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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

So who runs Oculama?
Oculama is co-owned and run by Eric , Piñata and Rivana!

Our Developers are NickD, Nachte and Rivana

What’s it mean?
It’s a term borne of comics! The Lexicon of Comicana by Mort Walker details unique terminology used by comic artists and cartoonists. Oculama is the cartoon science of substitutions for eyes to convey an expression. Such as dollar signs to convey greed, or spirals to get across being mesmerized or dizzy.
No, but what’s Oculama really?
It’s a website for comic artists, writers and the OCT community.
What’s an OCT/ OCL?
The acronym OCT stands for ‘Original character tournament’. It’s a competitive event where a set number of artists and writers compete against one another, usually (but not strictly) in a single-elimination style bracket.

OCL Stands for Original Character league. Which is similar, but not contained to the tournament structure. You can make comics whenever you want!

So how’s it work?
You create and enter a character, and create a comic story that includes both your character as well as your opponents. Once the deadline for the round is over, a team of judges or the community will determine the winner based on a variety of factors.
Who runs OCTs? Can I host an OCT?
You sure can! It’s a mix of both! Staff will run tournaments as well as users themselves. So you could very well host your next original character tournament here!
Is it only Original character tournaments?
Nope! You can also engage in vs comics, solo comics, collabs with other artists and other formats outside of the OCT space.
Do characters need intro comics/auditions to enter Oculama?
In terms of the site, no! OCTs however, will be run by different creators, so their rulesets will vary. Be sure to read the event info carefully!
Do I need an Oculama account to participate?
Yes. You will need a registered account for participation on Oculama.
Do I need to make characters/comics to participate?
You can also participate by submitting comments, critiques (NOTE! Crits will appear for everyone after voting) voting on the comic battles and joining us on the official discord.
Can I have more than one character?
You can have as many characters as you can dream up!
Is anything allowed?
We allow for any kind of theme or idea or a character you have so long as it is original and not derivative from an existing property. Please see our Oculama Site Rules for more information.
Do I need all these win/lose/battle images for my character submission?
Nope! These are strictly in place to customize your experience on the site. If you choose not to submit anything, a default image will be auto generated. The only required images are a character sheet and character illustration
So how do I join Oculama?
Sign Up and join our Discord Server!
You can also follow us on Twitter (@Oculama) for the latest News and Updates.
I found a bug or problem!
If you encounter issues with the site, please report them via the official discord in the #bug-report and #feedback-and-suggestions channels. The more detail the better!