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Camel this is so friggin' cool!

Your environments are absolutely pristine. I said it last round but I love how you play in the light and shadows, and you're cultivating just the spookiest settings in this tournament. The emptiness of the museum (as it was with the convenience store last time) really lets the reader luxuriate in the setting as almost a third feature OC.

Floating Temptation was such an inspired choice; very A24 horror-esque, and it fits the completely empty museum so well. The soft menace of it all, even when the characters are being anywhere from neutral to kind/ polite with each other is genuinely impressive.

(Sort of related, I appreciate how the tour bus group generally sticks together at the start, as it gives the museum even more unspoken menace, and makes T-shirt/ Temptation peeling off all the more tense, especially since they read as the scariest (affectionate) of the remaining OCs. Hiding the name of the museum on page one with the Bus is a really subtle but cool touch - I missed it on the first read, but it got an audible reaction from me when I did notice it the second time round.

A lot of great individual layouts here as well - T-shirt lounging under the devastation painting is the climactic one, of course, but I also love the energy of all the tour members disembarking from the bus - tense and uneasy, but lends something heartwarming to them all bunching together as they move through the museum.

The "Museum of Reflections" conceit gives this so much re-read value. I appreciate so much the faberge eggs, the businessman painting, and the madonna-esque figures as reflections of what Temptation is, and it's really flattering (from a creator perspective) character analysis without ever saying a word about it.

It was awesome to get another match against you; T-Shirt was great to write, and your story for the round is one of my favorite comics Temptation has ever been put in.


Mm, smoked egg. Best of luck y'all!


Round Two's Theme
MUSEUM OF X: Telephones, condiments, gas stations, trains. The great history of everything has been catalogued in our society, and now you get to learn it.

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