I love how you represented both characters here and the team work they did was pretty cool.You also did a great job of giving a sense that they are moving through the whole city with people around doing there own thing even with so minimum lines to show them which I really loved. all in all a great story really neck and neck between you two!

This was quite a charming comic! I enjoyed the simplicity and humour in the plot, it really felt like a complete bite-sized episode of a comedy show. The petty hellish bureaucracy is always a hilarious setting. The action is good too, snappy and well folded around the bits of backstory dropped. For notes: While I appreciated the concise storytelling, but It would have been nice to get a little more spot-lighting of the characters, like showing them off for a hot sec before the story progressed. I guess I felt the need for a more complete introduction of both characters. Otherwise, lovely work, can't wait to see more!

I enjoyed this comic very much! The artstyle is awesome, I love the intentional 'painterly' roughness. Your linework is expressive, and the messy colours really compliment that. The story was very fun as well, really landing us into an action packed situation. A few notes I did have: There are some points where the panel layout gets a bit confusing/jumpy as to where they are (last panel page 2), and some spots where the lack of word-balloon tails makes who is speaking unclear: (4th panel, page 4). Also, some spots could have used some thicker, more decisive lines and colors to help clarify what is happening (last panel, pg5). Adding or being more clear and consistent with those things will definitely push your work to new heights! Wonderful work overall, Im very excited to see it continue!

I thought this comic was really cute in a very funny way I love how casuale it is that Raincoat just walks into a hell appointment and the ending where she is climbing up on her big desk was really cute over all not a bad comic I feel it did what you set out to achieve and was rather fun I like that you tried to make purgatory a floating void and just how casual it all is lends its self to this absurd humor I especially like how she tells the next person to use the hole but seems to not expect anyone to do it all good stuff a solid comic!

I really liked this comic but I have some minor gripes nothing that spoiled it for me. I love your character and their tiny little gremlin expressions I think my major biggest gripe on the vine is the backgrounds are very hard to decipher and make out what they are actually supposed to be based on or even what they are in general, past that I wish more reason was given why these two are working together in the first place and it seem this lil wizard dude just picks a side between two fighting parties for no reason, but I do find her helping him read at the end rather funny and this was a solid comic!