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Comic completed on August 15th 2022


I really LOVE both of your comics! It's so hard to vote and pick a winner!!


Hope you all enjoy (gay lil tilde's)

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BRUH, PROM me boy, this is fucking hilarious. like everything about it kills me, the cookie taped to the inside of the pocket and having it labeled "Cookie" comedy gold. Man you have gotten so strong, its insane. the colour palette you use here works so well and makes the characters look so good, like that one panel of Queen Inc and the tattoo eye on the shoulder. LIKE OOOOOOOOOO. all in all like I dont think I can say anything negative, in my eyes this is a perfect little 3 page comic. You really sent this to the stratosphere, fucking amazing job on this. I want to see more of Queen Inc so badly

Wow what a crazy good comic. the fact that you were able to get that sick 3 story line paneling going, and make it fully readable and easy to follow, blows my mind. AND you did it all without dialogue like it shouldnt work yet you made it work so perfectly. Loved the jokes in it, I love how absolutely feral Elly is in this, I love the entire comic. Honestly it's incredibly hard to even find something to not love about it, like I dont think i have any criticism to give here cause this was just fire all around. Amazing work really, knocked it out of the park

This feels like one of the most complete comics in the whole first round. The art is great, the visual gags numerous and well placed, and the storytelling intricate though not at all over-wrought. If I had to critique this at all, it's that Queen Inc feels slightly under-utilized, to the point where I low-key wasn't tracking that she was the "opponent" of this round. It doesn't detract from the story itself, but does feel like an important OCT objective that wasn't fully realized here. Overall this is a really ambitious comic for 5 pages, and I feel like it nails those ambitions all while maintaining great pacing and humor.

Ahhhhh, the classic one-letter mix 'em up. Very funny, and it feels very appropriate for the opponent in question. It does feel like more should have come from it in-comic, but it's a neat thing I'd be interested see pan out in any future comics. I dig the muted color palette for this first round; it feels right with the terseness of the exchange; I do feel like the nature of Daniella's power could parse a little more clearly, but that's much less of an issue. Mostly I wish there was a bit more to the comic, because what is present is all really quite good, and I'd love to see more of Queen Inc!

Loved your backgrounds in this, so fun and colorful and full of details! You also have a lot of really excellent expressions, I love how your characters throw themselves 100% into a mood. I would like to see you play around with funky camera angles a little? Some of the brick textures felt a little distracting to me. I love how weird and grody this comic gets, you 100% don't get enough credit for how fun and creative your writing is. What did that goblin do to get banned from the potion shop. I really like how you get a solid joke across with no dialogue.

This is a really pretty comic and I love the color scheme you've picked! I really liked the word balloons too, they felt really classy? A lot of fun poses going on. Some of your dialogue felt a little awkward, it felt like you were missing commas and apostrophes in a few places. The camera felt very zoomed in and that made it a little hard to follow some of the action. "Geeby! (the end)" was a cute way to end the comic. I really liked the banter between Elly and Pan Sea. The cookie taped into the labcoat was a good joke.

AHH!! The good ol' switcheroo. This is so cleverly illustrated and even has more detail than your previous comic. First panel gave me Bob's Burgers intro vibes as I had fun reading and looking at everything. I spied a few cameos and I love that Beach Ballium with a sniper gun at the rooftop. I did not think it's possible to depict three scenes happening at the same time without the risk of confusing your readers but you did it perfectly. Poor Pan Sea being always the victim of these shenanigans. It really makes me wonder what Queen Inc thinks of all of this. I hope she had her place insured! Very well done comic!

Oh I love the palette you used here. The green/sepia(?) gave me that retro/paper feel. You did such a great job in both art and writing as well. I can also tell you got a good eye for composition and it's very evident in the first and last two panels. It's also great to see you give us more of a glimpse of how dysfunctional Elly, Pan Sea and Geeby is lol. And does this mean Queen Inc is immortal now after that potion? Unless the effects are temporary hehe. This comic really checked all the boxes for me and I enjoyed every bit of it.

That's some of the best use of negative space nad unorthodox paneling I ever seen? That parellel story paneling has me absolutely giddy it is such a clever way. I loved it, I think it really speaks to your storytelling in how you managed to tell a story, set up a joke nad execute on it so well without a single word bubble. Fantastic stuff honestly. Artwise, I really liked it as well, a lot of it feels almost whimsical and you put a lot of little detail and life into each panel, and again, the paneling itself was just top notch. Keep it up!

You have a really neat, really cool looking style and I enjoyed the first page especially. You seem to follow a rather standard panel setup for your pacing, and I felt myself get a little lost by the second page when you tried to mix it up a bit and the reading order was lost as aresutl of it. ITs something to be careful about in the future, remember that you lead the eye with your dialogue. I was unclear as to what happened in the end and it took me a reread to understand the were caught up and tossed away. Aside from clarity and reading order issues, it was still very enjoyable. Good work!

LEDGEM- What difference from your last comic. A citycape! buildings, and with such personalities at that. I love the little details of Queens inks signage saying they'll tattoo chitin and its Oculama approved, ,lol! Seeing two events happening in tandem side by side on the same page is a neat little layout technique that helps us build to the gag at the end- whatta monster arm! I also love that this was a silent comic. You let the art do the talking and it did so with great aplomb.

I really have no notes, I really enjoyed this comic- great work!

PROM- Oh man am I a sucker for sepia toned paper and colored inks. They just strike a mood and give an olden timey vibe that I'm here for. Great expressions on Elly and nice simplification on Daniella's paper skin- especially on page two. I love the switchover to almost toony features. also great to finally see her abilities in action!

I wasn't quite sure how the tattoos were going to factor, but everything from the spiderweb (and spider crawlies) to the netted thwip of her ponytail are really creative methods of utilizing this ability. I look forward to seeing more in future battles. Great comic!

The panel work in this is no short of inventive as hell! The work you make never ceases to surprise me! The separate storylines occurring at the same time but periodically coming together is rad as hell! Visually shown in a sound and wonderful way. The colour pallete though pretty straight on still has nice differentiation between the different plots with the background colours. Just an overall real good understanding of composition and making shit look COOL.

The silent comic writing here is strong as hell and super enjoyable. The setups, payoffs and similarities between the pages are strong as all hell. Certainly entertaining, and certainly well made. I especially enjoy the similarities between panels beside each other. Like with all the moments of character acting where both parties repeat the same actions though in different contexts. This is a tight compact self contained story that you've created masterfully. Beautiful!!!

Hell yeah...


The limited colour pallete looks real freakin' good. A delicious, if not SccCCCCCcccCCRRRUMPTIOUS display. Your poses are strong, your faces are strong, hell yeah!!!!

That cookie joke may as well bring you to five stars, but alas... uhhh... no... The little foreshadowing of the wrong potion and the bit of Elly Cure getting scolded out gives me a real good chuckle if not gaff and harhar. I can't really see any issues with the writing here, it is just strong as hell! It might be the nature of short form comics but the beginning and end line up really well, and with such a short time your characterization has come through very nice. With how characters react to such a situation at hand, especially Queen Inc.'s focus on getting financial compensation for the damages heho.

Good stuff Prom. I was entertained for sure! Perhaps not belly laugh shit on the floor, but a good hardy har and awe factor.

This was one of if not the funniest comic I've read so far I really love the style of saturday morning cartoons you put your characters in to and just how weird it all is. I think it could be easy for someone critiquing the comic to say it feels flat but I think it just lends to the over all crunge and vibe to the comic that gives it so much charm in a nasty early 2000s cartoon style. It is mean spirited in the best ways and I hope to see more in the future, my only fear is the squidward effect where the meanness to the one character over and over again may come off as too mean given enough time.

I really enjoyed the colors chosen for this comic and I thought it was a fun introduction to your opponents as this wacky little weirdo who wants to sow chaos around everywhere but given the ability to do what ever you really want with them and how weird their potions have been I really wish we got to see more strangeness to this comic. other than that because you used a lot of fitting two actions into a single panel a lot of the actions were hard to make out as they were happening but over all it came out fairly solid good stuff!

Love all the details and cameos in that first establishing panel and the mirrored panels following Elly and Pan. Very different moods! A classic slapstick scenario, how many times have we had over-sized maggots devouring corn-chips lead to a hilarious mix-up? Well, once at least, now. I adore the use of negative space and the symmetrical colour-filled panels on pages 2 and (especially) 3. Real big brained comic stuff. Also liked the detail of Queen Inc being crushed and warping the edge of the panel. The big arm is grotesque, I will be seeing it in my sleep, if I ever slept. Great comic!

Fantastic, crisp clean art. The use of green-blues and sepia creams gave the comic the feel of actual tattoo art, which was a great vibe. The action is all clear and neat, even when its a potentially difficult action to depict (such as say, pinning a bug-person to the wall with a web). I liked the back and forth between Elly and Pan and the misunderstanding of 'blood'. It's a little bit of a shame that such a vibrant and colourful character as Queen Inc was not depicted in full colour, trainers and all. However, this is a minor quibble, and I appreciate that the tattoo themed colour choices justify the lack of vibrant colours. I am simply a monkey. I see bright colours and hoot in joy.

I found it interesting how you structured your comic into an A, B, and C plot with each character. It really paid off by how the two organically wrapped up together. With each plot highlighting the personality of the different characters. Such as Elly going to the Catastrophy to get some potions for her diabolical plans. Pan goes to the tattoo parlor to relax from her work and Geepy kick-starts the whole conflict by causing the delivery woman to mix up the products. I liked how you had Geepy fall off the panel in the first page and go between the gutter space. Becoming the third plot was really clever and I haven't seen something like that done before here.

Had a blast reading this comic! Good work


Who are these people? How am I supposed to care or understand the people if I don't get an introduction page that characterizes them?


Saying something that will happen, and then the opposite thing happens cliche


Why does she have a cookie in their coat? wouldn't it crumble before she made it to the tattoo shop?


Speaking of that, why are all the glass containers clearly holding liquids being held by what looks to be simple Scotch tape? There's no way it'd be able to hold that weight. Just get a trenchcoat lady!


Wait, she threw a potion of "immorality". As in the violation of moral laws, norms or standards. Why would Queen Inc. obey any commands by ELLY CURE? Wouldn't make more sense that Queen Inc. WOULD follow orders and thus, making her immoral to command?


Someone says one thing and the opposite happens. But this time the action already happened!


Who puts their πΌπ‘šπ‘šπ‘œπ‘Ÿπ‘Žπ‘™π‘–π‘‘π‘¦ potion next to their πΌπ‘šπ‘šπ‘œπ‘Ÿπ‘‘π‘Žπ‘™π‘–π‘‘π‘¦ potion? How'd Elly Cure even become a scientist, if they couldn't even pass their english courses. Why even name them so similar either? It's not like the readers weren't going to see the joke a mile away.


Ah yes, you know what really makes a short story interesting? Coworker infighting. Brings me back to my time at Walmart, which is definitely the one place I want to be reminded of when reading a fun comic. And definitely doesn't ruin my pursuit to escape reality in the few minutes of freedom I have in this world.


Ah yes the time old trope of looking at the audience and telling them the story is over.


Sin Counter: 9 Sentence: [insert insult for later]

I think this was your most comic yet! The pacing was good, I liked the muted green color palette. And the expressions are funny. The comic was funny and Other than the π—˜π—šπ—₯π—˜π—šπ—œπ—’π—¨π—¦ and 𝗔π—ͺπ—™π—¨π—Ÿ sins you have in your comic, I'd say it was so Morbin' good that I would read this for fun. π—‘π—˜π—©π—˜π—₯ π—˜π—©π—˜π—₯ 𝗗𝗒 π—§π—›π—’π—¦π—˜ π—¦π—œπ—‘π—¦ π—”π—šπ—”π—œπ—‘.γ€šπ˜‹π˜ˆπ˜•π˜Šπ˜π˜•π˜Ž π˜ˆπ˜“π˜π˜Œπ˜• π˜Žπ˜π˜γ€›swag and slay Queen (INC.) πŸ–•πŸ˜™πŸ–•πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

This is a tough round to judge! I really enjoyed your dueling story lines, and there's plenty of jokes along the way. The final punchline is built up to, and every character contributed to getting us there! I loved all the little character and background details, especially in the witch's shop. This is a tasty slice of life.

I do wish we saw a bit more out of your opponent! Her role in the story works, but she is mostly reactive here. This is a relatively minor nitpick though -- I thoroughly enjoyed this. Great stuff, looking forward to seeing more.

Very cute! You're both bringing some A+ content to the plate. This is a perfectly paced, compact little story. Our characters are brought to life with great detail and energy. The green color palette looks great, there's a real old school illustrative vibe to this. Lots of gags throughout! We love Geeby. I'm not quite sure we got a payoff for the immortality potion - does it work topically? Perhaps not, but there's an idea to explore there that gets left hanging. Overall, great stuff. As I said for Ledgem this is one of the tougher matchups to judge this round. Great job both of you!

you did a great job on this wacky mix up comic and all with no words I loved all the diffrent things happening that all came to a head and was laugh at the havoc that we could see happening like a train wreck in slow motion that I couldnt take my eyes away from. your level of attention to detail for the backgrounds and little signs are great and really help with setting up the scenes in a great way and I love your little gremlin tiny evil character and look forward to your next comic again so good!

Prom Im lovin the style you got going on in the comic and you did a great job of creating a spontaneous encounter between these to in a very smooth flowing and comedic way. I love the through level of personality you expressed in elly-cure and her crew while giving a good show to ink as well. I enjoyed the little squabble elly had and the resolution to the comic made me chuckle but felt a little fast but that more from me wanting to see these two interact more than what we got to see in the comic which is a great sign