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Comic completed on August 15th 2022


Wide-dog is the hero we all need. Also, very inventive use of a baby.


This match was utterly deranged in the best way possible


I’ve loved Didi since I saw her in the character oven, but I didn’t know much about Dougal. After reading these comics, these are two of my favorite characters on the site, and I can’t believe one of them has to be eliminated in round 1! “Why?”, I scream to the indifferent heavens, “why?”.


I’ve loved Didi since I saw her in the character oven, but I didn’t know much about Dougal. After reading these comics, these are two of my favorite characters on the site, and I can’t believe one of them has to be eliminated in round 1! “Why?”, I scream to the indifferent heavens, “why?”.


What a great match! I enjoyed both of your comics!




Woah, close competition here. Those were both hilarious and awesome.




I had a great time doing this comic and I loved my opponents round as well, I wish we could both win and move forward!


Personally offended I can't give Corn a million stars, great work bb! Dougal is such a cool character


Mann these battle poses alone are so COOL!! HYPED!


Honeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyy I'm ready for Dougal's dongle!

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ooh, overall just a very fun comic! didi's particular callousness is great, we got some good one-off characters interacting that are still a joy for what little we see of them (sidedog is the darkhorse favorite), and then we even get a little menacing coda to keep us intrigued. your backgrounds are detailed just enough for a typical skim, but i can't help but wish for a little more to this alleyway (but i think this about every alleyway because they are alleyways). there's an impressive amount of panels crunched together for this, some with some fairly complex poses, but okay, i know didi's proportions are a little cartoony at a base level, but i cannot gel with pg3pn4, that arm is too short and that gun is too long. at least in that panel. i guess it makes sense everywhere else but that panel is out of sorts i think. BESIDES THAT THOUGH i enjoyed this a lot!

corn corn corn! the effort you're going to to push this pulpy, tactile feel to this comic is absolutely working out well, it's very aesthetic! though i should note that in some places, like pg1pn1, the linework gets darker than the coloring and the illusion lets up. besides that though, this is a super well-constructed comic! you've got some great action that both looks good in solo and in an overall flow! with the main exception of dougal being to didi's right pages 3-4, and then it just seeming to flip with no reason—dougal's just firing into the wall. i appreciate that you're going for no line width variation, but parts of this comic definitely feel lacking without it, like the hammer crash on page 2; some lines could really do that impact justice! also of course: you gotta put some medium shots in this baby, this looks like an empty brick room with the left half of a bakery stand and i'd really like more of a conception of it. BESIDES ALL OF THAT THOUGH this is a great comic, 100%.

Wow! I really like how you dole out the depiction of Dougal's powers; he's kinda just a guy for the front half, but then you go all out with the baby in a really heartless way. It goes a long way in showing what kind of a person Dougal is, and the consequent whiplash is v memorable. I do think I could have used a bit more depth on your opponent's end, and a bit more context to their presence; other than the mis-fire with trying to hack Didi, it felt like she could have been swapped out with just about any character who swings a club. I also REALLY dig your art style; very stylish designs and a colorful, grim aesthetic~~~Overall fun!!

My favorite thing about this comic is how seamlessly you mesh your humor and violence. Neither are overstated, and every joke feels right at home between each gunshot and head explosion. You did a really good job with making this feel like a full issue's worth of story in just five short pages as well. My only (very minor/subjective) gripe would be that the Didi POV could have had more "data" being shown on it? Like a real-time analysis of Dougal as a rogue factor. Beyond that, tremendous work on utilizing your opponent's character and on meshing these two together.

Gorgeous art! I especially love your expressions. Didi is just having a blast doing horrible violence. The textures are also really nice. There's a lot of really cool action going on too! The heart mace design is cool. I like the mom and the barista extras but everyone being in very different art styles is a little distracting. Some of the insults felt a little clunky to me? I liked 'Malibu dream louse'. The coffee shop is a fun place to set a fight but the spilled drink leading to a fight felt a little cliche? I did like how quickly it let you get to the fun action part though. The baby becoming an acid thrower was a really cool ending. Very gross in a fun way and a lot of good body horror going on!

Oh I loved this comic. There's a ton of really solid jokes here! The wide dog bit was my favorite, and I liked how you crammed a bunch of little jokes into the background in the HUD and stuff. Some of the text was a little hard to read for me? The pink and white text especially. There were a few poses that felt a little stiff, although that kind of works for Didi! I really liked the designs of the extras, especially inexplicably italian walrusman. The ending was good and felt really satisfying to me, really clever use of your opponent's power. Your backgrounds were really nice and felt like a lived in place.

I love seeing how the finished comic turned out. This looks great! Also what a great introduction to what a snot Dougal is. I love the use of hatching in your backgrounds. The only thing I can think of I think you could have gotten a lil more bold with your action/Speed Lines. You have some great action happening there, I felt the thinner more uniform lines didn't highlight that as much . Other wise, really solid comic. Pacing is great and I enjoyed Your coloring. Coffee house palette worked great. Love it.I hope Dougal is able to get another Vegan Treat soon.

Oh man, I am loving Didi. Off to a Really fun start here. Boy am I sure curious to know more what's going inside that hivemind. You're pacing is really good, and you make just flat coloring look GOOD. Loving your linework. The only thing I noticed up front was Didi's arm on page 3 panel 4. You probably could have elongated that panel to fit her full arm and shortened Dougal panel and pushed his dialogue Closer. Also making Didi feeling a little more dominating. Otherwise really strong start and the ending really makes me want to know more. Im very excited to see what else Didi Will do.

First of all, top notch artwork! I'm amazed at what you were able to do with just a week. One thing that didn't feel right to me was the opening sequence of Dougal buying the drink and spilling it on Didi. The close ups and rapidly varying angles didn't give me a chance to understand the scene, so it took a while to piece together the events. For example, the high angle in panel five gave me the impression that Dougal was somehow now above Didi. A larger establishing shot and some wider shots with multiple characters would have helped, I think. The other pages are better in this regard, but we still rarely get both main characters in frame at the same time. I also felt that the justification for the fight was a little weak. Not that it needed an elaborate setup, but neither character really had much agency in the decision of whether to fight or not. That said, the fight itself was very well done, and the ending was spectacular. Turning a baby into a portable acid launcher is as brilliant as it is fucked up! I look forward to more of that if you win this round.

I think you did an excellent job of introducing both characters and setting up the fight that follows. You handled Dougal's powers very well, I legit laughed out loud at the wide dog! I also like how Didi wins despite the one instance we see getting her head blown up. She accomplished her objective so what happened next didn't really matter. It really helps get across how disposable individual Didi's are. Overall I found your comic extremely entertaining and I'm struggling to find anything to criticize. The artwork isn't super flashy, but its still incredibly well done given the time constraints. The page layouts all read well and conveyed a lot of information without ever feeling cluttered. The backgrounds were fairly basic, but did their job grounding the scene. Amazing work all around!

Stellar artwork Cornbread! Looks really polished and hella impressive for a comic that you had to finish in a week against an opponent you did not know prior. Excellent use of textures and tones as well and plus points for making them blend in with your muted (yet punchy) color scheme. I wish there was at least an establishing shot in the beginning though. While it was clear to me that this was in a coffee shop, I feel that a zoomed-out view would've really set the scene up much better. However, your close-up shots are also so well done. Loved the panel with Didi's boot pushing against the stroller! Kinda felt bad for the mom/baby though.

These two characters really break expectations - with Didi's pretty/cheerleader-like vibes and demeanor and Dougal's adorable and chill appearance - the last thing I would expect was a violent fight with body horror. And I LOVED THAT.

Brentony, I gotta say I was super excited to see Didi in action ever since you submitted her and you did not disappoint. Fantastic comic through and through and great use of all the characters (even the minor ones) and utilize them in the story. The horizontal hotdoggo made me chuckle. One nitpick is that maybe the use of screentones may have given the mostly gray background more life (e.g. page 2 has a lot of grays). But overall, you did a stellar job.

Reading both comics, I am more scared of Dougal than I was before haha. Love the setting that you chose as it made Didi stand out, even more, emphasizing how she's not really 'normal'. Her speech bubbles with the pink outline and random hearts also emphasized this sing-song/cheerful tone in the way she talks which doesn't quite match what she's set out to do. It is unnerving in a good way. What a fantastic ending as well, that 'Bruh' made me laugh. I feel ya Dougal lol

CORN- Couldn't of picked a better match up of characters. It's almost like these two were meant to fight. Such solid colorful designs on both ends, for sure.

You went ham with how ridiculous this coffee encounter was. Baby guns, frappes, and dynamic angles for this cofeehouse brawl. You're in your element with this tussle and it shows. Your paneling is interesting and you gave Didi the personality I think we all expected, down to the valley girl accent.

Honestly, both of these battles were just SO GOOD. It kills me we're going to lose one of you for the second round. I'm holding out hope there's a tie!

BRENTONY- Both of you came with such a strong concept and character, you are definitely making this vote incredibly hard. I'm surprised to find Didi spoke so eloquently in your comic. I expected more of a ditzy saccharine vocabulary. In a way it makes her more artificial that way.

It's incredible what you were able to get done in a week. Five pages of fully inked and colored comic is no mean feat. Serious kudos for coming at this fists swinging (or pink gun blazin rather!). The abilities these two characters have play off each other rather well and it was amusing the target was little more than a flesh gundam for Dougal as the real opponents duked it out. Just ugh, SO GOOD! Great job.

What a strong first comic for Dougal holy crap. I loved this, from the art, to the writing, to the potrayal. I think my only possible grip is the ending, its a bit abrupt, and I think the punchline does not land as solidly as it could have. But that is a minor blemish on a solid comic. The art is so crisp, and the colors are so nice and I have no idea how you deliver such quality at such short notice. The writing was funny, with us getting a little look into Dougal and wow he is a an vile little thing. I absolutely love him and his disregard for life. He is a fantastic. casual kind of villain. I cant wait to see more.

I really loved the first pages. The fact that someone is airdropping murder bimbos, is absolutely hilarious to me. Far more terrifying then some spacemarines! The pacing of this was fast and read well. I think what I would have liked to see more is a bit less angular lines to stuff like smoke, as it took me solid few seconds to realize her head blew up by the end. The writing for this is fun, with both charachters getting a lot of shit. Very much enjoyed the ending and the hand flicking him out of the clone/replicant was a fantastic visual. Strong start, lovely comic!

Holy guacamole, truly a buckwild encounter! This comic has extremely high levels of 'stylish'. From your crisp line/colour delivery to the flowing, punchy panel layouts. Extremely impressive execution. The storytelling is also really fun, a nice contained setting, yet still with ahem memorable action. Ya don't see a baby-turned-acid-launcher every day.

My only notes are these:

  1. Would have loved for a slightly more concrete end panel. Not necessarily a conclusion, but somthing to give my wandering eye the cue to leave. and
  2. While both participating characters were well represented, I would have really liked to see a more overt introduction to them both (I.e a name panel, a direct reference in-dialogue, etc...). Seeing as this is the first time I am...well...seeing them, I find it hard as a reader to follow or latch-on to a narrative when I have 0 foot-hold or idea of the characters story. Now sure, the action here does a great job of displaying what they're all about. But without names, (despite the epic insults) its just a little scuffle in a coffee shop between your average, nameless bimbo-barbie-deathbot and gremlin-flesh-hacker, y'know?

A wild ride from start to finish! Awesome work all around! Your art style is nice and crisp and there's an entertaining yet simple flow to the layouts and action. Speaking of action, holy cow did it go hard! RIP Wa-lrus-luigi. It was very fun to see Didi in action, and there's some great worldbuilding that Im really excited to see more of. That brings up a point that Iv been making on a lot of comics but that you did here: You introduced Didi explicitly. Thats really important. Now I remember her. A lot of these first round comics dont do that and it makes for a difficult time getting invested in these stories. But back to your story. Theres a good amount of environment and layout-based exposition, allowing for the action to flourish. (And humour. Shout out to wide-dog), and a pretty satisfactory ending, but I do wish there was slightly more of a final panel or cue for the end (not necessarily a conclusion, mind you). Otherwise great work, excited for more!

I was pretty impressed by the artwork in this comic. The character designs, poses, general flow of action, etc. are pretty striking and I liked your take on this version of the Didi character. The panel layouts are varied and interesting, and I'm a big fan of the texture you've put over the comic that makes it looked like a scanned paper. If I can make any criticism, in some panels the linework gets lost in the background or looks a bit off with the texture over it. I do like the thin lines, though. Overall just a really good comic!

I enjoyed this comic as well! The character designs are fun and there are a lot of fun poses in this comic. I like your thick, cartoony lines. I also like the little touch that each character has a unique speech bubble. The bit where Dougal accidentally jacks in to the Didi hivemind as cool, kinda gives the reader a hint that there's more going on that you can dig deeper into in later comics. If there's any critique I'd have, I think the backgrounds in the alley scenes are less polished than the ones early one. You can see that in some spots where the wall color is visible behind objects like the trash can. Overall, though, a really good comic!

Corn you've really leveled up since I saw your last comic and now you're pumping out fully rendered /pages/ right down to polished treatments. The exploration of this character and their powers was also quite the sight to see. Biohacking is Just Cool ! Weaponized acid babies made me ugly laugh. The Didi variant was also quite inventive (though I almost missed who the opponent was )

Entertainment wise I felt the baby gag slightly take me away from liking the character. If only because its an ugly reminder that Junction as a setting is a brutal diaspora with Cool World morality. Im sure I'm a minority here because it does little to otherwise express the great work that went into this comic. It also makes me (fearfully ) look forward to fighting such an inspired character concept !

You and corn absolutely matched the "Fucked up and Evil " energy in this battle and I mean this in the best way possible. Didi is showcased as an extremely fight-able but also extremely dangerous threat to the point that one is formidable enough on their own while the death of a unit means nothing at all in their grand scheme.

Battlewise, Your opponents was represented well and their moral compass is on full display as a sort of horror 'toon but also a foil against the Didi units which display a /cold/ cruelty that has no regard for life (as well as their own). For 5 pages though, I feel that I got a battle for 10. The pacing was extremely tight taking advantage of a straightforward plot to get a lot out of each beat.

The art may be flat in some places but overall it feels very complete. Your character drawings are formidable, full. Even randoms on the street have an identity. Didi's inking feels sensual and the gun is pleasantly accurate. . Despite being a killing machine there is careful artistry to their brand of dominance. I have a crush, I must file for divorce, make that three.

Get your Didi dolls today, while supplies last !

JEEEZZEE you came out the gate swingin! the quality of this comic is something I wouldnt mind dropping money on at my Local hobby shop! I cannot get over how good this comic was. The dialogue between the two Is chef's kiss! the action? AMAZING! loved every moment and the representation of each character's abilities and personality is peak tier! the entertainment level? MY BABY! and CHOKE ME WITH A SPOON were the best but the whole thing shined! you panels were something I really enjoyed going over atleast twice before moving on and I cant wait to read more from you!

Brentony Your opponent brought a very good gun to this fight and its nice to see that you were equally as well armed. Your artistic style is on great display and you did a superb level of pacing and setup that I loved here, Your killer pink murderdoll is so fun to watch and you did a great job of showing how her character works and acts that I was smiling all throughout her dialogue. Furthermore, you put so much effort into making sure Corns little stinker was well represented and had a reason to come into conflict with didi that is just soo great! you two's comics are diamonds!

CORN! This is WONDERFUL! Your characterizations (both visual and written) of Dougal and Didi are incredible throughout the comic. I love how talkative Dougal is as well as how colourful their insults are. I particularly love the small "Oh that's all fake" from Dougal on page 3.

I like the choice of setting and how the conflict arises, but the inciting incident on page 1 makes the space feel just a little but unclear. It might just be me, but the movement from panels 2 to 4 make it seem as though the cafe is incredibly cramped, but is later drawn with lots of space and tables. It could be possible that having a wider establishing shot could be helpful but not needed by any means. Either way, the rest of the comic does well in maintaining the setting!

Also goddamn. That is. A um. A use for a baby. Real grody and well done on that! I think it's creative, terrifying, and very telling of Dougal's characters. Love it and hope to see more of them!!

BRENTONY THIS IS FANTASTIC!! Love the Didi hivemind and how you integrated it both at the start and end! I also particularly love how you introduce Dougal and Didi to one another in a more "Wrong place wrong time" scenario, and still have them bounce off of each other in conversation very smoothly.

I think page 2 is very fun! I like the situation and wide dog you made, but there's a slight issue with the readability at panels 7-11 due to the layout. The panels are meant to suddenly be read vertically after the earlier part being read horizontally and can lead to some mild friction. I think it'd be useful to use the speech bubbles to guide the reader by breaking the panel walls with them, pulling the reader from text to text. Though it's not needed as the context still allowed me to understand the order!

I also really love the details you decided to include throughout this comic. Love the game UI you had with Didi as well as the heart shaped bullet holes in McGuffin after being shot! Also Dougal's interaction with the hivemind was really interesting, hope to learn more about Didi in the future!

How dare you both make this so difficult to judge? This just oozes with style, I love the color and linework here. The screentoning throughout is a nice touch. Both characters bring tons of personality to the table that comes across in their dialog and actions.

Brutal ending!

Perhaps put a bit more time into your text and bubbling. Everything else looks so great, but these just aren't blending in for some reason. Perhaps bring in the screen tone or mess around with line weighting around them.

Great job! Eagerly awaiting more of this.

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Murderous blonde hired killers? You know the way straight to my heart. Funny, crisp, integrates both characters in creative and fun ways.

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