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Comic completed on August 15th 2022


lol both of these comics are well done and a treat to see these two character interact


Yeah, big agree- the battle poses here really incentivize a read- they look so rad!


Man, the battle poses already sold the comics/characters for me and when I read the comics...frikkin awesome!


These are both hilarious.


What a great comic from Mister-Kent!! Loved the interpretation of Harecut's abilities with bodily autonomy. Also loved how you grabbed her personality out of my head with no prior comics to work from!!

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this comic is essentially one joke—but i do gotta admit, it's a pretty well executed joke! still, i'm wanting for a little bit more. you try your hardest to push some nuance of emotion out of an expressionless helmet, and it works! i'm gonna give you props just for attempting that tricky foreshortening on page 1 that would send some to tears even when using reference. at the same time, though, i'm still not sure what panel 2 is meant to depict besides the inkblot painting. i guess it's harecut's torso going to the left as she lays down? i wouldn't have figured that out without cross-referencing her ref sheet for that X-symbol; it's a strange choice for what is technically her first comic appearance. your use of line weight also varies pretty immensely through this comic; it's not consistently either functional or evocative, so it throws me off. still, though, i do like the comic quite a bit!

always psyched to see a comic that feels complete and encapsulated without a "to be continued" from ya, kent! :D the whole conceit of this comic is very fun and well-examined, of special friend mistaking harecut's innocent gimmick as deep-seated depression, and his flamboyancy really prevents it from going too dark. he's a real compelling fellow! turning the tips into butterflies as therapy is a particularly good gag. the inks in the occasional panel here, particularly when it comes to harecut's face, do seem rushed and messy, but on the whole it's still pretty good as usual. i like the flow of the action on page 4! the ending is very cute too. great comic!

hey also why is the basketball court so big on page 1, why is this a court for giants, are you expecting them to make a 50 foot dunk

I love what a HUGE personality Special Friend has; I can totally see a character like this busting onto the scene in a Sentai series and gnawing every bit of scenery to shreds. I was a little less pumped up by the overall flow of the interaction between Friend and Harecut. I think what would have brought it home for me is a clear reason (other than Friend's un-dissuadable personality) that makes Harecut bend to their insistence so easily. Still, the clearness of your action, and the energy you instill into your pages goes a long way in making this a fun read!

This is a terrific gag, and well executed as a mundane situation with two zany, larger-than-life characters in the mix. I like how well Friend and Harecut fit into the implacable therapist/impatient patient roles. I could have used a bit more comic; maybe a bit of a less compressed punchline or a longer build-up to the fine; it felt like you limited yourself to three pages when you had more real estate you could have worked with. This is a very minor gripe overall, as I feel what is here story-wise is terrifically entertaining, and the stark art suits the story perfectly.

A really fun read! On a technical level it is super solid- a great establishing shot, clear transitions, good pacing- really nothing to complain about! Crystal clear and smooth to read! I also enjoyed how dense it was- the amount of story you packed into the pages was great! It felt like a lot in a small package. The action was also really good! I especially like the layout of page 4- the sense of energy in it is great! One thing I think that was maybe missing was a strong emotional beat/hook- the writing moves along neatly, but didn't have any wow moments. but otherwise, really great work!

What I really like about this comic is your graphic style and the rhythm of your panel choices- the jumps in between super close ups and wider shots feels so crisp, and that crispness combines with the sharp-feeling of your art to create a really great vibe. The story is slight, but it doesn't over stay its welcome, and has a good pacing of escalation. One thing that doesn't quite land for me is the pacing of the final punchline- I think it maybe comes too suddenly after the outburst! I think that if you maybe gave a moment of quiet, and then pushed the punchline onto the next page so that it hit one a page turn, it'd up the impact! But that's really a minor quibble- it is a fun comic!

I never knew what to expect for each nee page of this comic! You’ve managed to fit a whole lot into only five pages and it works marvellously! The idea of Harecut doing her show for a bunch of kids is hilariously morbid, and Special Friend being so out of place in a basketball court adds a lot of comedy to the situation. The motion of Harecut’s scissors a ross panels on page 4 is some inspired work - every panel in the comic is glowing with expression. Sometimes the line thickness you use for panels seems a little inconsistent like focusing on Special Friend’s hand on the 3rd panel of page 3 - but this is a wonderfully funny fast-paced comic!

Your hatching here is divine, Crow! It works womders for showing Harecut’s emotion when her full face isn’t in shot, and your use of spot blacks puts some real atmosphere into the shots of Special Friend. Special Friend working as a psychologist is hilarious, and so is his method! I love the incredibly dramatic shot of Special Friend asking for payment - he’s such an intimidating guy even in a silly role like that! The panel of Harecut flipping the table is a little unclear to read at first glance. The line of action goes down and then up, making it a but hard to parse the one major action shot. A fantastic, punchy comic! (and why does that poster in the background look like my parents fighting?)

I love Special Friend, what a fantastic character concept. Your art is really charming! The scissors cutting the page in the last panel were very cute. You're really good at conveying emotion through body language. You had a lot of fun paneling as well, and I liked the bit with the scissors flying through multiple panels. I feel like the part with the basketball playing teens felt unnecessary and distracted from the conflict between Lily and SF? Like it felt like that was a setup there with no payoff and it might have been better to cut directly to SF jumping in? I thought that the bit with SF turning the money into butterflies was funny. The conversation between the two characters was solid and gave a lot of insight into both of their personalities.

This was a really funny comic, I like how you had a really strong joke and committed to it really hard. The Gendo pose especially was really good. I think maybe one beat of quiet before "That'll be 200" might have improved the pacing of the joke a little? Also it might have been funny to have Harecut's head saying "WHAT" from the floor or inside a fishbowl or something. You've got a cool gimmick, push the absurdity! Really pretty art, I love how good the shading looks. It's like loose but still looks really clean and professional? You also nailed the feel of a therapist's office with the little tchotchkes and art on the walls.

Amateur head shrinker...

This comic is a silly romp.

The linework conveys whats going on well enough, though I think l a little more use of hatching or spot-blacks could add more emphasis on a strict monotone style. Panels flowed quite well- I only ever felt a little lost at the very end. Using the extra thick lines for the Shrink helped contrast them in scenes.

The narrative is goofy, feeling very cartoony. Maybe a bit adult swim with the self-harm implications? Poor bun, trapped working with this psyche ranger.

Overall, a solid comic. I smiled and there were some fun panels to look at!

This comic is funny.

What is visually happening in some of the panels is confusing at times. I'm not entirely sure what purpose the bottom-left panel on the top half of page 3 is supposed to convey, for example. That aside, the expressions are delightful. You managed to convey effective emotion and mood on a person with no face! Love that sinister panel on page 2.

Narratively this is a very short gag comic, but I think it does exactly what it set out to do in a solid 3 pages. I laughed twice; the third "How does that make you feel" and "that'll be 200 dollars" both got me.

Overall a fun little thing that got giggles out of me, and that's one of my comic weaknesses.

I had zero idea on what to expect going in and you know what, this comic did not disappoint. When special friend turned Harecut's tips into butterflies, whoo boyyyy I was on edge while also laughing. Special Friend's habit of giving unsolicited advice/help is really a nice setup to get him into some crazy shenanigans and fun interactions with other characters. I for one am curious to see where this mentorship goes but also a part of me wonders why Harecut would be perfectly okay with accepting it from the get go. Artwork's pretty solid and very easy to follow, I just wish there was a bit more spot blacks to make everything look more finished. Writing is great and I think you captured and highlighted both Harecut and Special Friend's personalities perfectly. I really enjoyed this comic. Well done!

LOL Omg I could feel Harecut's frustration in this comic and Special Friend being a psychiatrist (and a terrible one at that) couldn't be more perfect. The 2nd panel on page one was not clear to me at first, I think the word balloon 'Whole' was a bit too big. And really nice crosshatching of this comic and I love that ominous inking/spot blacks on Special Friend on page 2. I also love the way you did the backgrounds. I find it funny that Harecut ended up feeling worse than she did before she came in and she had to pay 200 bucks for it. Very fun comic!

This is one of the most charming interaction I really adore the outcome of this comic and I hope to see more of these two in a future comic. I dont have much to complain about but some of the scaling of the far away establishing shots are a bit akward and I think the "my body my choice" joke may fall a little flat considering the cultural climate and what is happening in the world currently but I dont want to harp on it too much besides saying it may be a little touchy of a subject for some. I really enjoyed how much of a weirdo special friend comes off as at the start but how well meaning he is trying to be.

I really enjoy the line work on this one the joke is cute it is a bit cliche but I always really enjoyed it and is one of those moments of it being repeated so many times that it is funny again with the therapist joke. I honestly think the thing that stands out the most to me or well better to say what doesnt stand out is the panel with her flipping the table, the ink blot test picture frame behind her makes it hard to see what she is doing, I honestly thought at first she was ripping his a painting off the wall until I read it a second time. all in all very good!

KENT- Opening this comic with Harecut ready to traumatize some kids with some body horror is weirdly hilarious with how casual its presented. Like a show kids! XD

I honestly don't think you needed the basketball bros for this comic. The children as onlookers to Harecut and Special Friends 'come to Jesus' moment rather shined on its own. This was also a nice subtle way to show off some of Special F's powers. The redirecting of the big o' scissors (and yet constantly teasing cutting off her head!) was nice.

I'm here to see more adventures between these two if and when Hare is forced along on this mentorship. I missed seeing your work and what a great influences. Everyone needs a special Friend!

CROWRAGS- Your inkwork in your pages are great. I especially love Harecuts growing irritation panel on page two. Th use of lines for texture and to give off the intended mood was a nice touch. Also I spy that rorschach painting in the BG. Nice addition to a shrinks office.

Haha, so pissed you pop off your own head. And Special Friend gouging our poor bun for all she's worth! This was a cute exchange and a nice departure from the usual 'meet and fight!' formulas of tournament matches. In fact I think both of you went a different way than just fighting. Did you plan this? XD

Delightful comic! I always liked your paneling and flow and this is no different. IT flows really well and uses some clever tricks with the large open "no panel" for a lot of hares scenes. Its a great showing and I love how you put your opponent in focus, with our friendly sentai hero using Hares need for him to leave as a way to get her in under his wing. Your art is solid as always and I really like how distinct everyone feels and how you quickly establish surroundings with little easy to register background details like a simple fence or a single tree yet it is all that is needed due to the nature of the comic.

Ok, I got a real laugh from this. Our poor Hare got absolutely SCAMMED. It was a really funny little comic and I don't have that much to critique. I think I would have spent a little more time on the backgrounds, they stand out as your character art is excellent. I also enjoy how expressive you made a faceless sentai hero with his body language. I can just tell he is a little bit smug inside that helmet. The use of spot blacks in this is absolutely delicious it really lends itself to changing the mood in a panels such as when Special Friend leans in.

Strong first showing for hare. I can hardly wait for more.

Just the first page grabs me like "woah". This comic has a great amount of tangible humor to it. The vibe from it is astounding and the panel flow is like vwoom. The stylistic choices with the scissors are really like "wow" and the level of self awareness to it's humor really just grabs you by the teeth and shakes them. I appreciate the characterizations and relations made between everyone over the course of five pages. It really is like a comic that has just sparkle to it in general. I would really like to see it in color if that's part of the Mister Kent style though.

Oh my god this comic freaking gloops. It has a sense of humor that just takes you by the legs and slams you against a tree trunk and I like that. The art is like hgjggjgkhknnf yknow? The angry cut in reaction panel had me like ggkglhlhkbl too. Overall the whole comic is just such a like bleepo vibe in the best way possible and I promise this is in some way constructive. Genuinely the only complaint that I have is that it's not more than 3 pages. I want to see more stuff just like this. The whole thing just feels right, it has that good energy vibration to it.

First, I love how you draw your opponents character! Smarmy, sassy, energized and dynamic. Second, I love how you play the two characters off each other. This comic has a really odd premise and delivers with a lot of humor. This one's a lot of fun, I hope to see more.

I notice a few spots where perspective and proportion get a bit out of whack. Nothing too distracting, and in general it tends to fit the style, but it's something to work on. Your backgrounds are also a bit sparse in areas - try to avoid having characters floating in the void!

Get in the therapy couch, Harecut. Short and sweet, and very funny! I love the Gendo pose. Some great linework throughout, I love how you very the weights, use hatching, and bring in the stark black fills. You've brought out the personalities of both characters and made it make sense for the story. This is a close round, you both did great!

A similar criticism as for your opponent: perspective gets a bit out of line at points. Most notable is the exterior shot at the beginning. An extra polish pass would rectify that. Otherwise I don't have much else to poke at! Would love to see more.