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Comic completed on January 5th 2023

Thank you everyone for participating in this year's Holiday Comic! 2022 has been great thanks to you, the members of our community! Here's to us having an even better 2023!

Page 1 - CornOfTheBreads / Page 2 - InkySlime / Page 3 - SupremeKrispyKreme / Page 4 & 5 - Brentony / Page 6 - Piñata & Rivana / Page 7 to 11 - Wolkemesser / Page 12 to 15 - Footini

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I knew this is gonna be a good one. But I didn't think it'd be THIS good! From the first page to the last, the smile on my face never left. The art is spectacular and the stories that were put together were just as captivating.

CORNOFTHEBREADS - Gosh, what an opening. Your art has been remarkable to see evolve. This single page filled me with dread and excitement about what could that gift be. Dougal's been worming his way to my heart ever since the Inaugural and he will stay there :D

INKYSLIME - I thought I'd never see the conclusion of Dougal's arc and boy, what a great surprise that you picked up where Corn left off. I've always said this, but I love your style and it's so whimsical. The colors are festive and very fitting for the occasion (and I spy some cameos!). The punchline was delivered so well and Dougal's face/expression on that last panel was better than perfect.

SUPREMEKRISPYKREME - My smile just got wider reading this one. Another joke that was delivered to perfection. It's so good I am really tempted to use this IRL but I am afraid I'd get the same retaliation from the giftee haha. Really well done!

BRENTONY - As a huge Didi fan, this was such a TREAT! Good to see the aftermath of the Inaugural and Didi is back and just as glamourous as ever. LOVE the cameos! I am closely following Didi's story in Oculama with great excitement and anticipation. I can't wait to see more of her.

PIÑATA - Ah! Been wanting to collab with you in FOREVER and we finally get the chance to do it. Had a BLAST coloring your drawing. So here's to more collabs for the future *wink wink nudge nudge*

WOLKEMESSER - Black and gray may not be the most Christmassy of colors but it suits the story perfectly, I wouldn't have it any other way. I missed Temptation and I am so happy I get to see it again. I love how you drew/designed Krampus and Yule Cat. The ending is also great! LOVE IT!

FOOTINI - I have been waiting to see an Oculama comic from you and you did not disappoint! In fact, I think you leveled up. Your style and writing is a match made in heaven for this collab. Great art and execution. The cameos you used are so much fun and you actually utilized the characters for your plot. What a way to cap this event!

I can't say enough how much I love this comic. I agree with Pinata, this better be a yearly event from now on and boy..did you all set the bar high haha.

ERIC - HUGE PROPS for organizing this event!!! The sequence of the comics was also really well done. Thank you!


I love how this chaos came together and the creative collabs intentional and coincidental page to page! Definitely wanna see this be a tradition every year :D

Sparkle Magic Didi™

Wow all of these turned out so great! I love seeing the Wizmas spirit translated into so many fun comics. Merry Wizmas, everyone!


This was an absolute blast to do and I am so happy I was able to be a part of it! Everyone really shined through and it was just a delight.


I had a great time not only being a part of this comic collab but also reading everything everyone else put out it was all so much fun and I hope everyone had a great time with it and the holidays!


So excited for this! For now I'll entertain myself by staring at the battle poses slideshow lol

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Took me a while to sit down and say what's really needed to change and stuff, but only because holy shit, this was incredibly done and I don't even know where to start, honestly! Entertainment is 100% on the point because I was giggling uncontrollably from start to end as soon as I started reading, not going to lie! I especially love the "when life gives you nothing, make something out of it" joke, and it was done so amazingly, too! And not only that, but also the part with Labu being banished, that was pretty hilarious!

I'd like to say something about the pinkesque-schemed scene though, the one with Didi in it. I'd like it a bit better if you shaded more of the figures walking around, because admittedly, it's a bit hard for me to notice them at first out in middle of the snowy field, not going to lie. Just an opinion and a small nitpick I have right off top of my head at the moment.

Everything else is pretty awesome and I love how y'all came together and pulled this off so well! Stay chill!

Labu The Connoisseur

The first grand collab here in Oculama! This was such a fun mashup of entries to bring in. Firstly, lore expansions for several characters like *SPOILERS* (Didi, Labu, Bad Apple, and Saal!), with an addition of the presence of both *SPOILERS* Krampus and the Yule Cat into Oculama, according to wolf's interpretation, makes the Ocuverse really thrive and vary. Secondly, the way how each cameo, even the talking ones, are handled within character. Most particularly, The Big Wizard, (whom corn has applied Steve Ditko's psychedelics for his home decor). Last but none the least is how they handled colors for each character from different artists. Hat tips for some artists who don't shy away from making the pages monotone, but still could capture the right atmosphere for the pages. Bravo!