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Comic completed on August 15th 2022


Loved both of these comics! Really great work to both of you!!


Holy moly, you both went deep in your comics. Did you plan to give me an existential crisis? Kidding aside, I LOVE BOTH OF THEM! Really great job.


Puppy power? buggo power? Which way will the scales tilt? Either way we're gonna have a good time!

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This is an absolute home run grand slam myeth. I absolutely love the little grain texture you got going on everything and how much those neon greens from the portal and from bug killers eyes really pop thanks to how dark and gritty everything is. story wise this is incredibly strong, I wouldve loved to have seen bombardier beetle squadron cause I just want to consume all of bug killers lore but the comic still worked wonders without them. and having that final line! "the first dog they sent in to space was never meant to make it back" fucking chilling dude. LOVED LOVED LOVED this comic

WOW this is a beautiful comic Meebob. your colour palette and water colours work absolute wonders here. like that first page is beatuiful, that foggy smokey forest is incredible even more so with how you're able to create makeshift borders with the environment. I also really enjoyed the little dive in on Bug Killer and just bugs in general, I will admit though that I'm a little dumb and it took me awhile to understand that the hand at the end was Bug Killers, I dont know if theres a way to clarify it more or if it is was fully on me for missing it. all in all this was a great comic, loved how abstract and creative it was, plus that first panel on page 2 of bug killer is just WOW cinematic as fuck. great job

Holy dang, all that juicy and tasty tech setting. The strewn books, the tech piping and cords- down to the little bone insignia on some of the furniture. What a tender loving nod to your opponent by really showcasing them in this spaceship! I especially love the dialogue on page 4 in the second panel showing off the little personal photos and duration poor lil Fenry's been up there.

This was a great little history lesson infused into a tournament where you could've gone anywhere with it. It gave it a nice grounding feel and some heart string tugging bouts of dialogue. It's not easy to fully showcase your opponent in 5 pages, but still offer a hint of your own characters backstory (like Becca reading in the library), but you succeeded in spades. Really intrigued and looking forward to more!

I dig you're keeping with your trailing down the page style of action in your comic as we follow these two through the forest to the plumes of bug spray. Its just an aesthetically pretty way to denote movement and progression. Also I can't tell if this is legit traditional media or a fancy digital brush, but this watercolor effect is killer. That panel on page two where Bug Killer tosses her spray cans aside and is straight on at the viewer left me going "oh man, something going down!" A great precursor to the utter neck grab afterwards. XD

You definitely went more fantastical/symbolic here- I didn't expect that giant hand, but I love the effect of it looming beyond the trees before it overtakes the pair. Just great visual choices here. Lovely work!

This comic turned out really well, the ambiguous nature of the whole thing makes you question what is really happening here, is it a greater metaphor? Happening in one of the characters head? A strange loop of sort unique to this universe where Bug Killer and Fenry the Dog meet? It leaves a lot open which i personally allways find interesting. The art also just works super well in underpinning the atmosphere which makes all around for a really entertaining experience! I do wish we would find out a little more about the circumstances of the two meeting up and their dynamic but this way the mystery is of course greter.

This was a fantastic expeirience, getting so much across in only five Pages is super impressive, I feel like I have a great grip on how these two characters would interact in certain situation by only reading these few Pages. The whole thing is underpinned with fantastic backgrounds fillied with small little details and overall just great art. Im intrigued if Fenry, in the end, stayed or went Bug Killer down to earth, are his hopes and dream going up in flames or is it really he himself staying on the ship till the bitter end? Excellent work, cant wait where Bug Killer ends up from here.

I really enjoy the panelless first page leading our pair down the page, and page 2 is absolutely hilarious. Bug Killer’s dialogue is so out of the blue and brilliant! As always, your squash and stretch works wonders, and page 4 makes use of scale in a way that really reminds me of Calvin’s comics. I adore Fenry being presented mostly in the past! Having largely monotone colours really lends a hand to the haunting and introspective mood of your comic. You can’t see much of what!s going on which strengthens the reveal of the giant hand so much more. A lovely comic with a great ending.

The detail you put into the background for this comic is nothing short of astonishing, especially for a time of only a week. I always love when your comics include tiny snippets of article information, and the way you drew Fenry is so incredibly adorable! Bug Killer being so to-the-point brilliantly communicates her character and adds great comedy to your pages. Past page 2 your comic becomes one of the most beautifully tragic pieces I’ve seen in a long while. Fenry’s position is so painful to see, and your final page made me well up reading it. A beautifully mournful comic that makes me feel so many things.

Fenry's intro was such a treat and this comic did not disappoint. I love their conversation. It feels very organic and natural and how you integrated the visual of what they were trying to say to each other with the present/reality, was seamless and cool af. Especially when that giant hand crept up behind Fenry and Bug Killer on page 4 and squashed them. I just wish we had some context on how they got here though and what were they doing in the woods together.

The punchline came out of nowhere, I was ready to contemplate the meaning of life from a bug's point of view hahaha. Fenry's hypocrisy on the topic is very relatable though and I loved that about him. I can also relate to Bug Killer. I do hate bugs, especially roaches but I think they are also just as scared of us. The comic ended in a humorous tone but it did give us something to think about! I love it.

Gosh, where do I start. I am still reeling from this cleverly written comic. Correlating Fenry's predicament to the fate of Laika was ...beyond impressive. I knew about the story before but did not delve into it but I recognized the comparison right away as I was reading your comic. That really tugged into my heartstrings. I also really love how you connected everything from Fenry's intro and this 'chance' encounter, although random, seemed like it was fate. The last page was beautifully colored and really brought the emotions that you had brewing for the readers from the first few pages home.

The ending was bittersweet. Sad for the reminder of Laika's fate but happy that Bug Killer was able to prevent that from happening again with Fenry. History does really teach us to be better. Bravo!

Art: I really like how you make the pages flow, your pacing is exellence and the art is strangely moody for such a fun little comic and it works. The art and the paneling reminds me of 2000's more experimental comics and I really enjoy the end result. I really want to see you push more into he moodyness, like you did with the intro comic. Its so melancholic and dramatic and I love it.

Writing: The ending for this made me lol. I did not see that coming at all. You have an excellent grasp for setting up punchlines, with the entire convo leading to the squish of the alternative tiny (bug?) versions of the two charachters. The dialogue flowed well and with the punchline in mind, It did it's job setting it up.

Art: The color! The angles! The Expressions! I love the way you switch between more traditional european style paneling to more artisti and stylized ones. This comic is pretty damn complete, which is terrifying seeing how this is just the first round! I absolutely loved the sense of sadness and resignation you managed to convey. You really made me feel the isolation that a space station represents.

Writing: Like with the art, you did a great job conveying loneliness, resignation and sadness. From the resignation of the poor Pup staying in orbit, to the resignation in Bugs as they observe someone giving his life for a corporation that could care less about him. Fantastic work!

Both of these entries are contenders for my favorite of this whole first round. I don't think I've ever been let down by anything you've pumped out, and this is no exception! You have a superb style with your blend of watercolor and digital that's always a treat for the eyes, and on top of that you are one of the best I've seen at tidily telling a story visually and through natural-sounding dialog.

Two extremely minor things that would've helped me out: the linework gets a bit too loose on page 2 as Bug Killer chokes Fenry, and it took me a few reads to connect the dots that they were walking through a forest of hair. Perhaps some more visual detail or a callout in dialog to more clearly hint at where they are and what they're doing!

How dare you inject sincere emotions into silly internet comic tournament! This is an impressively weighty story to tell in such a small span, and it absolutely succeeded in landing its punches. Your art oozes with atmosphere, with the hazy, harsh colors at the start building a somber tone that gives way to brightness and vibrancy at the end.

I do have a few things to point out. There's the unfinished panel on page 3 that, while not vital to understanding the story, does cause some confusion. In terms of general structure, you bounce from scene to scene rather quickly in a way that's hard for me to follow. Some additional narration or dialog to explain what's happening would help here.

Excellent stuff! One of my favorites.

The most effective way I can find to describe your comics, Meebob, is that they have an incredible Studio Ghibli vibe. But your works, still, are INCREDIBLY different. They are wholesome and dark at the same time, and you are a master when using watercolors, even with such a limited palette like the one featured in this comic. The story has such an unexpected twist at the end that I'm still giggling. It's so cute. BUT THE BEGINNING IS SO DARK. See, I still can't describe perfectly that feeling that I have, but I know that I want to feel it more. Bravo. The only comment I would do is that, even if the pitch black background is greatly appreciated, I would've loved to see some more ambience details behind the characters. But still, stellar work.

Myeth you've developed your art skills so quickly since War for Rayuba and this comic shows your progress. Great colors and great lineart. Feels fluid and constant. Good idea choosing to use a texture for the pages, it adds a lot of depth. Fenry is SO CUTE. You're a master of facial expressions, I can feel that doggy's emotions 100%. And I'm feeling emotionally destroyed by this story. Be careful using text boxes that overlay the lineart layer like that. They feel cluttered and difficult to read, in my opinion using standard text boxes would've worked way better. What an incredible matchup this was!! Congratulations.

Wonderful work Meebob!! The pacing and paneling is done very eloquently, and I like how you've guided the readers' eyes throughout the comic. You slow down the comic when you need to, allowing many scenes to hit in a more impactful manner, especially on page 3's slow fall through darkness with the swarm of bugs.

Your work with page 3 is really interesting, as I love seeing how you've decided to handle Bug Killer's dialogue moving with the swarm in order to better guide the reader. However, I do find the last line of the page not hitting as much as I think it could, as the emphasis on the word "legs" to end the sentence could've been paired with the action of the last panel, allowing the word's force not only be implied by the word's visuals, but also the pose and motion you've prepared for the character.

The end of your comic works well to punch through the slowed down impact of page 3, and acts as a good stopping point for the interaction between them, by contrasting their longer previous conversation with 2 panels of interaction at the end that kind of simplify their points of view.

Absolutely stellar work Myeth!! Your colours are consistently incredible, and I really love how detailed your backgrounds have become! The first page does wonderful work in establishing the setting as well as the tone of the rest of the comic, which is also reinforced by Bug Killer's inner monologue that pairs with the dialogue and visuals of the rest of the page.

I also do love page 2's dialogue and layout, especially the smart use of dialogue bubbles in panel 6. However, there is a slight bump in reading when going from page 2 to 3, where Fenry asks "I double checked every section 2 hours ago, why?" which feels like a response and not so much a follow up to his last line in page 2, otherwise the page is wonderful!

Something I also particularly love is the parallel between Bug Killer and presumably Fenry's parent on page 4, really well done on melding the characters visually like that (i'm taking notes 📝). Also, the very last panel works incredibly well to end off the comic, as its bright colours and lack of any onamatopoeia makes it much more impactful!

This comic is depressing and beautiful.

The colours set the tone while the dialogue tugs your heartstrings. The detailed backgrounds convey the large and complicated nature of a space ship and thus enforce the solitude of being the one living being on it. The dynamic angles and wide/tall panels just add to it all, even if some of them (like the ground-view at a dog nose was a little confusing the first couple passes)

Narratively it's a ride; a universe is set up and motives are established quickly and efficiently, letting the story itself breathe. The reader has enough time to take everything in and tear up. I'm still a bit confused about the "orbit earth for 10 days" part though.

My favourite panel, which I didn't understand on the first couple passes, is the one with the overly of what I can only assume is mom-dog. Maybe wife-dog. Perfect.

Overall this was a very enjoyable read. It took a few times to fully understand it, I did not appreciate it as much on the first go but every re-read I found something new and became enlightened.

This comic feels very artsy and philosophical. The actual drawings are minimalist, focusing almost exclusively on the two characters and gets its ideas across with just that; the void of a background sets the somber mood.

I am not entirely feeling it, however.

The structure is creative and follows a clear narrative between the conversation and hallucinations; I particularly like the downward flow of bugs. The grayscale aesthetic fits the mood alongside the void background. Overall, it is a solid, functional comic.

I just do not find it very interesting. There is no setup to this situation, nor is there a real conclusion. The punchline is cute, but emotionally It did not make me smile or think too deeply on the matter, and I think the message it was going for fell flat for me. Obviously, that part is very subjective, but as far this reader is concerned, it was just not very entertaining on any emotional level.

It was well made and I think accomplished what it set out to do, structurally, but did not impact me very much. Your art is always a treat to look at however.

Dark! Both visually and thematically, and it works wonderfully. The starkness of the setting makes it really easy to interpret the size cues dropped in the early pages as just an austere environment, and makes this comic, if anything, even better on the second read as I catch all the indications of the scales of (mini??) Bug and Pup. That the final page is still as blankly dark leaves me with an unease that I'll remember for a while. The comments I have are pretty minor; bug killer grabbing Fenry by the throat didn't totally land for me; I got the need to emphasize his bug-dislike, but it felt a bit distracting from the flow. The second panel of the swat was also a bit unclear to me; I think it's fine overall though, since the setup makes what's happening pretty obvious. Good work on the dialogue too; the casual-ness of the interaction of the larger scale characters is a nice contrast from the somberness/dread of the smaller lil guys~~~

The space on this...well, spaceship is SUCH a meal. It's almost hypnotic to watch the characters explore their environment, and your art overall is just terrific. The use of colors to show off the moods of past and present - your character renderings - Your stuff in WfR was great, but this feels like a glo-up of terrific proportions. The ending, I wouldn't say unclear, but I did have to flip back through the comic to get a complete picture of what happens. Fenry dies, I think? And we're seeing images of their life before their world changed? I think it still works, but it took enough time for me to parse everything that it broke the flow a little. Otherwise this story unrolls fantastically. The book excerpts fold into the dialogue organically, and to genuinely heart-rending effect.

Whoa what a cool concept for your comic! I love the surprise that they were the bugs at the end. Your style is super cool and the sparse backgrounds really add to the sort of spooky, enigmatic vibe you were going for. (Plus that seems super smart to do with these tight deadlines!) It really made some panels where you did add extra elements in really pop, Bug Killer's smoke looks SUPER cool on those first two pages. I think the only thing I might say is it might have been cool to have some more BG on the last page with the reveal, to sort of ground that scene as opposed to the void they were in previously, but these are short deadlines and that's a small thing I don't think it really needed necessarily. Great work! ♥

Man oh man this was a tight match. Your comic has a great vibe right off, that first page is COOL and all the scifi background details are making my wrist quake just looking at them! I love the way you draw Fenry, he's so cute especially that first panel on page 2! I'm impressed you managed to do 5 full pages, even without FULL color, you highlighted the important bits and gave a few panels a bit of extra attention which really made them look great. I think the narrative boxes should probably be more opaque just to help with readability, there were a couple I had to double take on. Also, at the bottom of page 2, I think Fenry is supposed to be asking Bug Killer "How'd you-" before we see her response as "Portal", but the way the bubbles are laid out, I read "Portal" first. I think just keeping that word bubble in that panel would have helped with that! I also wonder if there was a cut bit of dialogue between page 2 and 3? Fenry seems to be responding to something that Bug Killer doesn't actually say. All in all though your comic is SUPER RAD and I can't wait to see more comics from you, you did a great job of getting into the heads of both characters and I'm actually super sad for Fenry now :(

whoaaa Meebob! you did so much with minimum background and colors that it amazes me such a nice interaction between these to characters I definitely feels like this would be a dream of Fenry Dogswood as he floats in space. I cant stress enough how much I love the "here comes a thought" aspect of these two's banter and its very well written! That being said I would have like a bit more explanation of how these two ended up together and where they are at. the background is unimportant and the focus is on the two characters but a bit of explaining even in just a blurb would help tighten up the setup. Your finish was great and the closing punchline was great as well felt like a great read in the newspaper funny section and I really vibe with that!

OK Myeth with every comic I read from you I keep getting blown away with your colors and creative artistic flare! everything is so vibrant even for the darker story/setup of your comic. The quality is so high I would have expected this to be something you worked on for closer to a month rather than the 7 days you had to do it! I liked the conflict and deep dive into your opponents backstory and the the expansion of your characters lore in conversation is nice as well. Though I would have liked a bit more of an explanation of the group chasing her ( I have bother characters bios pulled up while reading all these comics) so I could grasp her situation a bit better. your use of reflecting both the characters images in each other during the dialogue is amazingly well received and adds a deep grounded feeling to the conversation and does alot for the "Two strangers passing in the night" feel of you comic. there are a few time I had to kinda double take who was talking in during some of the dialogue but overall I think I was able to get it on a second read through(really got the appreciate how much effort and style you put into the backgrounds and textures of the characters!). /i like that both these characters have a current quest/mission they are on and how that plays out in how they view the problem of probable imminent death. I verryyy much am looking forward to your next comic! <3

Pretty solid comic Meebob! I really love your traditional style. It's simple but very effective. The choice for the tones added to the atmosphere of this comic too. I like the interaction between these two. From Bug Killer's deep hatred for bugs, to Fenry telling them about the POV of the poor bugs. The page near the end had me. I though they literally got crushed by a giant finger, but it was just a flea. How long has Fenry gone without a bath? Hmmm, I wonder. Overall, this is a great comic. I had a nice time reading it. Great job, Meebob!

Awesome comic! This one is so clean, the artwork here is pretty damn solid. The panelling was quite nice too. I loved the color choices here. As for the plot, this one is pretty somber. Poor Fenry, stranded in the spaceship, just to protect his family from years and years of debt. It's even more sad now that the spaceship is in danger... Poor lad! Though we didn't see much of Bug Killer in here character-wise, I'm hoping to learn more about the dude. Wonder what they're like in the midst of bug killing action! All in all, Amazing comic. Great job, Myeth!!

Clever usage of the black to help both hide otherwise empty panels and carry atmosphere. I loved how you handled this and your ink-washes look lovely, especially on that off-white paper. The story is very cerebral and I'm left wondering even more about Fenry's character and what this 'past' version of him represents now compared to the 'space explorer' him. The ink-splatter background that you're utilizing on the first page would probably look stronger if you had altered the black to match your sepia tone off-white more to give it a more unified appearance. The last page also would also be stronger had it not been solid black for the backgrounds on that as well. This was an excellent comic and I really want to see more of Fenry. Tremendous work.

Very expertly handled. A lot of smart decisions in lighting, coloring, and page economy that does not cause your details to suffer at all in this. Immediately, I'm interested and on-board with what BUG KILLER is involved and you've got a very good story told with implied danger hanging in the background. I'm very much endeared to the character and would like to know more about what their deal is in more detail. Fenry is expertly handled as well, their interactions feeling very tense and solid. The writing and narration is very intriguing and has me in it out of the gate. There's a small matter of the text on white-background but not over the artwork that's an issue, but thankfully nothing is unreadable with this. This is a very fine start and I liked this a lot. Terrific work.

this is a fun comic in a very silly way I really love the meandering on the first page where there are not borders it adds so much character and charm to this comic, and this is a really charming comic and I think there is nothing wrong with doing a silly comic and was a ton of fun. I do really like how abstract it came out with a unique and silly twist. Its really hard for me to pick out anything negative to say because I feel this battle comes down to a matter of taste, I think my only complaint is with how muddy some of the line work is at times the action between scenes can be a bit hard to figure out. over all good work!

I really loved every aspect of this comic it feels both very weird and surreal but at the same time rather grounded, it is a mostly dialog filled comic but does it in such an interesting and insightful way into the characters and leaves such a weird mystery about what could possibly be happening in this universe or if all of the weirdness is in your characters brain box. Honestly leaves me very excited to see where this goes, and the sheer amount of details in the scifi greebling is so fun to see on the page. I think the comic is a little unclear currently but ultimately good!

I really like how you use the darkness in your comic to make everything feel moody but also conceal that the forest is actually fur. You have a lot of really great expressions here too! The giant fingers look so good and so menacing. Also I love how you did Bug Killer's smoke clouds. I feel like a dark grey might have worked better than solid black? What a fantastic twist ending! Really surreal and cool. I really liked Bug Killer's rant about hating bugs as well. I also liked how it's the old self getting crushed, while the new self is in the ending.

This is an extremely pretty comic! Beautiful colors! Fenry is adorable! I especially liked the ending panel, wow! The detail you put into all the backgrounds is really fantastic as well. I really like the reflection of Bug Killer's eyes on page 4. The ship itself feels really lonely and deserted. The Laika theme is really interesting, were you trying to link that with people being disposable under capitalism? This was a really sad ending but it felt very satisfying. I liked how Fenry and Bug Killer interacted, and how cold Bug Killer was. The look into Bug Killer's past was really interesting.

Ok, first off I love the sense of depth with the art. It's like a 3D movie! Especially impressive considering its traditional art. The comic manages to be about perspective both in art and in theme, with a fun punchline to round things off. I suppose it's a fairly low page to joke ratio, but the art makes up for it.

According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyway because bees don't care what humans think is impossible.

A great comic, I really like the link with Laika. My only source of confusion is that on page 3 Dogswood seems to answer a question that never gets asked, and I'm unclear if something is missing or was cut, or if I'm missing something. Other than that, a tight script that does a lot with 5 pages!

According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyway because bees don't care what humans think is impossible.

I liked how atmospheric it was, as always the water color style really pops in black and white. I appreciate the humor that is always present in a Meebob comic even in the face of something dramatic happening such as a giant hand literally popping our poor main characters. The trees creating natural panel lines was very nicely done and I appreeciate the amount of work that went into the expressions and action flow between panels. It all felt very natural and flows nicely. I wonder if some of the backgrounds could be more detailed but that's a nitpick when it comes to the clear stylistic choices made to keep the story very oonckly in mood as it is.

I appreciate that this comic's connection to real world events and concepts punches you in the gut. There were many cute scenes and there were many somewhat shocking scenes in a nice way. The art as always is a nice and deceptively simple treat for the eyes. The way that backgrounds use one color and a load of values and, sometimes, a single color disturbance really help draw the eye through the panels. The atmosphere in this comic is something hard to grasp and I really like that, because it has a bittersweet taste to it in it's toothability. The story definitely hurts in a good way. There's just something about it.