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Comic completed on October 9th 2023


What a lovely introduction comic! You gave us a real good feel for the character’s personality and it makes me want to read more! The comic also looks really nice, I think you used your Black’s really effectively and the paneling is really strong.

As always, I enjoyed reading your work and I can’t wait for more!

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I have been waiting for this! This is such a great intro to SIBL. I think you wrote this really well that even without prior knowledge of the characters involved, you've given them a short and proper intro that did not feel too forced into the plot and just fit into the conversation (e.g. Roland saying 'As SIBL's handler'). That has always been one of the things I tend to look for whenever I read comics. I don't need excessive exposition/introduction, but I like to grasp the whole story enough as a stand-alone without needing to read the character profile. AKA I am too lazy to look up stuff LOL. But I digress, I think it's something that is a good thing to keep in mind when writing comics. I noticed it a lot while reading X-Men back in the 90s. I didn't need to read the whole saga but each comic could be read on its own with some background info peppered in to give you enough understanding of what is going on and appreciate the characters' circumstances. Of course, there is also this tricky balance of just revealing very little to elicit intrigue for the next chapter, which is a valid and effective writing approach as well (the latter is what I was going for when I did Raven's intro)

Art is slick! I think SIBL's design really works well with your style (which leans more toward curvy and flowy outlines). Some little nitpicks in the positioning of the text inside the bubbles. Some of them looked a bit crooked. SIBL's expressions are adorable and just such a cutie overall. I love the part when SIBL was traveling through the tubes prior to its release. Looking forward to their Junction adventures!


Putting up your intro comic on oculama to get a guarantee review out of me, sneaky Footini very sneaky. I'm a big fan of teh very dramatic shadows you put on the other characters I do wish that Sibl also had ome of these real dramatic shadings just cause how fun it is. It's a nice lil intro you got here, Sibl has great personality straight from the get go and I know theyre going to be a joy in every comic theyre in. Biggest issue has to be that theyre going to the junction and not the Din hahahaha, but i guess you had to pick the junctino as this is the oculama intro. Nice work on this


This is a fun intro! You got a lot across in four pages, and manged to spread attention across all the characters while still keeping Sibl as the centerpiece. I especially liked how much the reader can infer about the work relationship between Sibl/ Roland/ Sophie from not too much dialogue, and Sibl's enthusiasm is quite (forgive the phrasing) infectiously endearing.

I like how tight you kept the dialogue too - Sophie describing Junction didn't add a whole lot to the punch of the comic IMO, but everything else felt solid - I esp like the throwback to her time as Jaja's manager~

Sibl is cartoony in a really great way - from how well you sell her body's interesting makeup I can almost envision how she'd look animated. More a suggestion than an actual critique, but have you played around with using some action lines with Sibl's movements to accentuate the fluid nature of her body? There were a few spots in the comic where I felt the her form came across as *slightly* more static than others. The panels where she's zipping through the tubes and the panel where we first see her with arms was really well done in this regard - the motion droplets sold me on her fluidity on those parts of the page for sure.

Really nice piece for building up excitement for Sibl's adventures to come :) I can't wait to see where she goes next!


SIBL's adorable! what a oozy little ray of sunshine. It's wild that they spent 98% of this comic in a tube, but we were able to get a measure of their personality and what they're here for. You left me wishing there was more pages as I was left with questions as to the organization that's got SIBL in holding (which have a litany of gratuitous tubes for them to slorp through. Maybe they just like seeing SIBL schlepping through crazy passages? lol), as well as further details as to their time out in the field. I don't think it so much took away from your comic (as it is an intro) but it defiantly has me jazzed to see more of this goop interacting with others.

Your artwork tends to have a loosey goosey feel to it, so SIBL by design works really well with it. Expressive, bendy and likely to be able to get into all kinds of fun shapes. All around just a cheery character that has me intrigued to battle and see more of


SIBL is pretty cute! I like the supporting cast you've got on display and I'm curious to see more about the group of them and how they interact. Swapping to a solid black gutterspace and back to solid white gutterspace felt a bit off. I think it also wasn't giving enough of a pop on the second page's last panel due to the white overpowering the foreground elements a bit. On the whole, the story is there to give us a vehicle to introduce us to SIBL, so no real thing there. Hope to see more detail about the character and the organization in future comics. Good work!