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Comic completed on August 30th 2022


I gotta read these two comics again before I REVIEW! So frikkin good!


FRIDGE! I love your comic. The color palette is so good and your action is really fun! Panel 2 page 3 is hilarious to me, and you know I love the big beautiful babe on page 4!

Great work, thank you for being such a cool opponent!!


Fridge - smh smh can't a person have a smoke? Fun environments and takes on the Didis. I see some references too 👀

Brentony - DEFENESTRATION! That's a lot of pink gore involved. Loving the overall dialogue and details.


Aaa Brentony I love the way you drew Briar! and the visual mood your colors gave fridge is top tier. Can't wait to review this one!


Absolutely pumped to see these personalities clash! Good luck and go strong!

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So far I really like how you've adjusted the colors and vibe of your comic to sort of match the energy of your opponent, but still maintain a spookiness appropriate for your leading duo. Things to work on from here on out would be 1) mixing in some more dynamic poses into your fights beyond the standing ones and 2) more specific to this comic, work a bit on the pacing. Didi gets skewered in doll and monstrous form pretty summarily, to the point like I feel I've fast-forwarded through the action scenes. I'm really enjoying Briar and Andrea's dynamic so far!

Absolute home run use of your opponent's character for round 2; I like how organically these disparate characters slotted into this surreal daylight horror, and bounced off the side characters you whipped up. The art is more or less impeccable for the tone of your story, my only recommendation would be to play with some more interesting backdrops for the action scenes versus the flat colors used in the panels currently. As always, I love your use of color to paint Didi's world, and I am all about the creepy under (and over) currents that run through your pages and panels.

Gasp! I love that you added that extra step of using gradient colors this round and you really went balls to the wall with your plot. It is a far cry from your showing in your last round which actually demonstrated your range as a writer/artist. I did get a bit confused about the extreme reaction she had and stabbed one of the Didi's suddenly. I felt that it needed more of a build up. I also had to take a second look on what happened to Briar's arm on page five since she mentioned it and the event when the injury happened was not highlighted in the panel. You made Didi so terrifying and really a force to reckon with and I loved that. I can't imagine how much bigger Didi would've become if there were more of them. I also like that you showed us more of Briar's ability this round. Ugh, Andrea's hints about the Junction and why the Didi's are hunting Briar got me intrigued. I wish to know more!

Wow, looks like you brought it again this round! Art is stellar as usual and Didi smiling from ear to ear while supposedly be 'distressed' is all levels of unsettling (that's a compliment btw). Bozos sounds (and looks) like a parody of Bezos and that made me chuckle. I noticed that the 'assistant' didn't have much of an expression but I think that's more of a personality trait than something that you could've pushed further. They just seemed really calm considering the circumstances lol. I really love how you woven everything together story-wise and really getting Briar and Andrea hooked into this plot by being the escape goat(s). Made me wonder how and if that is going to bite them in the back in the future. That final killing move by Briar and Andrea was also really cool!

This is a really fantastic comic! You've got nice ambitious environmental shots in your establishing panel, and the little hints of that scene that you retain in the later panels goes a LONG way compared to other comics which just drop them entirely. There's a lot of moody shots that really sell Didi as this kind of horror movie monster and the surprise resident evil Didi amalgamate final boss at the end is deeply appreciated. Absolutely killer design!

I think the distance between panels could be shrunk down just a tad and some of the borderless ones feel just a bit too floaty for my taste. More attention to establishing a strong background in those panels would do well to better tie them into the page. I notice you're doing a thing with the panels being sliced by the sword which is really awesome, though not fully sold 100% of the time. I think part of it is the panel borders are a bit too thick, and should match the width of the line art more if they're going to be 'integrated' into the line art in the way you're doing, and also the panels should be pulled back a bit more so we can better see Briar really putting all her weight into these great big swings! All in all this is super good work (and also feels like a really big step up from older stuff I remember? Super excited to see how much further you go!)

Wow this is an incredibly sleek and polished comic! Gorgeous full colour and shading, richly detailed background, even the SFX has been carefully refined. I'm a big fan of that subtle screentone you're using as well, and I really like the pink and purple you keep weaving into the comic too; you're really establishing an atmosphere for Didi. The story is wildly inventive while also selling Didi as a fun and inventive threat, with a good springboard to even more fun plots in the future. The bezos expy was delightfuly goofy and having him explode into a bear really does hit that prime 'OCT chaos' itch. More people would do well to follow your lead in embracing the unexpected. Not much to say on this one I'm just really wowed by the quality!

I really like all the weird little statues going on in the background! Lots of fun background stuff. Briar's finishing move is cool.
The conflict between Briar and Didi felt a little arbitrary? I like the coloring but the more sepia toned pages feel kind of "antique" in a weird way. I would have liked to see one more panel of the Didi transformation, it feels like it happens a bit too fast? I like Briar and Andrea's relationship a lot, they're fun to see together. I think the Didi abomination is really cool! Didi slowly sneaking up behind was really threatening and stylish. The tiny videogame hud was a good gag too.

Poor Miss Didi, I hope she recovers from all the trauma. This is a fantastic comic! The art is great, really stylish and fun to look at. There's so many fun details going on in the background, and something interesting to look at on every page. The action looks great. I feel like maybe Briar and Andrea come off as a little bit too gullible? But also that's part of the joke, so minor nitpick there. You've got a ton of funny jokes packed in this comic! And I really like the premise of Jeff Bozos turns into a motherfucking bear, really off the wall and exciting! Didi taking over is a really fun concept to work with in future comics too.

The first thing that really struck me is the great palette you have here. The yellow and purple tones are excellent throughout and help the eerie alley vibe it feels like you're going for here. I appreciate the unique compositions you go for with some of the panels but unfortunately some are hard to parse. Page 3's cut up panels are a genius idea but I think the poses in them don't quite match the dynamic paneling. Additionally. the scale of the monstrous Didi seems to be a little inconsistent from page to page but this was only something I really noticed on rereading the comic. Ultimately, a very impressive comic with some great style, looking forward to seeing more of Briar and Andrea!

This has to be one of my favourite setups and payoffs this round! The Didi's being able to fit into any setting while maintaining their flavor as "evil blonde hivemind" works so well with so many story ideas and office massacre + corporate takeover is certainly a great one. Your lines and colours are very clean. I especially like the palette you used that helps push the feeling of heightened reality that includes were-CEOs, ghosts and evil AI vice presidents. The only thing I would say could use some work is the page composition, while totally functional, it would be nice to see a bit more variation in the panels from the mostly standard layout. All in all an excellent comic and definitely a standout from this round.

You had some very nice color selection in this comic. I really liked how warm you went with it and it was to your benefit. Your story is direct and to the point, so solidly done there. You have a couple issues with readability in some spots. Coming to mind is page 2's last panel section. I wasn't sure if that was meant to be the same long shot with the building breaking it up or if it was supposed to be read as 3 panels due to placement of the vertical lines? You're definitely demonstrating some improvement from your last round. Keep playing with those funky colors, I really want to see more of it from you! Good work!

Super story this round. I love that there seems to be a conspiracy with Didi (which is obvious given the whole multiverse clone aspect) and the way you merged the two together was excellently handled. A lot of solid jokes in there. Your action could use a bit of brushing up on, a lot of the angles are rather straight on, but that's nothing you can't improve. I had an excellent time reading this comic and Didi is quickly rocketing up as one of my favorites. You did superb with this round and I can't wait to see what you do next on here. Excellent work!

First of all. IS THAT MOTHERFUCKING BLAZER???? whats that silly little bird man doing there. You did a really good job on this Fridgeman, I love the bizarre horror of it all. Really makes this comic feel like it's night of living Didis, you nailed the atmosphere. This is another hard review cause you just did very well on it, it all works for me. You got a lot of unique panel layouts going on, it all works readability wise and is very inventive when you use the gutters as the sword slashes, that was a great touch. I feel like there's a lot of space in between though, its not anything that's bad but i'd watch out for it in the future. Really good job on this.

Oh man this might just be my faovurite comic this round. The entire comic is just an absolute joy, from the style of it the twists and turns, the betrayal, how Didi has a little heart at the end of "I can still hear their screams". I knew I was in for an absolute joy of a time when you started the comic off with Wow thats fucked up, and you continued to deliver on the banger quality. You did a phenomenal job on this and I cannot wait to see more of the Didis in the future, I am fully hooked.

FRIDGEMAN- I dug the different direction of the color choices here. This amalgamation and mix adds to the mood I think you're trying to set from the offset that I think strengthens and improves as we make our way into the pages.

If I had a note, I'd use page 2 as an example. Your first panel has Briar brandishing a sword at Didi. Then we see it again at a different angle in the third panel, which affords what I think are the more interesting moments to be smaller three descending panels. Because its so small we lose the dread and 'oh no' impact the 'Didi vision' panel may of given this page by affording the reader a hint that this bots gone into kill mode. We also are afforded little panel space to get a peek of the monster Didi's creeping into the scene. These smaller panels are your impact moments, and I don't think they should sacrifice their focal point on the page for the sword brandishing moment that's already been shown. It's definitely a tough thing to compose panels to a page and determine what should be highlighted and what doesn't need much panel space. Think about the story you want to tell and where you want your readers eyes to linger on. :)

Speaking of monsters, the design of that Didi cryptid is just giving me the willies. I love that the reveal panel is grand enough for me to shiver over the details. Freakin acrylic fingernail teeth, SO GOOD. XD

BRENTONY- Love love LOVE the way you drew Briar. Your style gives way to such neat characterization that I really enjoy. Also I see you possibly bubbling up some underlying corporate plot most foul. What're you up to Didi? What indeed?

If I had a note it'd be to really punch up your payoffs to the ensuring action. We see Briar leap for the gummi colored bear on page 4 only for that impact to be so muted- down to even the SFX text being subtle and small. Go ham is that's the intent. Add lines of motion, put weight into that downswing and impact to the wall crash. Those small tweaks will really up the ante to your actions moments.

You're a beast busting out this many pages in one week. I don't know how you're doing it. Gremlins? Pact with Satan? Whatever you method you utilized, I see the dark forces do you credit.